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So if you have been following these then you know @Sailynn asked for help in attacking me from @Kpopbeat... And well here we are.
if you missed any you can find them below
“I love you Noona, why can’t you love me?” Echoed through my head before it actually clicked what he was saying. Heat rose to my cheeks as my face flushed. “JongKook.. I do love you. You know that.” I sighed glaring towards Jojo who was still perched in Yongguk’s chair with a smug expression.
“You remember you let Jongup have thrid….” I mumbled just as a loud crash echoed throughout the house followed by a yell. “Well, It has been just wonderful, but alas I must take my leave now. And Sam dear I will be back.” Jojo smirked quickly rushing out the door. “What the hell did she do?!” I sighed heading to where she heard the loud crash. I wasn’t sure which part I was more shocked about.
The fact that June, Jinhwan, and Bobby were cowering in a corner behind Daehyun and Jongup; Who were both tied up sitting on the floor looking towards the roof in utter disbelief as my eyes followed theirs only to erupt with laughter. “Mic, what the hell are you doing?” I asked looking towards my Unnie hanging from this hole in my roof tangled in ropes as she smiled brightly our way. “I was just dropping by to say hi.” She joked smugly, earning laughs from the entire room. “Don't you ever tell bren I said that! She will think her jokes are rubbing off on me.” She sighed facepalming.
“Okay it’s safe with me Mic, but all joking aside what is going on here?” I sighed quickly untying Dae and Jongup while Yongguk and Kookie rushed to help Mic. “You three better start talking now.” I hissed forcing Dae behind me before he went off. “Well the thing is..” Jinhwan mumbled glancing towards the others for help. “We thought you had been kidnapped.” June sighed looking away, as a pout set in. “When we found out you hadn’t been, We blamed B.a.p and wanted to get back at them.” Bobby muttered looking down at the ground. “We thought you didn’t love us anymore, and Sail told us to go to her friend Jojo for help.” June sighed as his eyes met mine again. “So, basically Sail and Jojo told you to come here, and tie them up?” I hissed looking between them as they all nodded one by one. “Well, They didn’t exactly say tie them up, but what else were we going to do.” Jinhwan mumbled as his face started to flush.
“You three are idiots.” I sighed. “First off, you three should know I love you. I swear, why is my entire list questioning my love all the sudden?!” I spat just moving closer towards them. “Second, June I get you are upset about everything, but you will always have a special place in my heart. Same goes for you two also.” I smiled sweetly towards them as they lowered their eyes to the ground. “I am sorry Noona.” They mumbled together. “Not to me, but to them.” I said sternly as their eyes grew wide, not expecting my harsh tone. “Noona?” Bobby said taken back.
“You heard me.” I sighed as Daehyun walked over to my side lightly draping his arm over my shoulder. “Daehyun Hyung, Jongup-ssi we are sorry for our actions. We were jealous and over reacted.” Jinhwan muttered looking towards the others who quickly followed suit. “ Hmm I’m not sure I should forgive you.” He smirked while playing with my hair only to annoy them. “If you buy him food he will get over it before you know it.” Yongguk smirked from the doorway with Mic by his side. “Promise you won’t listen to Jojo or Sail anymore guys.” I huffed looking towards them. “That goes for you all. They only want to cause trouble for me.” I sighed looking towards the roof.
“Mic, by the way, how did you fall through my roof?” I questioned puzzled. “Ahh Long story short Daehyun called for help, and who better to play the super hero.” She boasted full of pride. “What exactly was wrong with the front door?” I laughed shaking my head as Yongguk pulled out his phone.
* Byg Pov*
“Hey Yoongi, Mic is over here you might want to come get her.” I smirked stepping out of the room wanting to quickly get this taken care of. “I take a nap and she wonders off and gets into trouble. I will be right over.” He sighed quickly ending the call.
“There never is a dull moment in this house is there Oppa?” Mic smirked as I made my way back into the room. “Not at all.” I smirked as my eyes found their way to Sam still standing there scolding the ikon members. “Okay guys, that’s enough, and Daehyun please stop purposely trying to make them jealous by clinging onto Sam.” I finally said, with a laugh. “If everything is settled now you three should head back home before it gets late.” I smirked, trying my best at being nice.
“Yes, we should be leaving now.” Jihwan quickly said, pulling the other two behind him rushing out of the house. “Thank you Oppa.” She smiled towards me brightly. Just as the sound of a door closing caught our attention. “Looks like I am late for the party.” Yoongi joked walking into the room looking towards the giant hole in the roof with a proud smile.
^_^ I hope you enjoyed it.
muh jokes!!!! admit it mic, my jokes are the best!
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No never!!! They're the worst!!!!!!!
Hahaha!!! Love it 😂😂😂 I make an amazing rescue team!!!!
of course 😂😂😂😂 the best