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Ooo it's time to see what's going on with Mel! lol very little of her popping up so wanted to do a little bit of her. smiles!
Keri view *** After Layla and I parted ways I went to Oggi's office and spent several hours there before having to meet up with Mel and her mother. I met them at a bridal shop to pick out Mel's wedding dress and my maid of honor dress. I wasn't to thrilled but I knew at least they wouldn't put me in a hideous dress. "Keri you made it" Mel said meeting me inside the shop. "Yes, we're looking for your bridal dress of course I should be here. But, are you doing a white dress for your wedding? " I asked looking around the shop to see white wedding dresses in the display area. "Of course silly. It's the one thing me and mom agreed on. " Mel said. "Oh okay well I'm sure you two can agree on a dress, you two have similar taste in clothes" I smiled. "Expensive?" Mel questioned then laughed. She wrapped her arm with mine and started pulling me further into the shop,  all while telling me that the clerks picked out several dresses for her to try on. "What kind of dress is she trying one first?" I asked Mami as I took a seat next to her on the couch waiting for Mel to try them on. "She wanted to try something different" Mami said.  "I'm glad you made it. I heard you just got back from a trip with that boyfriend of yours" she commented. "Yes,  I had a fun time.  We saw a couple museums and bookshops" I told her.  "Oh that sounds interesting "  she commented. I could tell she wasn't to interested, museums and such bored her,  just as it bored Mel. "Oh she's coming out" Mami said.  Mel came out dresses in a short white dress. It was  strapless, and had lace on the first half of the dress that faded out, it came down mid thigh in front and was longer in the back trailing to the floor. It was a simple dress, one that was probably good for summer, not winter. "Its pretty" I said. "It needs to be long sweetheart, that it to short" Mami stated. "But I like it, it's simple and has lace" Mel said. "Shouldn't you have a long dress Mel? It's winter, a long dress is more appropriate " I chipped in. "I liked the look, where it's longer in the back then the front. I have another that is longer, let me try that on " she said going back. Several minutes later she came back  with another dress, this time it was entirely covered in lace and came down to her knees and longer in back. It was better but still didn't look right so after Mel stared at herself for another minute she went back to try on another dress. Mel tried on long dresses after that. One looked like a silk material with sheer sleeves that didn't flatter her.  Finally she came out in a simple silk dress that had off the shoulder sleeves and a line of Jewels around the top. Lace covered the dress and at the bottom was stood out the most. She wanted the lace and a little sparkle. This had both. It really did look beautiful on her. "I like that one" I told her. "Really?" Mel asked looking at herself in the mirror "It fits like a glove,  this lace is so pretty." She started to rave about the dress and then her mother chipped in and I knew they both liked it. A ding came from my pocket and I pulled out my phone to see a message from Yoongi. 'Coffee? ' he wrote. 'I can't trying on dresses in a few minutes for wedding' I sent. 'Send me pictures' he wrote back so fast. Now that Mel had her dress Mami was turning her gaze on me. "You love Mel's dress right darling?" She asked. "I do, she's going to make a beautiful bride " I said. "Now, why don't you go look through the bridesmaids dresses I had them pull out for you" she smiled. "My turn?" I questioned. "Of course.  We came here for the wedding dress and to find the bridesmaids,  whichever color you pick we can match the other two girls to" Mami said. She talked me into going in back. There was 3 dresses to choose from. One was a Navy blue dress that was knee length in the front and to the floor in back, then there was a purple dress the same design except this one had roses at the top and the bottom of the dress. The third was the only different it was a dark dark blue that had straps and came down to the knees. I did like the blue one, I actually wished there was a longer dress to choose from, but I could always wear tights and then cover my legs with a shall if they got cold. I tried the purple one on first, I wanted to get it over with. I wasn't a fan. So when I took a picture for Yoongi I made a funny face and sent it to him before showing Mel and Mami. They vetoed the first one, not liking the flower thing going on with the dress. The next one I tried the navy blue. I did like this one, the bust line came up nicely and there was a string up jewels that looked as if it could match the bridal dress. I snapped a shot of myself and sent it to Yoongi. Then I tried on the dark navy blue dress. The material was heavier, stiffer  and didn't seem as dressy as the last two, but I did like it the picture got sent and I went out to show it off. "So which one did you like dear?" Mami asked. " I think I like the blue dress the most. What did you think Mel? Mami?" I asked. "I liked it to" Mami said. "It goes wonderful with your skin and hair" she complimented me. "So does the black " Mel said. "Its not black mel" I frowned. "Oh looks like it from here." She said. "So this is not the dress then" I sighed. "Dear go and change and hand the clerk the blue dress. We'll do that one for you" Mami said. With a sigh I turned back to go back. I got into the room and checked my phone for messages. my phone had several messages, Yoongi must have shown it to the guys as well. I giggled at the comments they sent me and it was in total agreement that the blue dress won.
Here are pics you can see the dresses that were tried on! the last two images are the chosen wedding dress and brides mates dress. oh picking dress out pretty late in the game, but oh Yey! progression with one couple lol
I really like the first 2 dresses...ooooh! Maybe Keri and Layla could use those ones! 🤔
well I like the dresses that were picked out and love love love the bridesmaid dress my fave
nice chapter but tbh...I don't really like mel....
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sweetness I can't wait now lol
whoop! Love the second wedding dress!! and the blue ones! the purple i think is stunning I just think less flowers on the bottom