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One of my favorite anime youtuber (TheAnimeMan) says the anime companies are having trouble funding the animators. The merchandise and the manga are not being bought because of the pirated sites ruining their profit-the reason why the merchandise and manga is so expensive. A company called AEYAC is starting up a kickstarter (¥300,000) a helping those animators. However, this kickstarter is limited time--December 31, 2016. The article that went into detail was from GoBoiano (the site) edited by Ader Titsoff on December 8, 2016. TheAnimeMan explains it better (December 13, 2016) from his video and has all the proper links of where to find what your looking for. If you want to help the anime community give the video a look and see if you want to help support it--the kickstarter (in JapanGiving site) is in Japanese so you have to translate in order to donate (if you want to). You don't have to if you don't have the money. You can at least help spread the word even if the kickstarter may not take money internationally. Let's try to spread the word.
Let's band together and try to save the anime community. Thank you for reading, and I hope you guys have a great day/night. Stay awesome fellow otakus.