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Holiday Submission. It was just a typical evening for me. I was in one of the empty studios cleaning up after dance practice that the kpop group History and their back up dancers did. I gave a heavy sigh as I continue cleaning. Today was December 24th and instead of being at home curled up on my couch sipping hot chocolate and watching a Christmas movies. I was called in to cover one of the other janitors shift since he came down with a nasty flu. The silence of the studio was eerie. I walked over to the radio that was left behind and plugged in my phone and turned on my playlist. First song that came on was one of my all time favorite songs. It was "Queen" By History. Smiling as the music blared over the radio dispelling the silence. I started dancing to the rhythm of the song, losing my self in the music as i sung along. Many here don't know that I'm History trash. I keep it well hidden cause i dont want to make the group uncomfortable if i constantly fangirl over them. So while I work cleaning the building i would always look uninterested in them every time they came into the building. Alot of the females here think i have no heart cause i dont gush all over them and give them heart eyes. I'm not heartless i just have better control over my emotions then them. I come back to my sense as the song changes to "Might just die". I grinned widely and put my broom down. I learned the dance to this song when i had free time. So as the music flows through me i start doing the exact same dance smiling the whole time. Oblivious to my surrounding, because if i was paying attention i would of heard the door of the studio opening then closing. I was so lost in the song that i didnt notice the presence behind me. As the song comes to a end i stand their breathing heavy from the exercise. I hear clapping behind me. My body freezes and stiffens as my eyes widen in fear. "No need to be so stiff. I dont mean no harm." A deep baritone voice said. I take a deep breath and slowly turn around and once I see who it is my face flames up in embarressment. "S-sihyoung-ssi" I stutter out. I bow then rushes over to the radio and turning it off. My face still bright red. "Dont stop your fun on my account. I think you did really well on the choreo." he said smiling. "Th-Thanks." I stuttered once again. As i stand their with my head still down. He walks over to me. "Lift your head please. It makes me feel uncomfortable when i cant look someone in the eyes and speak to them." he pleaded. Taking a deep breath. I slowly lift my head to look him in the eyes. I stood their frozen once more as our eyes connect and my heart starts slamming in my chest. His dark brown almost black eyes capture my hazel ones in a sea of dark chocolate. What seemed like an eternity we finally broke the gaze as we notice the light flicker then shut off. The room is now engulfed in darkness. I hear a rustle of clothes as he pulls out his phone and turns on the light. "It seems the blizzard outside knocked out the power." he said. "I thought the blizzard wasnt suppose to come til tomorrow?" I asked "Well it seems it didnt feel like waiting." he sighed. "I need to call my friends and tell them I'm staying at the studio tonight." He dials a number. Someone answer and he spoke. "Hey hyung. I'm staying at the studio tonight since i'm snowed in." he said. After a few more sentences her hangs up. "Come on lets go grab some supplies from the kitchen." he said. "One second." I said walking over to my cleaning cart and pulls out a flashlight. I hand him the flashlight. "Use this and save your battery power." i said. Taking the flashlight from he turns it on and aims it at the door. "Hold my hand so we dont get seperated." he said extending his hand to me. I blush darkly and place my hand in his. As he close his fingers over over mine. My heart quickens up. Though i cant see our hand entwined. I can feel how much bigger his hands are to mine. He pulls me closer to him as we walk down the hall to the kitchen. "So Stef, Why are you here working?" He asked suddenly. My mouth gapes open as he calls me by my given name. "You know my name." I said in disbelief. He gives a deep chuckle. "Of course. I made it my mission to know everyone who works here." he said. "Im just surprised, because most of the workers here think im heartless and stuck up." I mutter sadly. We finally reach the kitchen but dont go in. He turns around facing me. "Dont listen to what they say. I know you arent heartless." He said. "How?" I asked "I see how you always put others before you. I watched how you helped a fellow worker who had to bring their child to work. You kept your attention on the child. Played with and kept him busy." he continues "Those who considered you heartless. Never saw your kindness towards others." he finished. I felt the tears weld up in my eyes at his kind words. "Thank you." i say my voice breaking. "Dont cry ok. Lets get some food and blankets and go back to the studio" he says gently. I nod as we enter the kitchen. We go about gathering food that doesnt need cooked and then head to a closet and grabs some blankets and pillows then head back to the studio. Once we enter the studio we start making little pallets on the floor. We get comfortable and start eating in silence. Once finished i decided to ask a question that was bothering me. "Sihyoung may I ask you a question?" I asked "Sure" he replies. "Why are you here in the middle of the night?" I asked. He sits their with the slow glow of the lanterns we found in our exploration. "I wanted to talk to you." he said shyly. I tilt my head in confusion. "Why?" I ask. He goes silent and then i hear a rustle of clothing. The air outside making a loud whining noise from the storm as i wait. He hands me a small box. His face tinged in pink. I grab the box and slowly open it , revealing a silver necklace with my name. I gasp at the beauty of it as my face reddens. "I been watching you for awhile from afar. Admiring you as you continue holding your head up high no matter the nasty words people were saying about you. Your strength and your will are what caught my attention first. The more i watched the more i wanted to know about you, but i was scared that if i tried to talk to you, you would reject me." he takes a deep breath and turns his head facing me. "I slowly started falling for you but wasnt aware of it until i saw you with that child. Watching you care for the child melted my heart and cemented my feelings for you." he looks at me. "I wanted to confess to you on Christmas day at the company party but my friends talked me into coming here." he takes a deep breath. "The Janitor shift you are covering...well hes not sick. My friends asked him to call off so that i could come here and tell you how I feel. That necklace represent my feelings for you." he looks down closing his eyes. I know that posture. Its the one i do when i expect to get my feelings hurt so i brace myself. I smile reaching over with my hand. I slowly lift his head up until out eyes meet, His dark eyes sparkle with love but also fear. I dont like fear being in his eyes. "Sihyoung..I have been doing the samething watching you from afar. I always kept my distance and held my feelings in check cause i felt like you were out of my reach." I smile "But i see that i was wrong. You are now within my reach" i said and to emphasize my words. My hand reach out cupping his cheek with it. He looks at me. The fear gone from his eyes and filled with happiness. "Stefani... I like you. Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked "Yes." i replied as he shouts with joy and pulling my face towards his, his eyes searching mine for permission. I smile and give a slight nod. He slowly leans close and softly place his lips over mine and kissing me gently. Pulling back from the kiss he places his forehead against mine. "Im glad we got snowed in cause i think i might have chickened out." he confessed shyly. I laugh softly. "Well Im glad for once the weather did us a favor." I said in humor. He laughs a deep laugh and smiles at me. Caressing my cheek. "This was the best Christmas ever." he said. "I agree it is the best Christmas ever." i said. He kisses me once more. "Merry Christmas beautiful." He said endearingly. "Merry Christmas handsome" I said softly. The End. Sorry if it sucked but i really tried. *Moderators Tag List* @Bangtanss @resavalencia @Junhwanbae92 @MattK95 @BBxGD @MelissaGarza @JiyongLeo @Isolate @MonAnnahiX @BrennaTran @Helixx @AimeeH @royalpandajedi @Qilin94 @Storiamom426 @KaiLuhan4ever @JordanShuler @ChaErica @StefaniTre
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I would love to be snowed in with History 😁