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Well, I'll give you an example. I have two cousins, one who was a total bitch to her parents, left home, (burning that bridge in a spectacular fashion) and went and had I think a kid or two with a, shall we say, less than stellar guy, (abusive) left him, crawled back home and continued to act the total bitch. I hear through the grapevine she parties, leaves the kids to her parents on the regular. Guess what quote she likes to post? Second cousin partied, had two kids with two different guys, now posts about how men are all scum when they don't stay past a one night stand, don't want to help her raise the kids. Guess the favorite quote? Lastly, my old neighbor's granddaughter also partied, has 3 kids with 3 different dudes, always leaves them with her grandparents, had a new boyfriend every six months. She was forever needing money, help with her cars and so on. At the time both me and my brother were living there, from about 15 to 21 for me, 13 to 21 for him, she always implied to her grandparents and our sisters that we must be gay or weird for not having a stream of girlfriends at the house, ( We're not gay, but that wouldn't be any of her fucking business anyhow) and it culminated one day when we were helping her Jumpstart her latest shitty car, she mentioned to her cousin (or friend, don't know or don't care) some snide comment about not having girlfriends, her friend shushed her, but I turned and said "I heard you, but for your grandpa's sake and because I don't want to argue, I'm going to ignore it" I digressed heavily into a rant at the end, I'm sorry, but guess what she likes to post all the time? Yup, you guessed it. I'm sorry, it's just that I've seen a pattern with this quote, associated with generally shitty people, and while it is unfair to lump everyone who uses this quote under that banner, I can't help it when just seeing it makes my blood pressure spike
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@RamonPizarro meh I'm used to rants
I've only ever seen very irresponsible people use it, it always seemed like a cop out to me
what do you mean be irresponsible
I hate this quote