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안녕하세요 my Loverlys!! KPopBeat here with something a little different. Now @Sailynn and @XxGummybear92xX have being going on in a fanfic battle of sorts..... And my lil Maknae @Sailynn called on me for a little help... so.... naturally I decided to butt into the situation and make things even more interesting.
@XxGummybear92xX I love you hun!! Don't get too mad at this poor Unnie! I did however say I would help you with Dae didn't I?
You can read Sail's call for my help here
She has also shared the links for the rest of the fight there as well....
Well I hope you all enjoy!!
A dark giggle filled the room as she pulled on her shoes. “I got it. I’ll be there soon.” Jojo ended her phone call and smirked to herself. “Looks like it’s my turn to play.” A hint of amusement laced her voice as she made her way to her sweet little dongsaeng’s house.
Jojo pushed open the door without hesitation and entered Sam’s well known throne room. Three pairs of eyes instantly looked up at her in curiosity.
A sweet smile quickly replaced her confident smirk as Jungkook ran up to her. “Kookie! How is my lil maknae?”
“What are you doing here?” Jojo’s eyes turned to meet Daehyun’s gaze as he stood up from his second place throne.
“Nothing much. I got a phone call from Sail and decided to come see how things in Sam’s list were going.” She motioned towards the thrones. Her eyebrow raising as she noticed Jongup in the third largest seat. “Want to explain that to me?” She asked turning towards Kookie.
“Sam Noona gave my spot to Jongup.” He frowned.
“Hmm” Jojo mused. “Seems things have become quite messy since I was last here.” She walked around looking at all of the small chairs lined up against the wall. “So Kookie. I have something I have to do. Wanna help me?”
His eyes lit up and he nodded energetically. “Of course Noona.”
“Good.” She smiled brightly. “Just stay here for a moment. Sam should be back soon and I need Daehyun and Jongup to help me with something, okay?”
“Okay.” He agreed.
“Help you with what Noona?” Jongup walked up to join Jojo and Daehyun in the middle of the room.
“I have a few things I need to get out of my car. You two wouldn’t mind helping me would you?” Jojo gave both of them the best ‘Damsel in distress’ face she could manage. “I can’t get them all myself.”
Daehyun eyed her suspiciously for a moment before nodding his head in agreement. “Okay Noona.”
A bright smile covered her face as she headed towards the door. The door creaked softly as she pushed it open leading the two younger men out into the hallway. Her eyes darting around until they landed on the room she was looking for.
“Noona you are going the wrong way.” Daehyun called out as she walked further into the house.
“I know.”
“Where are you going?”
“It’s a surprise. Now stop asking questions and just follow me… okay?” Jojo turned and raised an eyebrow at them from over her shoulder. Pushing open the door she stopped and motioned for them to enter. Jongup didn’t hesitate as he entered the room making her feel slightly guilty that she had decided to throw him into this mess. Daehyun on the other hand paused to look at her for a moment.
“What are you up to Noona?”
“You will see.” Jojo smiled at him as she motioned for him to enter again. Shaking his head, he made his way into the room… and Jojo tried to keep from laughing as she heard him try to ask ‘What are you doing here’ before he was cut off with an oomph and ‘Hello hyung’. “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.” Jojo counted under her breath before entering the room.
The sight that filled her gaze as she entered the room almost had her in a fit of giggles. She had told them to be here… she had told them that she would help them get over their saltiness… but she had not expected them to take it so literal. Junhoe, Bobby, and Jinhwan stood around the now tied up Daehyun and Jongup. “Well I did say keep them busy… I don’t think tying them up was what I had in mind… but A for creativity.” She shot the boys a thumbs up. “I am sorry about this Daehyun but I got a SOS call and had to come help out.” Her gaze turned towards Jongup. “You just had to decide to take third too soon hun. I will have to help out my lil maknae get his spot back. Now!” She clapped her hands as she moved towards the door. “I have a dongsaeng to pick on, a deep voiced rapper to take on and a lil Kookie who needs my help getting his spot back. You all just sit pretty and I’ll let you go…. You know… at some point.” Jojo winked at the boys. “Just keep them quiet.”
Junhoe nodded his head. “Okay Noona.”
Phase one done… Jojo had told Sam she would help take care of her Daehyun attacking problem… she had never said how……
The look on her face when she entered the room made it hard for Jojo to keep a straight face. Sam had finally gotten back with Yongguk and if her reaction was any indication she had not expected to find Jojo sitting on the rapper’s number one throne and Kookie smiling smugly from Daehyun’s second place one. “Sam!!” Jojo called as she smiled and waved. “About time you showed up love.”
“What?” Sam looked even more confused as she searched the room with her eyes. “Where is Dae?”
“Daehyun? Oh he and Jongup decided to go run a few errands for me. They should be back…. Well I don’t know when but we will discuss that later.”
Yongguk made his way across the room and stood before Jojo. “You are in my seat.”
“Noona.” Jojo replied back simply.
“Noona, I am your Noona, and I have decided I want to be Sam’s bias so you can sit over there.” Jojo motioned to the third largest throne.
“I am her bias and that is my seat.”
Jojo laughed. “Well I am here to take your seat and your title so be a good little dongsaeng and go sit over there like I asked you to. We have a show to watch anyway. It should be fun.”
As if on cue Jungkook jumped up from his seat and ran to Sam. “Noona!!”
Tearing her eyes away from the scene of Yongguk sitting in the third seat like he was told, she glanced at the smiling 97er. “Yes?” She asked still trying to get a grasp on what in the world was going on.
“Jojo Noona says it wasn’t fair that you gave away my spot. She said I should put up a fight.”
“Put up a fight?” Sam’s face showed how displeased she was with Jojo trying to start wars in her list again. Jojo had always supported Kookie though so this probably shouldn’t have come as such a surprise.
Jungkook nodded his head and smiled brightly. “Yup, and I think I should at least fight for third spot. I know you don’t love me enough to put me as first or second.”
Jojo smirked. “Poor Kookie losing out to the older two without even a chance. You are so mean Sam.”
“Shush Jojo.” Sam glared.
“What? Just trying to give the guy a chance. But please, continue as you were.”
Sam turned her attention back to the golden maknae and her heart stopped. Tears… he was actually shedding tears. “Why don’t you love me Noona.” He pleaded in a hoarse whisper. “Why did you let June be your number one but keep calling me a child?”
A panicked look crossed her face as the maknae continued. “Can’t I get your attention too Noona? Why do you try to put me to bed so early? Do you not want to see me?”
“No Kookie I…” Jungkook cut her off by grabbing her hands and stepping forward to close the space between them even more.
Yongguk started to stand from his seat as if to rush the younger man, only to sit right back down when Jojo gave him a look and pointed down. “Not your turn lover boy. Sit.”
“I might be younger than Yongguk and Daehyun but I am just as capable of making your heart beat too Noona.” Jungkook pushed Sam’s hair behind her ear and leaned in letting a soft whisper reach out to her ear. “I love you Noona, why can’t you love me?”
Well Sam.... remember I love you.... and Sail made me do it!!! Okay well not really but you know what I mean!
Thank you all for reading my story!
Until Next Time!
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I cant believe this!!
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of course i did
Jojo the evil villain 😂😂😂😂😂
I am not an evil villian! i am being a good Noona and helping out tue little ones
😒😒😒 No. leave dae and uppy alone. Don't be mean to Yongguk oppa. and Kookie is fine where he is!
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do not. you gave away his spot too quickly