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We've talked about Secret Biases before...

(check them out here)

So here's your chances to give your secret bias a gift!

Who is your secret "other" bias that your ultimate bias doesnt know you love? And what would you get them for Christmas?

My answer:

I would give Suga a pillow with Jungkook's face on it lol
But really I'd give him a nice small notebook for him to scribble all his ideas in.

What would you get your secret bias!?

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l What girld are those in the last gif?
its taetiseo (the snsd sub group^^)
I have a lot of secret biasesπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but my main one chanyeol who I basically my lowkey soulmate and my UB of exo , I'd get him a piano since he loves music
a subscription to something... maybe to a monthly delivery of anime goods or beauty products (:
My secret bias is Suga too. I would give him a scrapbook thingy so he can keep memories of Holly..... And me 😁😁
My secret Santa would be Mark! I'd probably get him a book comprised of all of the tweets Papa Tuan would troll Mark's fans with.