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Since Vingle's MMC started in March 2016, we need to vote for January and February too!


Vote for ONE song for January
Vote for ONE song for February :)

And then that's it, we've created the Vingle 2016 Top 12 Songs!


Teen Top - Warning Sign

Cross Gene - Noona, You

Zico - I Am You , You Are Me

GFriend - Rough

Imfact - Lollipop


WINNER - Sentimental

4Minute - Hate

AOA Cream - I'm Jelly Baby

Taeyeon - Rain

Rainbow - Whoo

NU'EST - Overcome

Taemin - Press Your Number

Astro - Hide and Seek

BAP - Feel So Good

Mamamoo - 넌 is 뭔들

CLC - High Heels

Leave your votes for January and February below!

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January: Zico ~ I Am You, You Are Me February: Taeyeon ~ Rain
a year ago·Reply
Oh man! So, January is IMFACT Lollipop. February is literally 3 of these songs. I jammed out to WINNER Sentimental more, so they get this vote. (I'm a bad ASTRO stan.)(I'm also a bad BAP stan.)
a year ago·Reply
Gfriend - Rough Taemin - Press Your Number
a year ago·Reply
voting has now ended thank you!
a year ago·Reply
Zico and astri
a year ago·Reply
a year ago