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One of my favorite cafes in Seoul takes a little bravery to visit, but its worth it!

Watch my video tour here or see photos below^^

Down a creepy staircase, into an abandoned marketplace...

a cafe is hidden and waiting for you, with one of the best views of Namsan Tower in the entire city.

The cafe is called "orang orang" and serves high quality coffees, teas, and a few desserts.

The second floor is for seating and is usually quite busy in the late afternoon, but I came early enough to have the place nearly all to myself!

If you're brave enough to climb the stairs, you'll find the most STUNNING view!

Namsan Tower is so close you could touch it!

There are tables and chairs on the roof for you to sit, but since its December here in Seoul it was a bit too cold to stay up there for long.

Anyone else have a love of broken down or abandoned places?

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I really love cafes like this I definitely want to visit when I go to Seoul
that's an interesting twist for a cafe 😊
Nice view~
omg I love these unique cafés in Seoul!
I want to go back. It is so pretty.
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