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Who: Kwon Hyukwoo What: It's written in the smutt stars. The Smuttiest of all smutstellations the big Smuter and the little Smuter, Orion's Smut. Every where you look Smut is in the air. Story:N/a
Hyukie the Wookie: Babe I'll be home soon, I ran into a little traffic. You looked at the text for several minutes until an hour passed by. You were supposed to open gifts by now but he stayed later than he was supposed to at the studio. You had gotten him something really nice too you wanted to see his face when he saw it. It felt like the last days you two would be together before he went on tour. Those moments were hell because you two always fought the last few days. You'd make up in the best of ways but there were times the make up wouldn't come until he got back. You would miss him while he was away but you would ignore his calls and texts. You would half way forgive him then be upset at him all over again because you two hadn't fixed things before he left. He'd come back with his stupid puppy face smiling and calling you jagi and he'd kiss you until you'd give into him because you missed him so much. It was a routine you were used to but it was Christmas eve and you hadn't seen him all day. He woke up before you and left for the studio and you were kind of upset at him for not at least saying goodbye. You'd gotten over it when he sent the text that he was going to leave early but soon that text changed to a 'sorry I actually have to stay later than expected.'. Out of holiday spirit you tried not to be upset at him and just told him it was okay and that you'd see him when he got home. Now it was an hour after his 'I'll be home soon' and frankly you were pissed. You were through with looking at the text and tossed your phone on the bed. You went to the shower and got undressed. You loved your shower, it felt like you were getting rained on. It was a beautiful shower. You turned the water to lukewarm first, it's how you always showered, you'd gradually make the water hotter. What you liked about this shower was that it stayed hot for long. You got in, at first just walking under the free falling water rain and letting yourself get soaked. You missed him. He would be touching you all over by now if he were in the shower with you. You thought you worked too much, Hyukwoo had you beat. You kept reminding yourself it was Christmas eve, there was no reason to be upset at him, yet you were. You were annoyed that he wasn't beside you, you were annoyed he didn't wake you up to say goodbye, you were annoyed that he was late yet again. You turned the heat up in the shower after about a good ten minutes passed. You leaned against the wall, you liked the dark colors of your bathroom, it was relaxing. You started lathering up your body wash in your wash cloth and washing up. The door to your bathroom opened and you only peeked behind your shoulder to see Hyukwoo walking in. "Babe why did you take a shower?" He said. You ignored him and continued washing. Now that he was there you were just as upset. "Babe? Don't tell me you're mad I told you there was traffic." He said. You didn't doubt it, Christmas Eve traffic was hell. You heard the unhooking of a belt and Hyukwoo's sigh behind you. You heard his hat hit the counter, a sound you were too familiar with and you were sure he'd tossed his shirt aside already. Before you knew it, his hands were coming up your arms softly and his lips were kissing up your neck softly. He whispered in your ear, "Baby you know there's no where else I'd rather be than right next to you on Christmas Eve." You scoffed and pulled away from him. He sighed, "Baby girl come on, show me some love I've missed you all day." He said. You kept quiet still. He sighed and reached over you to get your shoulder and turn you to face him. He grabbed your chin and lifted your face to kiss you but you turned your head away from his lips. He looked at you with a sad face and his fingers came to slip your wash cloth out of your hand. He opened the bunched up rag and placed his hand on your stomach. He began washing you, his hand moving up your stomach then just under your breast. He was trying to make eye contact with you but you kept looking away. He knew why though because he was getting to you. You weren't so mad at him anymore. You turned so you couldn't look at him and he pulled your hair off of you face. His hand covered in the wash cloth still roaming your body to get you clean. He kissed your cheek, then your neck, "Hyuk-" you started to moan then you stopped yourself. "Come on baby you're not really going to ignore me forever are you?" He whispered. His lips made it to the nape of your neck, his hand washed down your arm. He suddenly turned you and pushed you up against the wall. He kissed you hard getting deep in your mouth, making you moan on his lips. He lifted your leg and he ran the cloth along your folds. His hand made it to your thigh moving to your inner thigh and running up. "Loco." You breathed as he pulled away from the kiss. "Are you talking to me now?" He said. "You should've been home an hour ago." You said. He grabbed your hands and held them, he came closer to your body and moved your hands over his shoulders. You crossed your arms behind him keeping him close and he said, "I know baby but I told you there was traffic." "You said you'd be home early." You pouted. "I know, I really wanted to be home sooner." He said. "Did you?" You said. "What's that supposed to me?" He asked as he dipped his head to kiss your collarbone. "You work so much, I understand you're busy but when there's holidays as important as this- I would expect you to at least take off and if not that then be home early like you promised me." You said upset. He kissed you after your rant and you melted a little into it. His hand found your neck and ran down it slowly. He squeezed lightly, just enough to make you gasp. He came down to your nipple still holding your neck, he licked your nipple teasingly. He looked up to watch your expression and your dark eyes caught his. The way he closed his eyes and his tongue worked passionately on one nipple had you breathing hard. Your hand came to his face and he stood up straight to kiss you. He closed his hand on your neck harder. "Hyuk." You called to him moving him back. He smiled at you and moved his hand to the back of your neck. His fingers laced through your hair and he said, "Do you love me baby girl?" "You know I do." You said. "Then say it." He leaned closer to your lips and you couldn't help the smile that formed on them. His stupid cute smile always broke you down especially when he smiled like that. Like he had something up his sleeve. "I love you Hyukie." You said. He turned you around and placed your hands on the wall. He situated himself at you entrance and you felt him slide into you. His lips came to your neck kissing softly while his hand snaked around your waist to reach your clit. He made small slow circles on it and you felt a coil in your stomach. Your body, already heated from him washing it, now wanted more. He pushed you a little closer to the wall while his other hand squeezed your breast. He played with the soft mound, his fingers rolling over your nipples to create amazing sensations all over your body. He moved slowly in and out of you while he played with your body, you moaned a little as you felt his tongue and lips trailed from your shoulder to your neck. "Hyukie." You moaned his name. "Yes babe?" He answered next to your ear. "More." You said. He nodded and pushed you over more so you were pressed hard against the wall. He started pounding into you as fast as he could that would allow him to be safe. It was fast enough to drive you crazy, sending your moans to echo in the bathroom. Hot steam caressed your body where it wasn't being hit by water while he continued to fuck you. "Fuuuck." You moaned loudly. "Baby you're so good." He praised you. You straightened up and leaned against his body when he pulled your hair. The sound of the shower running was nothing compared to the sound of his body slapping against yours. Hot water splashing up your back and the sound just as hot. He pulled out of you quickly to turn you around. "Put your leg up here." He said directing your leg quickly to the ledge. Once your leg was up, he lowered to get a better angle to enter you. He hooked your leg in his other arm and lifted you high against the wall. Your leg was up and your hand was on the other wall for support while your other arm wrapped around his neck. He started moving up inside of you, his hand gripped your waist tight. You moaned his name just as he moaned yours. You kissed his lips as he continued fucking you so amazing in that angle. "So. Fucking. Good." He said between thrusts. "Hyukwoo!" "Ohhh baby fucking say my name." He said against your breast. "Hyuk! Oh my god!" Everything ended in a high pitch with your moans. He was so deep into your system you were losing your mind. Your wet hair stuck to your face and he had brushed it away. You let go of the wall to grab his face and kiss him. "Fuck Hyuk I'm gonna come!" You screamed. "Not yet baby." He warned you. Your legs were already shaking, you were shaking your head trying to tell him you weren't going to make it and he stopped moving suddenly making you cry. "Whhy?" You whined as he placed you back down on your feet. "Get on your knees." He said. You sat down on your knees and his hand started to work on his member rubbing it slowly it. You watched his hand carefully seeing how fast he moved it. You licked your lips and he chuckled, "You want to taste this baby?" He said. You nodded, "Yes Hyukie." You said. His hand came to the back of your head and you sat up higher opening your mouth. You licked around his head, your tongue attacking it like the best damn lollipop you ever tasted. Your head bobbed back and forth while he pushed into your mouth a little more, his hands came to both sides of your head and he fucked your mouth a little faster. "Ahhh. Damn it baby you're so fucking good." He moaned throwing his head back. You popped off his head and smiled up at him. He leaned down and kissed you harshly, his lips and tongue attacking you with enough passion to stop your heart. When he pulled away he said, "Stick out your tongue." He started to ride your tongue slowly the moment you stuck it out. His moans filled the bathroom as your tongue caressed his hot dick. He sounded like he was getting closer. Your fingers came to your clit and you took him in your mouth again. You hummed while sucking on his and your moans sent him in a frenzy. He started moving his hips fucking your face harder and your fingers on your clit moved faster. Your other hand made it to your breast teasing your flesh. Your fingers went inside yourself pumping quickly and he said, "You like touching yourself baby?" You nodded still taking him deep into your mouth. "You don't want me to touch you?" He said. You nodded, "Hyukwoo, I want ." You said. He smiled and leaned down he could met your lips, "Good answer baby." He said. He stood you up and turned you back around this time he kept you close to his body and moved fast inside of you once he slipped in. You turned your head to kiss him while your hand kept you upright against the wall. You moved back into him when you started arching your back a little more. He was fondling your breast again his other hand gripping your waist tightly. He kissed your neck again then your lips when you looked back at him. He pushed you up against the wall again and let you move back into him rather than him thrusting into you. You pushed back moving into him feeling him ride into your body at the speed you wanted. Your nails scratched at the wall feeling yourself closer once again. "Fuck Loco I'm gonna cum!" You screamed. "You're ready to come baby?" He said. "Ohhh yes, yes make me cum Hyukie." He grabbed your hair and started to slam into you, quickly pounding your body. He slapped your ass as he kept riding into you. "Fuck you're so damn tight. Cum for me Y/n." He said. He slapped your butt more and you kept going back into him as he came into you. "Hyuk!" You screamed. Your body reached its orgasm and locked down on Hyukwoo. Your legs threatened to fail on you but Hyukwoo continued his thrusts inside you. "I'm gonna fill you up baby." He said. He pushed into you more, your back arching now so he could get closer to you. He continued his sloppy thrusts and his beautiful moans until he said, "Fuck." You felt him spill inside you. He continued moving until he was completely done. You were so worn out that he helped finish washing you and when you jumped out of the shower he carried you to bed. He laid you on the bed and said, "Don't sleep yet I still have to show you your gift." He said. "Tomorrow." You said falling asleep. "Y/n don't sleep I need to know your answer." He said. "What was the question?" You asked falling asleep. "Will you marry me?" Your eyes peeked open slowly wondering if you heard right and then you saw the ring in the black velvet box he had in his hand presented to you. You looked at it shocked and then at him shocked. "Well? He said. "Yes." You breathed not believing he asked. "Yes, yes you silly man. Yes." You laughed and kissed him. He slipped the ring on your finger, "This is what took so long, the jewelers accidentally sold the one I had requested so I had to find a new one after I left the studio and once I got out, traffic got really heavy." He said. "I'm sorry Hyukwoo." You said. "Don't be, you're cute when you're upset. Besides I'm looking forward to the day I get to say my wife is pissed at me," You laughed, "Don't think I didn't see your present for me. I walked past my studio and saw everything in there. I can't believe you bought all that stuff." He said. You had bought him home studio equipment, the exact models he said he wanted and he kept telling himself he'd get to replace the stuff he had now but he hadn't gotten it. Though it was pricey it was worth it. "I love it babe and I love you." He said pressing his forehead to yours. "I love you too." You said. You placed your hand on his cheek and you kissed him...
my dream shower πŸ˜‰
Ikr isn't it gorgeous
that was soo good! And your smutsellation intro?! smh... You and Boss Lady literally have me shook to read the intros. like I actually have to pause to get ready to handle them.
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Damn girl!!!! like to keep perverting my mind with all these stories of yours πŸ˜–β€πŸ˜–β€πŸ˜–β€
@JessicaEvaristo lol it'll be over in like seven days and then no more perverting...much