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EXO Sci-Fi
Everything in the room started to lift up into the air. The electrodes on his body popped off one by one, his straps undoing themselves. Luhan slipped out of the chair. Guards came running in, armed with their guns out. Luhan swept his arm through the air and the guns flew out of the guards hands. Then he lifted them up into the air, tossing their body's across the room from where they stood. He went to Yifan, the electricity jolting through him was too much. As soon as Luhan released him from the straps, Yifan's body flew up into the air. He would swoop down, picking things up and drop them like bombs on anyone that came through the door. Luhan ran to Xiumin. Luhan's face seemed so bright and full as he made his way to Xiumin. Xiumin was glad this boy is his best friend, him and Yifan were lucky to have someone so caring looking after them. He didn't realize how much he loved them until now. “Xiumin, I'll get you out and we'll run away. All of us” Luhan said ripping all the electrodes off Xiumin's skin. Xiumin felt his body relax, every muscle went limp. Luhan put his hand out to Xiumin, “Let's go brother” Xiumin took Luhan's hand and pulled himself up but just as he stood on his own feet, Luhan jerked forward, his face turning expressionless, his body jerked forward again before he collapsed into Xiumin's arms. “No Luhan, we have to leave, get up!” Xiumin cried. “I can't, you go on ahead…” Luhan said. He closed his eyes and smiled, “I'm going to go see my mom and dad now.” he looked at Xiumin for the last time, “Don't worry, we'll meet again, I promise.” Xiumin held him close, he sobbed feeling Luhan's heart slowing down and stopping. He looked up to where Yifan was, Yifan watched from above. His little face turning to anger. He swooped down and picked up a guard, before he could let him drop, he was shot twice. One in the shoulder that made him drop the guard, then he was shot in his chest. Blood shot out from his mouth as him fell to the ground. Xiumin let out a monstrous scream that seemed to shake the ground. He stared at Yifan, waiting for him to move, he looked down at Luhan lying in his arms. He felt his anger building inside him, but it wasn't hot or burning like he heard Chanyeol describe his anger, it was cold and dark. Xiumin felt something in the air. He grabbed it and it turned to frost. Before he knew it, the whole room turned into frost, everything froze, even the people and guards that had came running in, to try and stop them. Holding that feeling, he walked out into the hall, freezing the world around him. He went in search of his mother
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My poor babies...