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i love kim jooni oppa sooo much dat was his first few pics after he came back from military oppa is looking soooo cute and soooo handsome. oppa is taking a break now oppa rest well enjoy ur time with ur family and come back 2 ur fans fast we r waiting soooo desperately for your comeback LOVE U SHOOOO MUCH OPPA <3 <3 :-* Former T-Max member and actor Kim Joon (29), whom fans remember as 'F4's Song Woo Bin in 'Boys Over Flowers', has now been discharged after serving his mandatory military service! Kim Joon greeted fans on his day of discharge (today - 28th KST) and shared, "I didn't accomplish anything in particular so I am thankful for being congratulated like this. Although I am embarrassed to have enlisted into the army so late, I will work harder." He opened up about his future plans and shared, "First off, I want to spend time with my family. After taking time to rest, I will start making plans for my career." When asked about the status of Lee Jae Hoon and Kim Dong Wook who are still on duty, the actor revealed, "They are all doing well. Now that I am discharged, they congratulated me with a jealous heart." "Thank you to those who waited for me. I will meet you with a good production and do my best in acting so please anticipate it." Welcome back, Kim Joon! Read more: Follow us: @allkpop on Twitter | allkpop on Facebook
@stephiikins :) <3 i am glad 2 i love oppa <3
@saharjalpari9 I'm glad that he wants to take time out for his family! it makes me happy to know that he and his family are so close. Kim Jooni Oppa, have a nice rest and spend a lot pglf time with your family! I'm sure they lve you more than anything in the world and are happy that you are home safe! we, your fans, can wait until you are fully restedand ready to come back! Saranghae Oppa!!!!!
rest well oppa enjoy Ur time w Ur family and come back 2 us Ur fans fast we r definitely waiting 4 Ur return oppa love uuuu ♥♥♥
@StephiiKins no i haven't i was lookin everywhere like crazy lol love Kim jooni oppa but cdnt find any except these pics but the reason is thr the reason oppa is not coming inffront of media bcs oppa wants 2 take a bbreak and spend some time w his family its in the article lol :-)♥
hace you seen any recent pics other than this @ saharjalpari9