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hey peeps it's Vinny here bring you more stuff about High4! like I said I would lol okay so this card will be about high4 Music video from their debut MV to their most recent MV. so for those of you who don't know high4 or heard about them but never actually heard their music now your chance to check out their MUSIC video and hear them for yourself.
Alright So high4 is a 4 member (obviously) South Korean boy band under N.A.P Entertainment. The group consists of members Alex, Sunggu, Myunghan, and Youngjun.
High4 officially debuted on April 8, 2014 with the song "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms" which featuring the lovely IU.
later that year on july they release The MV to the song " A Little Close " featuring Lim Kim in both the song and music video.
On August 2014 high4 release another Music video for another track in their hi high album called "headache" this song was a urban retro type of funky to it with its witty and cute scene about a men in love with a woman.
High4 return on January 2015 with a full different side to them. in 2014 high4 was all about butterflies in love and lovely dovey mellowness in liking someone. but in 2015 high4 return with their heartbreaking song "DaybyDay" DaybyDay is about trying to go about your daily life after a breakup but it become impossible as you begin to miss the person. it's a HipHop R&B track with high4 simply sophisticated Vocals and sentimental melody that truly speak the heart. the guitar in the beginning of the song that later is followed but the piano brings out the deep out the emotion through the song giving that rich type of sound. Now honest I found high4 because of this song. it's the song that I first heard, by that I mean the very first kpop song and MV I've ever seen and listen too. it's truly my favorite song of high4.
High4 had another special comeback on June 2015 with the song "baby boy" "Baby Boy” is about a man who act tough in front of other people but the moment he in front of the girl he really like he comes weak. it's a song that express how love can change a man. it's a very different type of song compare to DaybyDay. it's a upbeat type of song, it start off with this Hip hop type of elements then switches to pop. it also has a very electronic feel to it. it had many different elements into it. the beat was a playful tone of beat if I do say so myself. I guess after giving us that very lonesomely type of song they decide to cheer us up with a more cheerful tone.
on Nov 2015 High4 yet again returns to the scene with The dark contempt once again with their title track D.O.A D.O.A strikes interesting balance between an emotional ballad and electronic dance. follow by The build up to the chorus that easily hooks listeners early on. the intense raps and soft vocals are the perfect follow up to the song's light drop. "D.O.A (Dead or Alive) follows the members of HIGH4 as they mourn a lost love. A desolate and dreary set, all in a gray color palate, of the video enhances heavy emotion of the song. The music video also comes filled with a number of seemingly religious references from an angel statue, to a burning crown of thorns, and finally with a number of set pieces engraved in Hebrew." - kpopStar "D.O.A (Dead or Alive) stands in direct opposition to the group's colorful and cheery track "Baby Boy" released earlier this year. This just proves how far HIGH4 have come as artists and how diverse of a group they will continue to be" - KpopStar.
alright so that it! these are their Music Video as a whole group. (not counting high4:20) ▪hope you all enjoyed this card and tell me which one is your favorite song/ MV? ▪and which contempt you'd liked more from high4? ☆▪□☆●☆●☆●☆☆▪《▪☆▪☆ High5Homies @karinamiranda81 @VixenViVi @RosaArgueta ▪ let me know if you'd like to be tagged into the High5Homies Taglist. thank you!
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Congratulations!!!! Your going to do an amazing job! 💜💙💜
Thank you
Day by Day was the first song I heard from HIGH4 😍 Alex is just life ❤
sunggu vocals in anything kills me
Day by Day is my favorite😍
omg right I love it too
I think I like their darker MVs, but the happier ones are so adorable!!!