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1) Watamote 2) Corpse party 3) Tokyo ghoul 4) My little monster 5) No game no life 6) Kampfer 7) High school of the dead 8) Is it wrong to try to pick up girls on a deungon 9) B. gata yamada kind first time 10) Girls bravo
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1) Akame ga Kill 2) Hunter X Hunter 3) Soul Eater 4) Parasyte the Maxim 5) Noragami 6) Tokyo Ghoul 6) Gurren Laggann 7) No Game No Life 8) Magi 9) Kill la Kill 10) Boku no Hero Academia
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Akame ga kill Hunter x hunter Parasite the maxim Iron blooded orphans Michiko and hatchin Samurai champloo Pok茅mon And All of the ones were not suppose to name I haven't gotten to other ones because amines like one piece don't give me enough time to watch other super long animes
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I like to stay focused on one at a time
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Ranma 1/2 The Devil is a part-timer Danganronpa the animation InuYasha Kyoukai no Rinne Your lie in April Konosuba Hunter x Hunter Akame ga kill Parasyte Black Attack on Titan Full metal Achemist Toradora Sword Art Online Yuri on Ice Sailor Moon Gintama Death Note Gundam I did double! 馃榿
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