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We got some brand new communities on Vingle that I got to spread the love to everyone (or to the peeps who are interested on joining)
Mystic Messenger Moderator: None
Steven Universe moderator: None
Vocaloid Moderator: None
Yuri on Ice Moderator : None
so if you want to become a mod or join the community I will leave links down below (or if you are on mobile like me just search in the search bar*) and the link to be a mod or to visit @AimeBolanos card about applying to be a mod
So excited for the MM and YOI communities!!!!!
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@JessSenpai I know right?!
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what do the mods do?
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@Gracielou0717 I'll let someone answer that for you @AimeBolanos
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Id LOVE to be a mod for one of these communities but Im not active enough T_T
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