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If you're new to this story, please go here.»»» xx Pairing: Amberxreader Warning; This story contains the disease Myeloma, religious beliefs, and suicidal tendencies (maybe). Words: 739 (Remember, these are going to be short chapters.) Note* Thank you @Bangtanss for helping me with this!
Journal Entry #114 Day 27. I didn't know it would come to this already. I haven't written anything in this journal for so long, and now that my life is almost to its end... Why not write again? Three days ago, March 23, the doctor told me some horrible news. The news that were told three years ago, only thing is, it isn't years anymore. No, I only had 30 days to live, 27 now. As a reminder, I am living with a disease that took over most of my body. This disease... Took away everything I've ever wanted to do. But then again, life isn't fair. All I have to do is deal with it. I remember the events freshly in my mind. From the time that I stepped in the hospital, to the time when my mom had to be taken home by her brother because she couldn't drive after she fainted. How do I feel on this? Well... I'm not sure what to feel. I mean, I'm angry, but I'm neutral about it as well. The disease that infested itself in my body, the disease that ended all my hopes and dreams, the disease that kept me from living my life, is none other than Myeloma. What is Myeloma? Well, Myeloma is a tumor in the bone marrow. So I guess I'm dying with this damn disease. ~Lydia ~~~~~~    "Lydia!" I heard my mother call from downstairs. I lifted my head a little and closed the tattered and worn out journal. I sighed as I carefully put it inside my drawer. I took a deep breath before standing up and walking downstairs to where my mother stood. "You called?" I asked her.    "The doctor called, you need to go get a checkup," she replied without looking at me. I nodded, my face void of any emotion. After finding out my limited time, she barely looked at me in the eyes without tears forcing to come up. I walked over to her and held her tightly in my arms, "I love you," I said, my voice waring. She quickly turned around and wrapped her own arms around my figure, "I love you too." She carefully released me, tears already spilling out. I reached out and silently wiped them away with my hand, I hate seeing her cry because of me. If only my damn body were to function properly. I smiled at her and turned the other way, "I'm off!" I could deal with knowing that my life was ending, but I couldn't deal with seeing her like that.      "Breathe in, breathe out," the doctor said as he moved his stethoscope across my chest area and then proceeding to move on to my back. After a few more minutes, he removed the item and hung it around his neck, "Everything is fi-" he was interrupted by screaming, a cuss word, and a slap. The doctor's eyebrows furrowed before he opened the curtain in time to see a muscular blonde boy sitting on the floor, rubbing his head while a female stood on his side looking down at him with her arms crossed. "I told you to be careful, and then you go and break your leg!" She yelled out. "I'm sorry! I was trying to be-" he stopped talking the moment he saw the doctor and I staring at the two of them.    The boy looked at me and automatically put a cheesy grin on his face and posed. "Hey, buttercup. The name's Jackson, what's yours?" He raised his eyebrow at me, before another smack was heard throughout the room. "Ow, ow, ow!" Jackson said as he fell to his side clutching his head. "You break your leg and now you're flirting? Damn Jackson," the girl said as she shook her head. The doctor looked at me, then back at the two. He sighed and said, "Lydia, make sure you change your clothes, and then go home. Alright? Your vitals are good to go, so you get to go home already." He looked at Jackson, "You... What am I going to do with you?" He shook his head before walking towards him and closing the curtain. The girl that was with Jackson looked up at me, "Hi! My name is Amber!" She said as she reached her arm out for me to shake. I smiled slightly before extending my own arm out and linking it with hers, "Lydia."
Quote of the card: "I'd rather regret the things I've done, than regret the things I haven't done." —Lucile Ball
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