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Yixuan grumbled at Yibo as they waited right inside the entrance to the Christmas Bash being hosted by YG Entertainment. He was getting a taste of his own medicine as Yibo had become buddies with his mother and had acquired some really embarrassing baby photos. He had helped Yibo and his girlfriend Veriah get together so why was Yibo punishing him by setting him up with a blind date? A blind date?! He is Zhou Yixuan, the Chinese leader of UNIQ! He didn't need a blind date. He sent another growl and glare at the much excited maknae. Yibo's face brightened as Veriah arrived with a beautiful brunette in tow. Maybe this blind date night wouldn't be so bad. Veriah hugged her boyfriend and then turned to Yixuan, grabbing her friend's hand and pulling her towards him. "Yixuan meet Avril Madsven, Mads meet Yixuan. Have fun!" Veriah introduced quickly then she and Yibo proceeded in disappearing almost into thin air. The air turned awkward as he turned his attention back to the green eyed brunette. Rubbing his neck nervously he opened his mouth to break the ice when a voice that made him cringe said, "Sean!" And a busty blonde wrapped herself around his arm. Bianca Blanche, one of his biggest mistakes. "Sean I have missed you! What say we let bygones be bygones and start over?" She purred. Yixuan threw an uncomfortable glance at his date and was surprised to see her stepping forward and grabbing Bianca's wrist applying enough pressure to get her to release him but not to permanently hurt Bianca. "I would kindly ask that you refrain from touching MY date. Go take your skanky ass and torture some other poor man." Avril said with a glint in her eyes. Bianca huffed then said snidely, "Fine, you can have him because we both know I will be winning the audition." Turning tail as she made a triumphant sound she dashed off. Yixuan picked up on that. "How do you two know each other?" Avril gave him her attention, "First as you are my date and I don't intend on sharing as it would be a slight to me shall we not walk arm in arm?" Yixuan grinned at that, she was fiesty! He offered her his arm which she gracefully took and they began walking. "Bianca Blanche or BB to those in the backup dancer world considers herself as one of my big rivals. She thinks she wins all the auditions we both tryout for but the truth is I would win but decline before they could announce it. Most times it was a schedule mix up, this last time my grandfather passed and I had to fly back to to the states to my hometown in Minnesota to attend his funeral. There is an upcoming audition for BigBang's newest Music Video and I want it so therefore so does BB." She calmly and eloquently explained. "I am sorry for your loss. If Bianca has a stage name then do you also? Or do I just call you Avril?" Yixuan said with hesitation. She laughed and with a smile replied, "Mads, like Riah called me. To be honest it was because of Riah that I got that stage name. Riah has always called me Mads and the other dancers heard it and it caught on." Yixuan thought of the bubbly yet somewhat emo girlfriend of his dongsaeng. She was a paradox wrapped in an anomaly. He could see that Veriah and Avril meshed very well as friends. Sort of like yin and yang. "Veriah is your best friend then?" Yixuan asked. "Most definitely *lol*, she has a way of making you like her. I don't think anyone could hate her. She doesn't see herself like that but it still rings true. What about yourself?" Mads replied then countered with her own question. "What do you mean what about me?" Yixuan asked with confusion. "Sean!" Mads mimicked dramatically. Yixuan laughed and grimaced all at the same time. "One of my biggest mistakes in the dating life. She seemed normal at first but man is she conniving and two faced. She tried to break up UNIQ by attempting to seduce Sungjoo our Korean leader. Her biggest mistake was doubting the 5 of us and our closeness to one another. Sungjoo rejected her and instantly told me. End of relationship, and I thought would be the last I saw of her." Yixuan explained. Mads laughed before stating, "BB is like a crazed attention hungry dog. Always comes back for more even after she is denied. I probably just issued a challenge to her by telling her to keep her paws off you." Yixuan laughed as they came to a stop and stood watching the party. "Hey guys!" Veriah's voice boomed from their left causing the both of them to jump a bit. "Riah! Good lord woman, you have GOT to stop doing that! I am going to have a heart attack before I am 30 if you keep doing that!" Mads exclaimed pressing her hand to her chest. Veriah grinned sheepishly as Yibo's arms wrapped around her from behind. "It is almost midnight kitten." Yibo said in a calm even voice to Veriah. Veriah's attention focused above his and Mads' heads to the clock. "Indeed it is less than a minute! Oh! Look Yibo!" Veriah pointed at something else above his head. Yixuan looked up and saw mistletoe. His face flushed with a blush as Mads also looked up and saw the kissing leaves. "Kiss!" Veriah demanded excitedly. The loudspeaker announced the countdown to midnight. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 "It is best to just do as she says, she won't give up till we do." Mads said softly with an exasperated sigh. Yixuan's blush darkened as he nodded his head in agreement. As he leaned in to kiss Mads he heard the countdown reach 0 right as their lips touched. He felt a zing and deepened the kiss as he felt Mads' arms wrap around him. "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!" Veriah said joyfully as she and Yibo kissed as well. Yixuan and Mads broke apart and laughed at their friend's antics. It was indeed not a bad blind date night after all Yixuan thought as he turned his flushed face towards his date. Mads smiled back as she hugged his arm tighter. Nope, not bad at all.
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this was super cute and great dialogue! loved it!
eeeeeeeee!!!! Giggled at all the cuteness throughout as well as blushing like a dork! Such lovely couples kekekeke
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