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Finally its here!! I'm so excited to be starting this. In order to get this game started, we have to pick our lovers. Pick a Christmas decorated door to see who you're lover will be.

Door #1

Door #2

Door #3

Door #4

Door #5

Door #6

Door #7

Make sure to comment your choice! I tried to hide the members well so we'll see what happens xD(I tried to make the doors represent the members as best as I could)
Good Luck!!
Results will be posted tomorrow along with Day 2!!! I wonder what it'll be xD
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Door #6
a year agoReply
Aaah decisions in life like these make me so nervous 馃槄馃槄 Hmm... I'll just pick #7 since no one has chosen that one~
a year agoReply
tag me please John! and I'll go with door 3 馃槅
a year agoReply
ooo door #6. it pretty!
a year agoReply