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(if you are not old enough to read this... or get away with reading it.... don't read it... I did warn ya. ) - Reader & Puppy Loco - Get a doggy bowl, and put in sugar, spice, and tequila then add in some chemical smutt... Put it under a tree and wait til XXX-Mas.... You might find you slept with Loco Santa that day
I was in Dudart Cafe, sitting in front of the christmas tree display. I order one of their famous sandwiches and a coffee. Just waiting for this blind date of mine. Yet... again... a no show... Why do I do this to myself. Everytime my friends say I found the perfect guy for you and set up a blind date. They end up dating my friend or I just simply get stood up. Like today. This was set up by one of my male friends this time too. They said no one should be lonely for the holidays, and that their girl had some connections. Its the only reason why I agree this time. The chance that it would be someone famous. But, I got my hopes up for nothing once again. I sighed heavily and hung my head. Kind of lost my appetite now. I started to gather my things and get ready to leave. Had been waiting for my blind date for over an hour now. "Y/N?" I looked up to see a cutie pie panting, like he had just ran a marathon. "I am... woot.... I'm so sorry." He sat down in front of my, as I looked him over. My jaw dropped when the light bulb in my head went off. "You're Loco.... from AOMG." I pointed at him, with my mouth still gapping. He chuckled and smiled while nodding his head. "Ne, that I am..." He looked me over, and soon enough his own smile faded. "You were gettimg ready to leave?" He gave me his famous puppy dog eyes, as he seem sad. I looked down at my stuff and snap out of it a bit. "Um...yeah... I thought you stood me up... been waiting almost and hour and a half now." He looked down at his silver rolex, as he notice the time. "Oh my... I'm so so sorry... I lost track of time ... and my schedule..." I held up my hand to shut him up. "Its Okay.... you're here now." He looked over to see my sandwich barely touch and my coffer gone cold. Loco pouted, and looked up at me. "At least let me make it up to you for being late." I arch an eyebrow, curious as to what he had in mind. Loco smiled so warmly at me, and took my hand. I grabbed my stuff quickly, before following him. He constantly kept looking back at me, with a stupid ass grin plaster on his face. It was freaking contagious too. He had me smiling and giggling everytime he looked my way. "Where on earth are you taking me you cooky man." He winked at me, before taking me downstairs an underground club. You could hwar thr base bumping from outside. The moment he open the door to enter, the music assulted my ear drums. Lucky for him, I love music, especially his music. He sly turn towards me, and cover ears, to ease the assult, before moving me in deeper. He chuckled and I could hear it vibrate thoughour his body. He then uncover them, to take my hand again and spun my around, so I face him. His smile was burning its way into my heart. Loco interlock fingers with me, and we dance like children. I couldnt hold back from laughing from thr bliss of it all. He was so cheerful it was intoxication. He spun me around again to end up being back hug by him. "Hope you're having fun." He spoke so closely to my ear, it gave me goosebumps. A chill went down my spin, making me pull away from him. I turn to face him, and saw his smile had faded. He looked puzzled as to why I pulled away. I sept closer, and he lean in closer to hear me. "This is nice by I rather be alone with you... not surrounded my people." He pulled away and gave a light smile, before taking my hand. He pulled me towards the back. We enter a private room, but could still see the people outside. But by the looks of it, they can't see us. I went up to the window to touch it, finding it so intriguing. I snap out of my trance when his arms wrap around my waist. His chin rest on my shoulder, before he gave a soft sigh. "I always wanted to do this to someone around the holidays. Just luckily I have such a beauty for. blind date." I felt my face warm up, telling me I was blushing. "Would you mine being mine until the holidays are over. Kind of sick of being the only one that single in my crew at this time of year." I turn my head to look at him. He had his eyes closed, and snuggle closer towards me. Loco really was like a puppy. I pulled away, to go searching in my bag. I had to sit down to try and find it. I saw him from thr corner of my eye, blinking at me confused. I patted the empty space beside me. He under stood what I was signaling to him, and sat beside me. I pulled out a christmas bow, and put it on top of his hat. "There... now I can say I got a puppy for christmas." I giggled after teasing him. Loco looked at the bow confused completely, before my words register in his head. "Yah!" He pounce on me, and started tickling me. I smiled widely as I laugh. "Ah~ St-stop... haha... Hyun Woo oppa... hahaha I c-can't breathe." He stop, as he smiled warmly at me. "You know my name?" I looked him in the eyes, and saw his pure joy. "Ne, of course I do... its how they fool me. So I wouldn't know you were famous." He grin from ear to ear before pecking mylips with his. We just ended up staring at each other, as his smile slowly faded away. He inch cover before his lips were touching against mine. Before I knew it, his tongue had slip past my lips, and went to battle with my tongue. He slyly moved his hand under my shirt to hold my waist. I slightly gasp at his cold tongue, allowing Loco to dominate the tongue war. His other hand join, as the both slowly lifted my sweater up. I hooked a finger on his pants look, and my othet hand in his rear pocket. Loco pulled away, to take off his hat, showing his blonde hair. We were both panting a bit, whilst making eye contact. I could see the hunger in his eyes, but could scent his restraint. I sat up, making him sit back a bit. He watched me in awe, as I strip my sweater and top off in front of him. I heard Loco gulp heavily, while he watched. I wrap my hands around his neck, and softly peck his lips. Loco's lip twitch, as I noticed he was to smile. Instead, he licked his lips, and crush our lips together. I could feel the heat building up betwen us. His move slowly along my body, as if exploring a foreign land. He made sure I was laying on my back, before taking off his seater and shirt. Loco broke the kiss to bite down on his lower lips "Are you sure about this it is our first date." I giggled and smiled at him, as Loco asked for reassurance. I ran my fingers through his hair and nodded my head yes. His puppy-like smile came back, before the rest of our clothes collected together on thr floor. Loco's hand rub along my thighs, as he brought one of them to his lips. I felt myself blush as she look at me. "You blushing is so adorable... I can't even." I don't even know what this man is doing to me. He was making me weak to him in so many ways. He came bacl down to tower over me, ehilst holding my caff. I left something hard knocking at the door between my legs. I wiggled a bit, before he slip inside of me. We both gave sharp breaths before looking into each others eyes. He wiggled his eyesbrows, as if to nonverbal as if I was okay. I lightly touch his cheek and smiled. Loco return thr smile, and bit his lip, before he started moving his hips. I press my lips to hold back my moans, but the pleasure won. moans started to mix with my panting. I had one hand sliding down his chest. Loco was watching his hips moving into mine. "Hyun... Woo..." My moaning of his name made him look up at me. I touch his lips with my thumb, but he caught it with his teeth, pulling on it. I pulled him down to kiss his soft lips. He was trying his best to please me, and you could see it. Loco had his heart on his sleeve, and I was trading mine for his. His lips came over to my neck, as he pick up a faster pace. My panting turn into simply louds moans. His touch and his solder was driving me crazy. "Hyun.... oh my..." He nip my ear, the moment he realize I was reaching my climax. I felt him grip my hips, giving me the signal he was reaching his climax as well. He groan in my ear, once he reach his, as his real name came out my mouth for mine peak. We were both panting, as I felt happy, the music was covering our moans. Loco slowly lift himself up, so he hover me. "You know..." "I wouldn't mind being your gift for christmas, ad long as you my gift for the new year." He looked me in the eyes, as I softly laughed. I nodded my head, making him smile, as he kissed my lips once more.
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awwwwwww I liked this!!! and I thought, at first, it would be weird for him to be sexy, but it works!
JESUS!! No bullshit, but that intro sounds like a dope porn intro. lmaoooo
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