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So, I wasn't planning on writing another story for the Holiday Fanfic Event because I didn't think I'd have time, but I got done packing early. This story popped up in my head while I was trying to sleep so I wrote it after I finished packing in the morning. I hope you really like it. I thought I should give this story to Jin because he's just too sweet. This is going to the kpop community since BTS is not participating in this one. I hope you enjoy.
Disclaimer: None of the pics are mine, they belong to their respective owners. And this story, aside from Jin's existence, is entirely fictional.
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Warning: There is a small trigger warning. I can't say much without spoiling the story, but I'm putting this up here.
The snow was just barely falling. It was enough to dust everything with a beautiful layer of pure white. It was cold, but not as cold as it would have been had he been alone. He looked at her face as she marveled at the beauty around her, turning in circles to try to watch everything at the same time. She was exactly the same, even if she didn’t remember. And even with the beautiful sight of the deserted park, she was still the most beautiful thing to him. Her namesake didn’t hold a candle to her.
“Do you remember this place?” Jin asked his wife.
The smile slowly slipped off her face. Quietly, she said, “No. I’m sorry.”
He approached her and held both of her hands in his. “It’s okay. Don’t worry. You don’t have to. I remember for us. This is where I took you after our first date. I sat next to you on the swings over there.” He pointed to a swing set across the park. “I was worried that you’d think it childish of me. But you just laughed and swung yourself back and forth. Then you twisted yourself in the swing until it was as taunt as it would go and let go. That laugh... I think that’s when I knew I was in love with you. I wanted to hear it for the rest of my life.”
Yuki looked away, a tear slipping down her face. Jin quickly let go of her hands to cup her face, her cheeks were pink and cold with the chill.
“No, no, don’t cry. I just wanted to share it with you. It’s okay if you don’t remember. I still love you. Nothing will change that. Even if you never remember, I’ll still love you. Don’t ever be sad. I just wanted to show you this beautiful place. You loved it then and I thought you’d love it now.’re exactly the same.”
“Yes,” Jin assured her, pulling her against his chest. Her arms wrapped around him, underneath his open jacket. “You’re still the same person. We just have to make new memories. I’ll show you why we fell in love and maybe...maybe you’ll fall in love with me again.”
*flashback* 6 months ago
“Oppa, are you really happy?” Yuki asked nervously.
“Of course, jagi. How could I not be happy?” They pulled up to the red light and Jin turned to look at her. He laced their fingers together. “I told you, whether it was a boy or a girl, I’d be happy. I’m just happy that we’re going to have a baby.”
“But we haven’t even been married six months. I know you wanted to wait until we had more time to spend just by ourselves. And I know you’ve been working hard to get that promotion at work. What if...what if it makes it hard? Are we sure we’re ready?”
“Of course.” The light turned green and Jin continued driving them home from the OB/GYN. “As long as I have you, I’m ready for anything. I will work as hard as it takes to make sure you’re happy. You are happy, right?”
Yuki smiled and held Jin’s hand tighter. “Yes, of course. It would be nice to have a little more time, but I’m happy. We’re just starting a little earlier than we planned.” She threw a playfully accusing look at her husband who caught it out of the corner of his eye.
“Hey, it takes two. It was heat of the moment. Neither of us were thinking about it.”
“True.” She rubbed her belly. “But our little girl will never be unwanted. I’m so excited. I love her already.”
“Me too.” Jin continued looking ahead but let go of Yuki’s hand to try to rub her belly as well.
“That’s not my stomach,” she deadpanned, moving his hand down to her stomach.
“Sorry! It’s not like I could see!” Jin tried to hide his smirk. Accident or not, he wasn’t complaining.
Yuki chuckled. “But you realize you can’t be the princess anymore, right?”
“Yah! Why do you still—“
“I’m sorry, sir,” the doctor told Jin. Jin held his wife’s hand. She hadn’t regained consciousness yet. “We’re still not sure about the extent of your wife’s injuries, but the baby... I’m very sorry for your loss.”
Jin buried his face in the sheets next to his wife’s hands. A small sob escaped.
“I wish there was something more we could do.”
Jin sat up and wiped at the tears. “N-no. I know you’ve done everything possible. Thank you.”
“I know you don’t want to leave your wife, but your injuries should really be looked at.”
“I can’t—“
“I know. I’m going to ask a nurse to come in. You don’t have to leave her. I’ve already talked to the staff and you’ll be able to stay. You can stay as long as she does.”
“Th-thank you,” Jin choked out, tears spilling down again.
The doctor put his hand on Jin’s shoulder. “I’ll be at the hospital for the next 35 hours both on-duty and on-call. If there is anything at all, tell the nurse and they’ll page me. I’ll be making regular rounds and the nurses will be monitoring her closely. With head trauma like that, there’s no telling how long until she wakes up. Just let us know if anything changes in between checking, okay?”
Jin nodded, the words were too difficult to make come out. The doctor bowed and left. Jin stayed holding his wife’s hand watching her angelic face. Even with the lacerations and bruising, she still looked so beautiful to him.
A nurse came in shortly after to check and dress his wounds. She offered her condolences as well before leaving.
“I’m sorry, jagi,” he murmured into the skin of her hand. One hand reached out to Yuki’s stomach. “I’m sorry, princess.” He burst into tears and buried his face in the sheets again.
For almost 24 hours, nothing changed. But Jin stayed by her side almost the entire time. He and his wife’s friends came by to visit and left plenty of food for him so he didn’t have to leave for that. His parents came by as well. Yuki’s parents had passed away when she was 15 and 19. She only had distant relatives, so she used to joke that Jin and their friends were all she had. The baby was going to give her a family.
Jin was so tired, but he couldn’t sleep. Every time he closed his eyes, he was back in the car. The seatbelt was stuck and he couldn’t reach Yuki. The car that ran the light had T-boned her side so hard and she was left unconscious and bleeding. Jin kept screaming for her, asking for someone, anyone, to help her. The police said they were lucky that the car had hit them more to the back or she likely would have been killed instantly.
Jin came out of the bathroom just in time to see her fingers start twitching. He immediately ran over.
“Jagi! Yuki! Yuki! Can you hear me? Open your eyes.” His hands fumbled for the nurse’s call button. He found it, pressed the button, and went back to holding her hands. The nurse came in after a few seconds.
“Can I help you, Mr. Kim?”
“Y-yes. She, uh, her hands—fingers—they were, um, moving or yeah, they were moving.” The nurse came over, penlight out. She directed Jin to let go of Yuki’s hands, which he did. They were still for a moment before moving again. The nurse checked the pupil dilation.
Her eyes were wide when she looked at Jin. “I think she’s waking up. I’ll call the doctor. Just keep talking to her.” She left the room in a hurry.
Jin grabbed her hands again. Her eyes moved languidly under her eyelids. “Come on, babe. Open your eyes. I know you can do it. You’re so strong. I know you’ve got this.”
When her eyes finally cracked open, Jin let out a sob. “Yes, that’s it. That’s it.” Her eyes fluttered close and then opened again. “Come on, you’ve got this. I’m right here. I’m right here, babe.” One hand cupped her face. “I’m right here.”
The doctor and a nurse came in after a few minutes.
“She opened her eyes,” Jin shot out quickly. “She hasn’t said anything yet, but she opened her eyes.”
The doctor walked next to her. Yuki turned her head slightly as if trying to look at him. “She’s responsive,” the doctor commented to the nurse who wrote it down.
“Mrs. Kim, Yuki, can you hear me?” Yuki blinked and her head nodded just slightly. “Good, that’s what we want to hear.”
Jin exhaled loudly in relief and Yuki turned her head in his direction. She looked drowsy as she tried to open her eyes all the way. When she dryly licked her lips, the doctor asked the nurse to bring some mouth swabs that would be used to wet the mouth without giving her something to drink. The nurse came back and wiped the inside of her mouth.
Yuki coughed dryly. “Wh—where. am. I,” she asked slowly with a raspy voice.
“You’re in the hospital,” the doctor answered. “Do you remember what happened?” She slowly shook her head. “You were in an accident.” Yuki let out a slow breath and turned to Jin. The doctor continued, “You’ve been in the hospital for almost two days. You were unconscious.”
Jin smiled lovingly at Yuki, but the look in her eyes worried him. He held her hand and brought it to his lips. She pulled away. “Who are you?”
*end flashback*
The doctor told Jin that there was no telling what would happen. She had lost the last six years of her life. She and Jin had only met four years before the accident, so she didn’t remember him at all. The doctor said her memories may come back completely or partially, or possibly not at all. There was no telling with brain injuries. He encouraged Jin to try to bring her to places that might jog her memory, but not push her too hard.
After the accident, it was hard. Jin had to mourn the loss of his unborn baby by himself. He didn’t want to tell Yuki and add to her burden. It was already enough that she had to get used to the fact that she was his wife.
At first, she pushed away. She didn’t know Jin, so she was anxious around him. Jin didn’t force himself to be around her. He stayed close so she always knew he was there, but he made sure she knew she had space. And somehow, over the months, she had started coming back to him. Jin thought, maybe, she was starting to fall in love with him again, even without the memories. She at least cared for him, that much he was certain of. And he found himself falling in love with her all over again.
He had taken her on dates and did everything over again from the beginning, the way she asked him to. Every once in a while, she’d make a comment without realizing that it was part of a memory. She asked him to take her to places from their past, places that might be able to help her remember. She would experience sensations of déjà vu when they went to those places, but no clear memories would come. Even if that was as much as her memory would return, Jin would still be happy with her. He loved her and nothing would change that. If need be, if she truly did fall in love with him again, maybe he could ask her to marry him again. Maybe they could have another wedding. They could restart.
“This is where I took you after our first date. And here” he stopped walking when they reached the swings “is where I proposed to you.”
Yuki looked around with a confused expression on her face. It wasn’t her usual expression when she didn’t remember.
“What’s wrong?” Jin asked worriedly.
“I—“ she cut off as she looked around again. “This is where you proposed to me?”
“Yes. Right here.”
“No... no it’s not...”
“What do you mean? This is where—“
Yuki walked a few swings down. The giant swing set had eight swings on it. Jin was standing on one end and Yuki walked almost to the other end.
“What’re you—“
“Huh?” Jin joined her in front of the swing.
Yuki dusted off the snow and sat down on the swing and Jin crouched in front of her. “This is where you asked me to marry you.” Jin didn’t know how to respond. Yuki’s voice became distant as if she was wandering into a different time in her head. “You said my shoe was untied, so you kneeled down in front of me. I...didn’t think anything of it until you said... ‘Look what I found’.” She looked at Jin, tears trickling down her face. “You asked if I was willing to put up with you for the rest of my life. I was so happy. I said yes and got so excited that I tackled you into the sand. You dropped the ring and we spent 20 minutes trying to find it again. You teased me for weeks, saying that you kept finding sand in your hair.”
Jin was now crying as well. “You...remember?”
She nodded. “It’s almost like... like recalling a movie I’ve seen or a book I’ve read. There’s pieces, like fragments. But... but I can also feel it. How happy I was, the feel of the sand, your lips,” if her cheeks weren’t already pink from the cold, they would have been now “that night... I remember it...” She turned away. “But I can’t remember anything else. I’m sorry.”
“No.” He turned her face back to him. “The fact that you remember anything is a miracle. But even if you don't remember anything else, we can make new memories. I can start over with you like we’ve been doing.”
The small clock in the center of the park chimed midnight. They both looked to the clock. “It’s not our anniversary anymore...oppa." She turned back to Jin. "Merry Christmas.”
Jin smiled. “Merry Christmas, Yuki...jagiya.” Yuki smiled as well.
“But... there’s one thing I know, even without memories.” Yuki leaned forward to where the mists from their breaths were now mingling together.
“What’s that?” Jin asked almost breathlessly, already lost in her eyes.
“I love you.” And with that, she kissed him.
There's the story. I hope you liked it. It wasn't pure fluff and was a bit sad, but I hope you liked it anyway. Jin seems like he would be that sweet and loving.
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