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Viki has the eng sub ready to watch if you guys haven't seen it yet and let me tell you WATCH it! Like now! Quick reminder that this will contain SPOILERS! So don't read any farther then this if you haven't seen it yet... So first off the whole thing Dr. Kim was taken as a minor wound (I wouldn't call that nothing, you just freaking got stab!) I really love how Dr. Cha got jealous over the fact that the manager bought Park a sweater (but dang was that sweater expensive!) I love how Park started warming into everybody hearts without them knowing (like the Chief) Dr. Kim's and the general's relationship is so confusing, but I'm assuming that they made up...? I felt sort of bad for the Assistant Manager in this episode because of his kid...:( Now the ending was just a what the flip just happen moment! Park was dreaming (without us realizing at first) of In Hae and she was walking through this paradise looking place and then he wakes up, the scene then switches to Dr. Cha's home where Park just rushes and then we see In Hae bleeding (I broke out in goosebumps and my stomach hurt, it was chilling) and then In Hae passes out and it ends there! Once again the leave us in another cliffhanger, but there is no preview!!!!!!!!! >.< Man at least the episode was good to leave me satisfied. I can't wait to see next weeks episode (hope In Hae is okay), if you guys have any comments about today's episode go ahead and leave your thoughts in the comment place below. Peace <3