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2016 was a year FILLED with new talent!

Here's a look at 15 of this year's best debuts.

~I will not be including subunits in this card^^~


These cuties started off with a web series called To Be Continued where they stole everyone's hearts from the get-go. When the six members debuted, they already had a strong following and saw much success. One of their MVs even featured of of I.O.I's most famous members!


If you haven't heard of BLACKPINK, I think you're living under a rock. YG's new girl group has set the world on fire with their four singles. Seriously, if you don't know the Whistle from Whistle then change that, NOW.

Cosmic Girls

This 13 member group is compised of Korean and Chinese members. Also called WJSN (pronounced Woo Joo Seo Nyeo in Korean) the members are separated into four subgroups for each letter in "WJSN": Wonder, Joy, Sweet, and Natural. They are the sister group of Monsta X, Boyfriend, and Sistar.


VIXX's first sister group was busy this year! Their debut was adorable and saw success thanks to their members Nayeon, Sejong, and Mina who were winners in the huge talent show, Produce 101.


The company behind ZE:A and Nine Muses debuted Imfact early this year. The crazy fact is, one member, Leesang, was cast by Star Empire Entertainment when he was three years old. His father was friends with the CEO and the CEO wanted him to join eventually. He officially became a trainee in his third year of middle school.


This group is made from the hit TV show Produce 101, where 101 girls from all different companies competed to join the final group of winners. The show was HUGELY popular, and thus the group I.O.I was equally popular. They will only be a group for a year though, and are set to stop performing soon. Members are in groups like gugudan, and DIA.


This recent debut has taken the Kpop fandom by storm. KARD is a co-ed group, two boys and two girls, with an amazing hip hop debut called "Oh Nana." They're set to make serious waves in Kpop music!


Ah, KNK. This group has been destroying bias lists left and right. All members have trained under other companies before joining their current company, and have trained for an average of 5 years! Since their debut in February they've made a huge jump in popularity :)


SM's next super group is a bit confusing to understand at first glance. First off there is NCT U, the heart of the group. Each break-off group will have at least one member from NCT U (so far, Mark has been in each break-off group)
Currently we have NCT 127, NCT Dream, and NCT U.


Cube's latest group, Pentagon debuted this October with 'Gorilla.' They teased everyone with grand and mysterious teaser videos that really built the hype - I can't wait to see more of what they have for us!


FNC, the company behind AOA, CN Blue, N. Flying, and FT Island, debuted a nine member group this year, whose debut has done way better than most expected. The group was formed through a competition show hosted by FNC and the final nine members debuted together as "Sensational First 9"


Viction is A Pink's baby brother group, and are filled with all the charisma of A Pink and more! Their first album was well received and I can't wait to hear more!


Mamamoo's baby brother group Vromance is all about vocal talent, high energy, and a beat that makes you want to dance, dance, DANCE!


This four member group is all about the vocals. They actually started as 4 friends who were a singing group in high school. A company picked them up so they were actually formed by themselves not a company :)

Who was your favorite debut of the year?

Oh wow are you serious!?!?! They all debuted this year!!!?!?!? It feels like they've been around for much longer O.o My favorite? Nah! They're all so good!! I like SF9, Pentagon, BlackPink, K.A.R.D, and Astro ^-^ But I know these other groups are going to come for me soon enough!!
Knk by far but so many of these other groups were amazing too, I love each of these groups listed, but maybe most specifically SF9, NCT U, Astro and Victon* to follow up KNK
No way can I pick one!
blackpink and NCT
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