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Hello Everyone. As the quarter is coming to a screeching halt, I usually update my taglist at the end. I want to make sure to have you added if you haven't been already, or kept off if you don't want to see my beautiful face.

Mod & Support Tags:

❧ B.A.P ❧ EXO ❧ Cross Gene ❧ B.T.O.B ❧ VIXX ❧ NCT ❧ SHINee


❧ Screenshot Games

❧ Other Groups I Love & Will Post about:

❥ 24K ❥ Pentagon ❥ 100% ❥ High4 ❥ Topp Dogg ❥ Top Secret ❥ BTS ❥ UNIQ

❥ Block-B

❥ Infinite ❥ JJCC ❥ Snuper ❥ B2ST ❥ Big Flo ❥ Bigstar ❥ Map6

❥ Hotshot ❥ Beatwin ❥ Road Boyz ❥ Masc

❥ Boys Republic

If any of these appeal to you, Let me know and I'll add you to a tag. Like I said, I am updating the taglist ♡

You can tell me through each individual block, or Say All. I will do the foot work of updating it and checking your name with the category(ies) you choose. ♡♡♡♡
Please tag me in B.A.P, SHINee, Pentagon, and Block B! 😊❤
Tag me in everything please 🤗🤗
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All, please!
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@Jaerinn It's no problem hunnie!