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best close up pic of my oppa jaejong ;) <3
i love dis pic soooo much and i just notice oppa's eyes they r just perfect oppa is just sooo sexy and solo cool love u shook much oppa <3 <3 <3
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@nonabisi yeah and i completely agree w u khj oppa is def the sexiest i will 10000000/10 lols thats y he is my namja ;) hehe <3
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@saharjalpari9 nice pic ... but micky has got to be my fav
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love thos close up @saharjalpari9!!!!!
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@divalycious omg really micky oppa is my favorite 2 love micky oppa SOO much he was the one i get 2 knw bt jyj micky oppa has always been my first and my favorite unnie love uuuu we have the same bias in jyj ♥♥♥
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