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The sunny day was anything but happy for you as you had books falling out of your arms and your backpack weighing down your back as you had gotten a new assignment from your boss. The door jingled as you walked into your favorite cafe, choosing a large table, you quietly unloaded your books from your arms onto the table as you pulled out your laptop and plugged it into the wall.
Flipping the pages of your books, you had to make a presentation for your new building that you were designing. It had to be fresh and new as you wanted to make a good impression on your first assignment.
People came and went through the shop as you worked diligently on your project. Changmin stood behind the counter as he kept an eye on you while you worked. He thought back to when you were back in high school with him, you always had a smile on your face and he would always look to you to brighten his day.
Walking back behind the counter, he quickly made you a drink as he recalled your favorite. Taking a deep breath, his heart raved as he walked up to where you were working. Finishing your thought, you saw someone standing there as you looked up at
the man.
“Hello, may I help you?” You asked as he gave you a small smile.
“I saw that you were working hard and I thought that you needed a little break, ______.” Changmin said as he set the drink down on the table next to you.
“Thank you, but how did you know my name?” You looked at his name tag as you gasped and thought back to high school. “Wait… Changmin? The same Changmin that I hung out around in high school.” His face brightened as he nodded.
“You remembered!” He beamed as you smiled and nodded.
“Of course I did. How could I forget someone who’s laugh is as unique as yours.” You licked your lips slightly as he just smiled down at you.
“Thank you, enjoy your drink. It is on me.” Changmin said as he turned and walked back to his job. Carefully picking up the dink, you read the label as you smiled and looked at Changmin as he remembered the drink that you drank in class when you sat next to him.
A smile came to your face as you went back and worked on your project. The sun dipped below the horizon as the lights in the cafe reflected off of your screen. Changmin was closing down the store as he mopped and cleaned the tables. Glancing over at you, he thought that he would let you work a little more before kicking you out for the night.
Half an hour later, he was ready to close as he walked up to you.
“I’m sorry but it is past closing time, I am going to have to ask you to leave now.” Changmin said with a sad tone as you looked up at him. Pulling out the chair next to you, you patted the seat as he took a seat next to you.
“How does this look?” You asked turning the screen as the animation came to life. You watched his reaction as he beamed as the animation moved around.
“Y-You made this?” Changmin asked as he pointed to the screen.
“Yes I did, all thanks to you and the cafe for being so quiet and a good work space.” You said as you began to pack up your books. “Thank you for the drink, I will come by again.”
“Good luck on your presentation.” He said as he helped you out the doors before turning off the lights and taking off his apron.
The next few weeks were just as hard yet Changmin always made you feel relaxed, paying for your drink every day that he saw you. It was the same routine every day, until an unfamiliar man came through the doors.
Raising your head to the guest, he sat in front of you as you looked over his facial features. After a while you finally had managed to put a name to the face.
“Yunho?” You leaned over the table as his eyes rose from his book to you.
“_-_______?” He stuttered as you smiled back at him. “What are you doing here? Sorry I didn’t mean to intrude on your space. It was nice to see you.” Before you could say that it was ok, he was already on the other side of the cafe as Changmin came over and gave your drink.
“Isn’t he dreamy?” You remarked quietly as Changmin looked over at Yunho.
“Wait… do you mean Yunho?” Changmin asked as he put your drink down as you nodded dreamily.
“He is so perfect, he can sing, he can dance, and he can lift a lot.” You numbered them off on your fingers as Changmin snarled and curled his lip in disgust as he tried to keep a professional face.
“I should let you know that he isn’t what you think.” Changmin tried to warn you but you were already day dreaming, “Enjoy your drink.”
Walking back over to his post, he looked at you as you glanced up and sipped your drink slowly as you gazed across the cafe to Yunho. Letting your thoughts drift you away, you ignored your work as it sat there.
Days of not working put you behind at your workplace, yet you continued to watch Yunho. Changmin cleaned the tables over near you as he sat across the table from you.
“You have been looking at him for days now, don’t you get bored?” Changmin asked as you let out a soft sigh and shook your head gently.
“What would you get for someone that you like Changmin?” You asked as you didn’t take your eyes off of Yunho.
“Well something simple if it was a guy, maybe like a note or something but nothing too extravagant, but if it was a girl I would want to show her how I feel.” You nodded your head as Changmin looked at you, his heart began to boil with jealousy as he got up and moved back to the front desk.
That night, he had to decorate the cafe for Valentine’s Day. With his thoughts turned to you, he wondered what you were going to give Yunho. After he locked up he wondered the streets as he tried to think of something to give you, the one woman that couldn’t get his mind off of.
A soft light was given off from a small jewelry store, looking through its window a soft twinkling came off of a beautiful bracelet. Walking through the door, he asked for the bracelet in the window as he had a bow put on it. Paying for it, he got a black bag with a white ribbon as he walked out of the store.
Love was in the air as Valentine’s Day couples came through the cafe. Changmin waited for the moment that you would walk in, he had your drink all ready and “your table” beautifully decorated.
The tinkling of the bell alerted him as you walked through the door and B lined for your table, he smiled to himself as he walked over to you.
“Here is your drink, ______.” He said with a smile as you kept your head down. “Is there something wrong?”
Shaking your head slightly, your hair covered your face as he took a seat in front of you.
“Can I show you something?” Changmin asked as you nodded, he looked down and pulled the gift out of his apron as you wiped your tears. “Happy Valentine’s Day.” He opened the lid as the sparkly diamonds glimmered against your skin as you covered your mouth.
“W-Why?” You asked as you watched Changmin take out the bracelet.
“I have a crush on you, so I wanted to show you that you are special.” Changmin looked down at your wrist as he gently brought it up and placed the bracelet on your wrist.
“B-But…” You stuttered, “I didn’t think that you liked me.” Changmin giggled.
“You were too busy to notice since you were falling for Yunho.” Changmin said as he looked into your eyes.
“I’m sorry.” You bowed your head as he just smiled.
“It is ok, I just wanted to give you something beautiful.” Changmin got up from the table and headed back to work as you just sat there, the diamond bracelet hung from your wrist as it looks beautiful, the diffracted light danced on the table as you watched Changmin work.
Once the costumers died down in the shop, you walked up to the counter.
“Changmin, can you help me with something?” You asked as he nodded and walked around from behind the counter, swiftly you moved your arms around him as you hugged him tightly.
“Thank you for the beautiful gift.” You said as his hands slowly moved around you and held you against him, his hands gently pet your hair as he kissed your head. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”