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The light from the TV bounced off of everything in your apartment as you watched a drama to try and pass the time unitl Changmin, your boyfriend came to pick you up for your date.
Sorry, just leaving the studio now. Be there soon, I love you - C
Your phone buzzed with the message as you picked it up with a smile on your face.
Typing back happily, you turned off the TV knowing that he would be here in a few minutes. Standing in front of the mirror, you fixed your hair to perfection, pulling out your phone you saw the time stamp on the text that he sent you. Glancing at the time, you found the difference.
10 minutes
Thinking that it was a little odd that it took him this long to get home, you gave him the benefit of the doubt blaming the traffic as you waited around on the couch for the knock on the door to come. Straining your ear to hear ever sound, there was none to hear as you began to get worried.
20 minutes
Standing onto your feet, you walked to the counter where you had placed your phone and looked at the text. Pulling up your keyboard you typed a short yet sweet message.Typing a little message, you deleted it letter by letter as you thought that you would give him ten more minutes.
When the ten minutes were up, you grabbed your keys to your car and ran outside. Driving to the studio, you pulled in front as you saw all of the lights turned off and the front doors locked as you let out a frustrated sigh and hit the steering wheel with your hand. Looking around, you pulled out into moving traffic as you thought of ways that he could have gone to get to your house.
Clicking your tongue onto the roof of your mouth, you quickly thought of a route as you turned on your blinker and turned onto the alternative route to get you back to your apartment.
The traffic began to get heavier as you saw flashing lights ahead, the traffic inched along as you soon came upon the traffic crash. Reading the license plate with the flashing red and blue lights, your eyes widened as you pulled off in front of the crash, jumping out of your car the police men lined the area as you ran up to them.
“Sorry Miss, you can’t go any further.” The officer held you back as you just looked at the totaled car.
“I have to see!” You whimpered almost with tears streaming down your face. Just then you saw the medical personal and they lifted a man onto the stretcher as they wheeled him to the ambulance. Calling his name out of desperation, you saw the man’s head lift as he raised his hand slightly before falling back down onto the bed.
“Where are they taking him?” You demanded as you looked up at the officer. He gave you the name of the hospital as you quickly ran back to your car and turned around, just to follow the ambulance. Adrenaline ran through your veins as you followed the sirens as your heart beat as fast as your thoughts.
The ambulance turned into the hospital as you found a empty parking space and ran through the front doors, everyone looked at you but you were only looking for one. Your boyfriend Changmin.
A commotion made your head turn as you saw them rush the gurney down the hall, picking up your pace you were soon alongside the bed as people tried to push you away.
“Please! I am his girlfriend please!” You called as a nurse held your arms and made you slow down as you watched the bed roll through the restricted area. Tears burned your eyes as all of your emotions began to catch up to you.
“Take it easy, we are taking him to surgery. Please wait for further news.” She said as she showed you to the waiting room.
Sitting down on the hard seats, you leaned your elbows on your knees as you chewed on your nails out of nervousness. Glancing at the clock, the time began to slow as the clock barely moved. Checking the time on your phone, you hissed at how little time had passed.
Pacing in the waiting room, you couldn’t help but think how badly he was hurt. A doctor with blue green scrubs came out as you stopped in your strides and turned to him.
“Are you Mrs. Shim?” The doctor asked as he sat down and you sat next to him as you shook your head.
“I am his girlfriend.” You said as your eyes tried to read the doctor’s face. He nodded his head as he stalled time by biting his bottom lip and playing with his face mask that was in his hands.
“Well, Mr. Shim. He… we took him into surgery. We tried to do everything that we can. It is all up to him now.” The doctor said as more questions through your mind. The doctor began to stand up as you put your hand on his wrist as he stood there and looked down at you.
“How bad is he?” You asked as your eyes teared up.
“He has head trauma, cuts and bruises all over, a sprained wrist, but he took most of the trauma to his head. He had a lot of glass in his eyes, the glass cut up his eyes really bad. We don’t know if he will be able to see or not.” The doctor said as you looked down and let go of his arm. “I’ll send someone in when he gets to his room.” Nodding softly, he left the room as he went to go check up on other patients.
A while later, you stayed in the same position still in shock from what you heard. With a mass on your shoulder, you looked up to see a nurse with a small smile.
“Follow me, I will show you to his room.” She took your hand as you stood up and followed her. She opened the door as you saw all of the tubes flowing in and out of him.
Your breath caught in your throat as your chest tightened. “He hasn’t woken up from the anesthesia yet, feel free to call us if you need help.” Nodding your head slowly, you watched Changmin as you moved around his bed to the seat on the other side.
His hand laid by his side, as your hand gently rested in his hand, Lifting up his hand slightly, you bent down and kissed his hand softly as you heard all of his monitors beeping and buzzing around you. Tears rolled down your face as you looked at his condition, a large bandage wrapped around his head that covered his eyes, with other bandages around his body to match. Seeing him in this state made your heart hurt as you rubbed your fingers against his arm in heart shapes, being weary of his tubes.
A while later, you felt a movement against your hand, opening your eyes you sat up and leaned over to see his hand move and hold yours.
“Nurse! Nurse!” You called loudly as the flooded in with the doctor. They looked at his vitals and his hand began to hold you tighter.
“_______ are you here?” Changmin moved his head around as you weren’t sure how to take it.
“I’m right here.” Holding his hand a little tighter you put your other hand over his hand and yours as the doctor carefully took off the bandage around his head. Lifting his eye lids, he shined a light in each eye as the pupils didn’t respond.
“May I speak with you outside?” The doctor looked over at you as you nodded and patted his hand, letting your hand slip from his you moved out of the room behind the doctor. Once you were outside the doctor closed the door.
“I’m sorry, but he has lost his eyesight. He will not be able to see, the glass cut his eyes too badly. I’m sorry.” The doctor patted your arm as you felt like you couldn’t breathe.
“He is calling for you.” The nurse said as you nodded and went back into the room.
“_______, are you here?” Changmin said as you moved over and took his hand. “What did the doctor say?” Holding back your tears, you wanted to tell him, but you couldn’t form the words. “Why can’t I see you?” His free hand lifted and moved to his eyes as tears began to roll down your cheek, feeling that his eyes were open, he held your hand tighter.
“I’m…. I’m b-blind?” Changmin held your hand as you rubbed your thumb over his fingers.
“There was too much glass in your eyes and the glass cut up your eyes.” Your broken voice was too much for you as you sat back in your chair.
“Is there anything else wrong?” Changmin asked as his blank eyes looked forward up at the ceiling.
“You just have some cuts and a sprained wrist.” You informed Changmin as you tried to keep your cries muffled. Nodding his head softly, he rubbed his thumb over your hand as you looked up at him as he rolled his head on the pillow to look into your direction.
“I’m glad my heart wasn’t hurt.” He said with a small smile as you smiled and laughed a little, a smile melted onto his face. “I missed your laugh.”
Weeks passed as he was cleared from the hospital, you drove him to his house, thinking that it would be better since he knew his place better than yours. Holding onto his arm you guided him through his place as his hand stayed in yours.
Making your way to his bed, you helped him lay down as you covered him with a blanket as you pulled down his blinds.
“Sleep, you need all the strength you can get.” You kissed his forehead softly. “Call if you need anything.” He nodded his head softly as he rolled over to his side as you patted his shoulder before walking out to the kitchen.
Changmin couldn’t help but think about you, what a burden he is to you know. Tears rolled from his blank eyes as he lulled himself to sleep.
Making a little snack for you and Changmin, when he woke up. Humming some of his songs, you heard a muffled call from the bedroom as you paused your humming as you heard your name being called again. Moving to the bedroom door, you opened it slowly as you saw that his back was turned to you.
“Did you need me?” You whispered as you saw him nod. His hand fell against the empty side of the bed as you moved over and sat on the bed as you took his hand with yours and put it into your lap.
“Can I ask you something?” He kept his eyes down as you laid down next to him.
“You can ask me anything.” You whispered as you moved closer to him as you held his hands on your heart.
“We have been through a lot. I-I am just worried.” He took in a deep breath as his brow furrowed together. Leaning in your kissed his worried forehead as you pulled away to read his face again. “Do you love me anymore?”
His question set you back as you looked at him with a horrified expression. You knew that he couldn’t see you, yet his other senses heightened as he felt your heart pick up its pace.
“I don’t want you to take pity on me.” He moved his hands from yours as he closed his blank eyes.
“I love you with all my heart Changmin. I love you more than I ever thought I could. You being blind has nothing to do with how much I love you.” You explained as tears filled your eyes.
“I just don’t want to be a burden on you. You could have a man who can see you and your beauty everyday but you have me. I don’t want to get in the way of your happiness.” A few tears fell from his eyes as you pushed them away with your fingers.
“I love you, you can still see me, with your heart.” You lifted his hands onto your face as he felt your wet cheeks, his thumbs gently wiped away your tears as he felt your face with his fingers. Slowly he brought your face closer to his as his lips gently pressed on yours.
Moving your hands to his chest, you felt his heart beat faster as yours mimicked his.
Sliding over to him, you pressed your body up against his as he deepened the kiss, just how he used to. Tears fell from your eyes as his heart communicated with yours, telling you that he still loves you. Kissing him back, you ran his fingers through his hair then back down to his shirt as he turned the kiss passionate as you tightened your grip of the fabric of his shirt between your fists.
Breaking the kiss with a few sweet kisses, you pressed your head to his chest as you listened to his heart as you wrapped your arms around him. Changmin rubbed your back softly as he put his hands on your back and felt you breathe.
“I love you, _______.” Changmin whispered as he kissed your head softly, your heart knew that you would be happy as long as you were with him. Both of you knew that there would be hard times and missed moments that he couldn’t see but the love between the two of you never changed, it just got stronger the more challenges that were set in your path.