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Changmin - True Colors

Around a dozen of Idols from S.M Entertainment stood in the lobby of the company just waiting for their manager to show up to tell them what they were doing that day. All eyes were on the manager and the man that stood next to him in a suit.
“Hello Idols. I am Mr. Kim from the Seoul Children’s Hospital and I heard from your manager that you all were looking for some service hours. So we would love for you to come and spend the day with the kids in the hospital that have various illnesses. It would really bring a smile onto their faces.” Mr. Kim said happily as you nodded at just the thought of helping out the sick kids.
“Now Idols, you can take pictures with the kids, give them signatures on paper if they ask for it. Just be nice and have a smile on your face. If they want to tell you a story be attentive and alert and try and put a smile on their face. If they give you presents accept them with a smile. Hwaiting!” The manager said as the Idols repeated hwaiting with their fist in the air.
Equip with your orders, you and eleven other Idols filed into the large bus as Mr. Kim came with all of you as the manager waved you off at the front doors.
Finding your seat, you looked out the window as other Idols chatted with their friends and group members. You just looked at the outside world as someone sat next to you.
“May I sit here?” He asked as you nodded and scooted over to give him more room. He looked over at you as you just watched the world pass by you.
“How long have you been in S.M?” He asked as you turned your head to look at the man that sat next to you.
“Just a few months as an Idol but I was a trainee for three years.” You said as you studied his face as you recognized the idol to be Changmin. DBSK and TVXQ’s Changmin.
“Then you must have a talent.” He gave you a smile as you swore that your jaw was hitting the floor. “I’m Shim Changmin.” He bowed to you as you bowed back.
“I’m _____ ______.” You said becoming increasingly shy.
“Do you like kids?” Changmin asked as you nodded your head.
“I like them and they seem to like me, but every kid is different so we will see.” You said as he nodded thinking that you were being a little too modest. “What about you?”
“Ummm…. well I haven’t spent a lot of time around them but I think that they are cute and charming.” He said as he looked at the road ahead as you gave off a slight smile.
Arriving at the hospital doors, you were surprised to not see a single camera. Yet you
moved in through the doors, the bright accent pieces made you feel like a little girl as balloons were around with stuffed animals in every little kid’s arms.
“Ok, let me give you a floor to be assigned to. Four Idols per floor.” Mr. Kim handed you out a paper so you knew what floor you would be on. You were assigned to the third floor, looking at other idol’s papers Changmin caught your eyes on his paper.
“Level three?” He asked as you nodded with a smile. “Great!” You, him and two other idols walked up to the third floor as a nurse greeted you. Bringing you into a large room, six beds were evenly distributed around the room as some kids were coloring on paper while other kids read picture books or watched the movie that was playing.
Entering the room, the kids’ heads shot up as their face were in shock as they recognized the four of you instantly. Smiling brightly, you went over to a little boy who was drawing in his book that couldn’t take his eyes off of you.
“Hello.” You said quietly as his jaw dropped and you giggled. “I don’t mean to scare you.”
“________ noona?” He asked as you blushed and nodded. “Your music is so pretty and you are even prettier in person.” He said as he blushed.
“Well you are very handsome.” You complimented him even through he had tubes running in and out of him and a big bandage on his neck.
“Noona I drew a picture of you, I was hoping that you would come and see me.” He pulled out a colored picture from his pages as he handed it to you. A woman in a beautiful dress stood next to a little boy in a suit.
“Is this you?” You asked as he nodded shyly. “You look so handsome. Where are we going all dressed up?”
“I wanted to show you to my parents and my friends at school and everyone since you are so beautiful and you make me smile when I watch you sing on stage.” He said as he kept his eyes on you.
“Well you are such a gentleman and so kind and warm hearted. May I keep this?” You said as you rested your hand on his. His head bobbed up and down with a smile as you thanked him.
“Noona, can I ask you something?” He said with big eyes.
“Of course.” You leaned over as he leaned up to your ear.
“Can I take a picture with you?” He wanted to remember this moment for the rest of his life. With a smile on your face, you pulled out your phone and held it up as you smiled and he smiled brightly. Clicking a picture, you took a silly one and then one with him kissing your cheek, per his request. “I’ll send these to the nurse so that she can give you a copy ok?”
“My name is Hosoon if you want to write me a message Noona.” He said with hopeful eyes as you looked at the other idols ready to leave the room.
“I will, wait for it ok? Keep smiling Hosoon. Rest well. Hwaiting.” You said with a smile as he smiled and leaned his head back on the pillow.
“I will Noona. Thank you for visiting me.” He said as he closed his eyes and you pet his head softly as he fell right to sleep.
Joining your other Idols, they walked down the hall to more rooms with more sick kids, others just weeks old as you felt their soft skin as you watched their little chests move up and down with each breath.
Moving into another room, there were kids around the age of four as they saw the four idols come into their rooms. With you being the only girl in the group, you looked over the kids and walked over to the only girl in the room.
“Hello.” You smiled at her as she was barely the age of three.
“Hello.” She said shyly as you smiled at her, seeing a little bit of yourself in her.
“What are you working on?” You asked as you saw her folding paper into a flower.
“A present for you.” She said quietly, yet simply as she glanced up at you with her little teeth.
“Oh I get a present?” You asked as she smiled.
“Unnie’s music is so pretty. It helps me when I get shots and they hurt.” She said as she finished folding a bouquet of flowers for you.
“I’m sorry you have to get shots, but when you get better I will take your family to one of my concerts to celebrate, arrasso?” You smiled as she looked at you with bright eyes and tears brimming them.
“Really?” She asked as you nodded your head, quickly she threw her arms around you as you held her tightly. “Thank you Unnie. Thank you.” She cried into your shoulder as you rubbed her back rocking her from side to side.
“You are so strong and so pretty, I am sure if you rest you will get better in no time.” You whispered in her ear as she nodded and you pet her hair gently.
“Thank you for following your dreams, Unnie.” She said as she smiled at you, holding your hand in hers.
“What is your dream?” You asked as she brightened up.
“I want to be a Mommy and I want to have a flower shop for people to be happy.” She said as you smiled and rubbed her little hand with your thumb.
“Well you made me really happy today.” You said with a bright smile and a full heart.
“I’m Baekee. Can we take a picture Unnie? I put bows in my hair for a picture today.”
She pleaded as you pulled out your phone. Snapping a few pictures you told her what you told the other little boy and she smiled and went back to making her origami flowers for the nurses.
“You are really good with kids.” Changmin whispered as you all headed to the Cafeteria for lunch.
“Oh thank you. I babysat while I was trying to earn money for singing lessons.” You told him as he just smiled. Walking through the line you got your lunch and walked over to a table as you sat down. This little girl with an arm in a cast came and tapped your arm.
“_______-ssi?” She asked you nodded your head.
“Sorry to bother you.” Her mother tried to pull her away from you.
“It really is no problem.” You told her mother as the little girl handed you a marker and put her cast on your leg.
“Can you please sign this for me?” She asked with big eyes as you smiled and nodded.
Writing her a note of strength you signed your name with a heart as she wrapped you in a hug and you smiled as you noticed Changmin sitting across from you.
“Oh Changmin Oppa. Can you please sign too?” She trotted over to him as he blushed and smiled as he signed his name right next to yours. With a hug from her too, she skipped off with her mom as you got back to eating.
“I’m glad we are in the same group together.” Changmin said as he loaded his spoon up with rice.
“Me too, I love seeing the little kids.” You said as you sipped some broth.
“Well… you really make them smile and you are so personal with them, it is so beautiful to see.” He said as you blushed and bit your lip gently as Mr. Kim came over and sat by you two.
“I have heard from the nurses that you two are wonderful with the kids. So I would like to ask you for a special favor. There is this boy, he is around seven years old and he doesn’t have very many visitors, he has cancer and I would love it if you two would go and see him.” He looked over at Changmin who nodded then to you who couldn’t refuse.
He took you to the wing of the hospital that he was in and had you suited up in scrubs and sterile coverings as you walked into the room. A little boy laid on the bed with his bald head that reflected the sunlight that bled through his blinds. Changmin stayed right behind you as you walked through the plastic barrier around him. His eyes opened as he saw the two of you, sitting up on his bed he smiled brightly.
“Hi!” He waved as you laughed and waved back.
“Hello. How are you doing?” You asked as you took a seat the foot of his bed.
“Pretty good, today they didn’t have me do any treatments since I was having visitors, so thank you for not having me be in pain today.” He gave you as weak smile as you nodded as Changmin took the seat next to his bed.
“Are you Changmin and _______?” He asked as he looked at the both of you as you had an instant smile on your face as you two nodded.
“Wow, you two are even better than on a screen.” He said as you smiled and nodded.
“Thank you.” Changmin said as he looked over at you.
“My name is Himkyu.” He said as he held out his hand as you both took your turn and shook it.
“Are you two going out? You would make a very lovely couple.” He commented as
Changmin blushed as you nervously smiled. “Noona you sing so beautifully and Oppa you are so strong and have a great voice as well. You two should do a duet too.” He said with a bright smile as Changmin nodded. Mr. Kim came through the doors as you knew that it was your cue to leave.
“Let’s have a group picture before we leave.” Changmin offered as both of you got on either side of Himkyu as you took turns with your phone and Changmin’s. Waving goodbye, he smiled happily as you heard him sing some of your songs and Changmin’s as both of you took off the sterile coverings.
“Maybe we should do a duet or something for him/” Changmin offered as you two walked down to the lobby where the other idols were waiting.
“That would be great.” You said as Changmin smiled and slid his hands into his pockets.
Reconvening with the other idols, Mr. Kim debriefed all of you and were happy that all of you had come and shed some light on the unfortunate kids. All of you bowed and thanked him for the opportunity as you filed past him and loaded into the bus to head home.
Sitting in the same window spot, you looked at your little gifts that you received, the picture, and the origami flowers. Flipping through the pictures on your phone, you sent them to Mr. Kim to give them to the right patients as you typed a message at the bottom of each picture.
Changmin sat next to you as he watched your fingers move over the phone. His heart raced as his thoughts quickly turned back to when he saw you interacting with all of the kids, it made his heart flutter and see a different side of you that many people never had the chance to see.
“______?” He asked as you finished up your last message before sending it off and looking at Changmin. “I was watching you with the kids today, and I have been watching you since the beginning of your career and I think you are really talented. I think you can make it all the way if you keep the passion that you have right now.”
“Thank you Changmin, that means a lot to me.” You said with a shy smile as he placed his hand on your shoulder.
“I have been wanted to tell you this for some time but I don’t want you to think that I am toying with you because I have waited months to say this, I was just too shy to come up to a beautiful girl like you.” Changmin took a breath as you looked into his chocolate orbs. “I like you, _______. I like you not just as an artist and your personality, but all of you. You are one of a kind and this is my confession.”
Taken back by his words, you didn’t know what to say, your head spun trying to find the right words as your tongue was tied. His hand dropped from your shoulder as he turned and faced the front. He took another deep breath to calm his heart as you just looked at him. Changmin has a crush on not just any girl but you.
“Changmin?” You asked as he quickly turned his head to look at you. “Thank you for the complement, but I am not ready for a boyfriend yet. Can we just be friends, then if I want a boyfriend I will come to you first.” You said as he beamed.
“That sounds perfect to me.” He said as you smiled, “Can friend’s hold hands?” He asked as his hand faced palm up on his leg as you put you hand on top of his.
“I am sure they can.” You said as he wrapped his hand around yours as your heart picked up it’s pace. Maybe you were ready for a boyfriend sooner than you had thought.
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In this Creaite review, we are here to help you understand about the product plus the best usage combination from Joshua Zamora's application. As you know, we are using a type of content, article generation software so the best combination should be for the question, where will we use these content. The best answer should be the content auto publisher tool or content curation tool. Of all the tool online, we find out Content Burger should be the best fit to utilize our content from Creaite of Joshua. 1.Creaite Review - Use it First Before you start, at first, you need to choose the article type, it can be a standard article or it can be a Question-Answer article or can be a Freestyle article. Now, choose your own article niche. It depends on the license you purchase, the amount of niches, categories you can generate will be different. And after choosing the core niche, then, it's time for you to register the sub-niche. One niche may include around 6-7 sub-niches and the amount is even bigger with your upgrade purchases. It's always important to choose the main language and the amount of articles to generate simultaneously. And one thing to keep in mind, one article equals one credit. I think this is the technique that Joshua is always doing to charge you over time. And also keep in mind that you are not required to provide any API Key, such as key to break, bypass captcha, change proxies, etc. Now, we already have ready to go and ready to share article. I see people would prefer buying the upgrades so that they have tons of article variation at the same time. For sure, you are permitted to edit the article with your own writing style before you publish and export it. It has features to import articles directly into your Wordpress site. And you can even rebrand the plugin so that people don't know you are using Creaite (for those who are running content marketing agencies, seo agencies, article marketing agencies) 2.Creaite Review - Use with Content Burger This is a content curator. As you can see, we have the content editor. So, you may paste your entire content produced by Creaite directly into this editor. After that, you insert some images, gif and the quote into that content. https://dailyjobkiller.com/creaite-review/
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If you are about to graduate this year, then we’d like to congratulate you. You have successfully managed to cope with the tough and daunting four years of your life, or maybe more for a few students. But there is still a semester to go and you have to give your best shot to get a degree with good grades. For this, you need to make sure that you do not slack off on your school homework and deliver them on time. As senioritis might not be an actual disease but it sneaks up to you when you have least expected it. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to stop it. In fact, you might be suffering from it today and you don’t know about it. So, look out for the symptoms below and if you can relate with any of them, it might already be too late. 1. Procrastination, Procrastination and Procrastination If you are finishing up your assignments at the eleventh hour, you’re officially a part of the worst club of school – seniorities. And it is not something you should be proud of. Researching and composing content before a night not only increases your chances of failure but can also launch stress and anxiety. Although you can get the best UK law essay help for the law coursework or any other type of homework, you need to get back on track. 2. Failure to Keep Electronic Devices Aside You may feel that your hands are numb and your mind is fighting against your thoughts when you decide to turn off the TV or lay your phone aside. This is where senioritis is at its peak, making it impossible for you to follow up on your decisions. Here, you can do nothing but stay in that position for endless hours. 3. Inability to Remember Due Dates How are you supposed to remember the deadlines when you can barely remember to brush your hair before leaving the house? This happens when you are infected with senioritis and are unable to retain important information for a longer period. It cannot only mess up your project due dates but you might forget to take the lunch to the school or leave your keys behind while you are trying to unlock the car. 4. Trouble in Waking Up Early Studies suggest that seniorities can raise your energy levels at night, making you sleepless or irritated when you are trying to rest. As a result, you may feel dizzy in the morning and feel low in energy upon waking up. This disease has also reportedly increased intake of caffeine in last year students by almost 50 per cent. 5. Excessive Desire to Bunk Classes Have you ever tried to make excuses about false sickness or accidents so that you can skip classes and stay at home? Sadly, this is one of the ways of seniorities in students. You will find yourself reaching the maximum number of absences allowed or even exceeding it sometimes. By doing so, you not only set up a poor impression on your teacher but ruin your performance as well. 6. Lack of Motivation Whether you are having a hard time making yourself attend a school or preparing for the next big exam, seniorities are to blame. Lack of motivation and commitment is common among individuals who are infected with seniorities. However, what you can do is to surround yourself with high-esteemed and energetic fellows so that you stay motivated until graduation. 7. No Interest in Reading Lengthy Documents When you were enrolled in the program, you used to read the research papers and lengthy articles within a few minutes. So, what has happened now that you run from such documents? Well, it is definitely seniorities that is keeping you from concentrating. You may also have a shorter attention span and experience blurry vision when you try to focus on a document for too long. 8. Sense of Superiority Seniorities can make you feel like you are above and superior to everyone in the campus. When you start acting so, you automatically become egoistic and develop an attitude that has no basis. Cutting freshmen in the lunch lines and avoiding anyone less than your ‘class’ becomes a routine. Not only this but reaching the classroom 10 minutes late is nothing unusual for you. 9. Loss of Interest in Physical Appearance Repetition of clothes within a week is the most common symptom of an individual going through seniorities. Moreover, boys feel more comfortable wearing sweatpants to school and girls care less about wearing makeup each day. Therefore, if you have been least interested in maintaining and grooming yourself lately, then you might also be infected. What’s positive is that seniorities are not life-threatening and will usually go away with time. Fast forward to the graduation day, you would be all dressed up and excited for the ceremony. Until then, you have to push yourself to attend classes, complete assignments on time, look after your appearance and know that college is about to finish. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Read More Article About 6 Strategies to Get The Best Work From Your Students
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So I just heard that EXO is debuting in Japan... "According to music officials on August 25th, preparations for EXO’s debut Japanese album is underway, however, the release date has not been set though it is highly possible that they will release it at the end of the year." And it got me thinking about all the Kpop/Jpop crossovers that I LOVE. Below I listed my four favorite Japanese tracks by Korean artists that you MUUUUUST listen to. Big Bang - Koe wo Kikasete I love all of Big Bang's Japanese singles - mainly because I was in Japan when they first debuted and I had to convince my host family that Kpop was the next big thing. For some reason though, this is the song I love the most. It's a gorgeous video plus just a gorgeous track! Infinite - She's Back (Japanese Version) I'm usually not a huge fan of Japanese remakes (I prefer original Japanese songs) because the Japanese lyrics tend to not fit will with the beat that was written for the Korean words. For some reason though, I really, really like the Japanese version of She's Back. Hoya's rap is amaaaaazing. TVXQ - Why Did I Fall in Love With You? I will always be a TVXQ 5EVER Cassiopeia. I honestly can't bring myself to listen to the new TVXQ stuff because these five boys are the reason I got into Kpop in the first place. TVXQ were the first Koreans to really break into the Jpop scene. They had to start back at the bottom of the food chain and were treated like rookies and nobodies because, in Japan, they were! Now it's easy for Kpop groups to make Japanese debuts and that is all thanks to the suffering of TVXQ. I seriously love these boys to pieces and just listening to this song makes me want to cry for them. This song is heart breaking, beautiful, and shows just how talented the members of TVXQ really are. TVXQ - Stand By U I studied Japanese for two years and this was one of the first songs I listened to where I actually understood every word. This is another heartbreaking song that takes my breath away. I'm not really a ballad person when it comes to Kpop but something about Japanese ballads makes me so happy. I could also add B1A4's Japanese singles (but not their Japanese remakes cause the Japanese just sounds awkward LOL), SNSD, and CN Blue to the list!!! I want to get back into studying Japanese so send me tracks to listen to! List your favorites in the comments: Also just a shameless VIXX promotion but they just dropped a new PV...
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Before knowing  top 10 MLM & network marketing companies, let us know what is network marketing. Network marketing is a type of business opportunity that is very popular with people looking for part-time, flexible businesses. Network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing, is a direct selling method that uses a network of people to sell a product. The participants in this network are usually remunerated on a commission basis. Network marketing is a medium of marketing that manufacturers use to expand their sales. Here’s the list of top 10 Best Network Marketing Companies. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited Amway Herbalife Forever Living Products Keva Vestige Safe & Secure Online Marketing Pvt. Ltd Win Nature International Pvt Ltd Modicare IMC Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited Mi Lifestyle Marketing Private Limited is an Indian company established in Chennai in 2013 and a network marketing company offering a wide range of lifestyle products directly to consumers and products approved by AYUSH. Amway Amway is an American company that uses a multi-level marketing model to sell a wide range of products, primarily in the health, beauty and home care markets. Amway was founded by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos in 1959. Amway Businesses Offer, Opportunities That Empower, Relationships That Endure. Herbalife Herbalife is a global nutrition company that has helped people to live a healthy, active life since 1980. Our nutrition, weight management and personal care products are available exclusively through our more than 2.3 million independent associates in more than 90 countries. Forever Living Products  Forever Living Products is a privately held multi-level marketing company based in Scottsdale, Arizona, which manufactures and sells aloe vera-based beverages and bee-derived nutritional supplements and personal care products. The company was founded in 1978 by CEO Rex Maughan. Keva  Keva Industries, established in 2009, is the world’s leading direct selling company, Wellness, Food, Personal Care, Color Cosmetics, Home Care, FMCG, Animal & Agriculture products. Company has more than 400 products in its portfolio, almost all segments with a unique offer of Buy 1 get 1 free. Vestige Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd., which started operations in 2004, is the leading direct sales company in the field of world-class health and personal care products.Vestige is growing at a phenomenal rate every year. Safe & Secure Online Marketing Pvt. Ltd Safe & Secure Pvt Online Marketing. Ltd. is an Indian direct selling company. Safe Shop offers a wide range of educational products, lifestyle, technology products. Win Nature International Pvt. Ltd Win Nature International Pvt.Ltd was Established in 2015. It is an emerging manufacturer of Ayurvedic products located in Nagpur (Maharashtra), the center of India We are a dynamic team, with expertise in manufacturing Ayurveda products and direct sales as well as men and money management. Modicare  Since the inception of the Modi Group of Industries, the core philosophy has remained consistent—to enhance, engage and empower people’s lives. This very ethos remained at the heart of the Modicare Foundation when it was established in 1996. International Marketing Corporation Pvt Ltd International Marketing Corporation Pvt Ltd. is an Indian network marketing company. IMC is an Indian direct selling company that began operating in 2007 and is a member of IDSA. The company’s turnover in 2019 is 400 crores. Conclusion Network Marketing does have its fair share of problems but they mainly revolve false and misleading information. However, you should not let false beliefs stop you from considering a network marketing business. You can achieve success if you gain solid understanding of the industry, choose a company carefully, find quality sponsors, commit time and effort to your business.  Global MLM Software is Leader in Providing MLM Software & Direct Selling Solutions to customers across the globe.  Visit our website to understand 200+ Ready to use features @ https://globalmlmsolution.com Try our Free Demo @ https://globalmlmsolution.com/demo Connect with us for Business Consultation and plan Validation @ https://wa.me/919113511765https://globalmlmsolution.com/top-10-mlm-network-marketing-companies-of-2021/
Rewardsly Review and Usage Combination
In this Rewardsly review, we would like to show you the best understanding and the combination of the tool comparing with multiple apps online. As you know, we are using a type of customer loyalty product where we send out gift card, giveaway some rewards and create a store to advertise your offers. So, the best combination should be an app that works for Facebook Ads. After doing some research, we see Postley and Adplify are some of the best bit here 1.Rewardsly Review - Use it First Before using, i suggest you to connect some external autoresponder app online. It works with major services with API Access Key. And you can also connect to some webinar service, also through API. And highly important, you need to integrate the SMTP service in order to send notification for people who sign up for your rewards. One of the most important feature to focus is about to create your own rewarding store. By default, you have free hosting and license to connect with their subdomain. But of course, in case you want to run advertisement, you can not use their subdomain, it's bettter to use your custom domain, it's just $10 per year, which is affordable. And of course, you must also setup the pixel code so that you can run the retargeting ads. And lastly, just share your site towards your audiences. Now, you need to create a gift card and a reward to assign into your store. You can choose either it's a paid version or a free version towards your customer for your customer loyalty program. And we have the templates to choose. So, you can choose them and then edit with your images, colors and text. And then set up your message, which will be sent out instantly to your audiences once they have signed up. 2.Rewardsly Review - Use with Postley To start, you need to integrate your Ad Account. Now, in the next part, you can design your Ad, it can either be the ad images or the ad video. Then, you need to choose your Ad Targeting Option for the Ad Set. The targeting option can be used by exploring the interest finder. Then, set your Ad Budget. Remember, your Facebook Ad account must be loaded with Ad Budget. Official Link: https://dailyjobkiller.com/rewardsly-review/