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Hey Nakama!


Which means New Moderators (some maybe the same) will be needed for the Anime Communities! There are so many Anime Communities to help and make them more fun and enjoyable for everyone in the community!

Japanese Anime Community!

The Anime Community is where we all connect as ONE❤ I'm not going to lie I enjoyed meeting more of you guys and making the Anime Giveaway this Quarter and I would love to do it again! So I did Apply again for the Moderator Position BUT that doesn't mean you can't apply! So I hope you guy's still give it a shot! Current Mod : @AimeBolanos (#Me xD)

Bleach Community!

All Bleach Fans! You guys have an amazing Community dedicated to and only BLEACH! So if you're a huge fan apply for the Moderator position I promise you'll have so much fun! Current Mod : @ZephryBlaze

One Piece Community!

One Piece Fans! This is the community for you❤ All things One Piece are in this amazing community and if you are an ALL TIME FAN then I recommend applying to this community! Current Mod : None

Fairy Tail Community!

Fairy Tail Fans! This Awesome Community if all things Fairy Tail and if you really know your stuff and love this Anime then I highly Recommend applying as the Moderator for this fun Community! Current Mod : @Tylor619

Naruto Community!

Naruto Fans! If you love these awesome Ninjas and the Anime itself then I highly recommend you applying to the Naruto Community! Current Mod : None

Gintama Community!

Odd Job Lovers Unite! If you love this anime then you'll love the community juat as much and if you're up to the task you should apply to be this Community's Moderator! Current Mod : None

Pokèmon Go! Community!

The Game that took the world by Storm! If you love the Memes and the game then I highly recommend in applying for Moderator! Gotta Catch Them All! Current Mod : @Nyan

Dragon Ball Community!

Looking for the Dragon Balls?! Look no further this community is all about that! If you love this anime and would love to help make it more known then apply to be this Communities Moderator! Current Mod : None

Fullmetal Alchemist Community!

ALCHEMY!! If you LOVE FMA then you'll love this community! If you wish to make this anime more known and love to just help around this community then apply to be its Moderator!! Current Mod : None


Death Note Community! Fan Art Community! Manga Community! Inuyasha Community! Sailor Moon Community! Pokèmon Community! Studio Ghibli Community! Cowboy Bebop Community!
So if you would love to become a Moderator click HERE to apply or learn more about being a Mod! I hope to see most of these Communities with a Moderator Soon! And Good Luck to anyone Applying!❤
and Steven universe but IDK if anyone watched it
Yuri on Ice, Mystic Messenger and Vocaloid
there's new communities
@AimeBolanos I had to fix the vocaloid gif because it was showing the same as the dancing ace Ventura one
@AimeBolanos it's been made!
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