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Yuri on Ice has taken over Vingle as well as our lives. You can't help but think of it when you hear the word 'history' and break out into the opening theme song. "WE WERE BORN TO MAKE HISTORY!"
I think we can all agree that we ship Victor and Yuri because the anime pretty much revolves around them. Every time I type in Yuri on ice!!! in google, there's always the question: is Yuri on ice yaoi?
If you ever find yourself doubting Victor's and Yuri's relationship and if it truly is a Yaoi, remember that the initials for Yuri on ice!!! is shouting out YOI!!! Which also means YOAI!!! Heueheu I just rekt myself.
Just thought I should share my fan theory :P
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FYI, there's a YOI community now! ^^
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@Drageonix please tell me they use accents!