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Heyo Fam!

So I think this is my last entry for the contest and I had a ton of fun writing these imagines! I hope you had fun reading them and I can't wait to see the results of everyone's awesome stories! But before that, enjoy this cute oneshot! ;)

Missed my other Christmas oneshots? I gotchu~

"1,2,3. 1,2,3," I whispered to myself as I listened to the music. My feet matching the beats of the orchestra pit, I twirled in a circle, balancing on the tip of my foot, trying to maintain my balance. My hands were swinging around as I spun to help me gain momentum and stay upright. I then stopped and leaped across the stage to the main male lead. With one foot pointed and behind the other, his arm was outreached to mine as I grabbed his hand and danced with him. We were so lost in the music and focused on this moment that I smiled unknowingly.
We then stopped and prepared for the hardest part of the dance. Where I ran and he catches me, bringing me up above him as he spun around. We have had difficulty perfecting this move because of me. When he lifts me up, I need to try to put as little weight as I can on him but no matter how many times I try, I end up falling.
Nervous, it was time to practice the move. I looked at him and after breathing out for a second, I ran hoping that it would work. With every ounce of strength I could muster, I lept into his arms. He had caught me but the hardest part was far from over. He then tried to lift me above him but I lost my balance and fell at the last minute.
"Cut!" The director yelled. The main lead caught me at the last minute before I fell, making me embarrassed as his arms held me by the waist. He then put me down and I immediately bowed toward the director as she came up onto the stage. She huffed, getting frustrated at me for not being able to make the move. She placed her hands on her forehead, rubbing her temple to calm down before addressing me about the situation.
"Y/N," She started, looking at me. I gulped. "I know this move is hard but we need you to land it. YiJeong has been doing his part in catching you but you need to make it easier for him." I glanced over at him to see that he was looking down. I shifted my head back.
"The opening night is tomorrow and if you fall on opening night... we are going to have to switch you out." She stated flatly, making me bring my head up in shock.
"No buts, Y/N. You have had more than enough time to get this down. Get it done by tomorrow or we are using your understudy." On the verge of tears, I held it in as she continued. She then turned to the rest of the cast. "Okay, everyone we are done for the night. Go home and get some rest and be here early before the show so we can fix some last things. See you all tomorrow on opening night!" The cast cheered, excited for our first performance of the year. They all started to disperse and get their things to go home. I, however, stood on the stage, wiping at my face and determined to get this move down. I turned around to practice once more when YiJeong stopped me.
"Are you okay?" He asked, being careful with his words. I quietly nodded. I looked up at him and smiled a bit.
"I am sorry. It's my fault that she got mad at us. I will get it down by tomorrow I promise." He gave me a small smile in return. I could feel my cheeks heat up as he did so. He then moved his other hand to mess with the hair on top of my head, being rough with it.
"It's fine. It is a hard move and she has been really hard on you since the beginning so I get it." He stated, being more understanding than I thought he would be. He then moved away from me and grabbed two waters from the side of the stage. He came back and handed one to me. I took it shyly from his hand and opened it to take a drink. I then tied the cap back on and held it in my hands. I looked around to see that we were the only two left in the theater now and I started to grow more nervous. I kind of had a thing for YiJeong to be completely honest. He has always been nice to me since the beginning and has helped me every step of the way. It's just the way he is and I like him for it.
He then finished taking a drink and tied the cap back on as well. He then glanced back over at me. "So...what are you going to do?" He asked. I knew right away what my answer was. No way was I going to miss this chance of being on stage. I have waited for this moment all my life and to have it taken away from me because I can't do one single move, is ridiculous.
"I am going to keep on practicing. I need to get it right before the end of the night. Or I need to at least try my best to." I mumbled, staring down at my feet. He chuckled at my answer.
"Well, looks like we have a long night ahead of us then, don't we?" I whipped my head up to meet his and was confused at his words.
"What? Ah, no. I can't ask you to stay to help me. It wouldn't be fa-"
"Well you aren't asking and I am insisting. This is a move between the two of us. It would be easier if I was here to help you then if you were by yourself. So, come on partner. Let's get this move down okay?" He extended his hand towards me and I laughed at him. I took his hand and he lead me to the center of the stage. We didn't have the music to dance to but we had listened to it enough the last couple of months that we had it completely memorized, note for note.
"Let's start from the top of the dance, okay?" He suggested. I nodded, breathing out once before beginning. I can do this, I thought. I can do this. I then started to move on my own, following the rhythm in my head. I matched each movement perfectly, astonished by how fluent the moves were from step to step. Each limb was an extension of my body and it all moved as one.
The scene was coming up and I turned to face YiJeong, getting ready for the move. He nodded at me slightly and I ran towards him, trying my hardest. I lept into his arms and...

*The Next Day*

Running behind, I made it to the rehearsal 15 minutes late. I quickly changed into my gear and appeared on the stage, panting heavily. Everyone turned to stare at me, as I had interrupted the practice of another one of the scenes. I quickly got off stage and went to sit in the seats as they rehearsed.
I sighed, embarrassed. I then heard someone come and take a seat beside me, making me look over.
"Hey, nice entrance," YiJeong teased. I laughed at his comment.
"I slept past my alarms. I should have known I was going to be late," I said, trying to be quiet as the cast practiced.
"But at least you are here now. That is what counts," He said. I blushed a little at his comment and hoped that he would stop because this was going to kill me if he kept on being nice to me like this. I cleared my throat, trying to shake off this feeling.
"Well, thank you again for last night. Really, I mean it," I thanked. He smiled and nodded.
"Of course. What are partners for? Right?" I laughed a little.
"Okay everyone, that is the last of the rehearsals. It is now time to get ready. Everyone get to their fitting and make-up rooms. Curtains open in two hours!" The director yelled. We then both got up and headed up backstage. I started to head my way to the room when he stopped me.
"Hey Y/N," He said. I looked over at him in curiosity.
"Hmm?" I answered. He suddenly looked embarrassed and couldn't seem to form words. Confused, I waited for him to say something.
"Just...We got this okay? I will see you soon," He said and then left. I was lost. He stopped me for that? I quickly shook off his weird behavior and headed to the room to get ready.
Two hours quickly passed and before I realized it the show had began. YiJeong and I did not show up until later on in the play as our younger counterparts were on the stage at the beginning. We both stood behind the curtain, waiting for our queue to get ready. I could hear the audience applauding and the orchestra's music enchanting the room.
"Y/N," YiJeong whispered into my ear. I turned around to look at him. "So after the performance, can I talk to you about something?" Flustered, I was taken back by his question.
"S-Sure. Is it something important?" I questioned, curious as to what he had to say to me. He just grinned.
"Alright you two. It is time to get in your places." A crew member came up and told us. We both headed in the direction and got in position. As soon as the lights came off we ran onto stage and took the place of our counterparts. The lights then flicked back on and the audience applauded when seeing the two of us. The music then started back up and our performance began.
The show moved by so fast that it was over very quickly. Before we knew it we were bowing towards the audience as they stood up and clapped for us. I smiled brightly, very satisfied at my performance on stage. The curtains then closed down after everyone took their turns and we all quietly cheered. YiJeong immediately hugged me.
"You did it! Practice paid off!" He laughed as he pulled back and high-fived me, seeing as I was happy as well. We executed it perfectly. We got it once last night and after that, I was sure I could do it again. So with complete concentration, I jumped and landed right in his arms and he lifted me without a problem as I shifted my weight so I wouldn't be too heavy for him. The rest of the ballet was smooth-sailing from there on out.
"Nicely done, Y/N." The director had come up behind us, commenting on my performance. "You did it. Color me impressed. You can continue the rest of the performances. Good job," She then patted me on the shoulder, making my heart feel light for the first time in a while. "Okay, everyone! That is a wrap! Great performance tonight, but I want an even better one tomorrow!" We all screamed in agreement and started to head off the stage. YiJeong stopped me again however, making me turn around.
"W-Wait," He stuttered, not letting go of my arm. "Can we talk now?" He said. I looked around to see that everyone had cleared the stage. Seeing as how nervous he was, I nodded.
"Sure, YiJeong. What's up?" His hand dropped back down to his side and he didn't look me in the eyes. Confused as he never really acted this way, I waited for him to say something.
"You know, I didn't just stay to help you last night because it would have been better to have me practice with you." He started, bringing his head up to face mine. His gaze was intense, making me flustered once more. "After spending all this time with you these last few months, I found myself to start treating you differently than others. I found myself to be falling for you." He laughed slightly, and brought his hand up to his head to ruffle his hair. My heart started to race at his words, thinking that this wasn't really happening. "I like you, Y/N." Not knowing how to respond at the moment, I just stared at him, going blank. He laughed at my reaction.
"Caught you that off guard?" He brought his hand up to mess with my hair again, making my cheeks burn even brighter. "No need to answer me, yet at least. I will just see you tomorrow okay?" He then started to walk away. Panicking I turned around and did what he had just done to me. I grabbed him by the arm this time, stopping him.
"Y-YiJeong," I whispered, my voice not seeming to come out the way I wanted it to. He turned around to look at me, surprised by my movement. "I, uh...like you...too," I mumbled, afraid to look up at his face. Still holding onto his arm, he then grabbed me by the waist and brought me up above him.
"Really? Are you serious?!" He yelled. Embarrassed as he now held me above him, I just stared at his face. I nodded slightly, sure by now that my face was really red. He then spun me around a few times, laughing. I smiled slightly as he did so. He then put me down on the ground, taking his hands off of my waist to bring them up to my face. One hand on each side, he leaned in, pressing his lips against mine. In shock, I stood still as he kissed me only returning the gesture after a few moments. He then pulled back and he was all smiles. It was now my turn to laugh.
"Well you better not regret it partner. Because I am not letting you go." He pulled me in for a hug and I wrapped my arms around him.
"I won't regret it. I know I won't." I whispered back, feeling like I have had way too much happiness for one night.
"Yah! You two are still here?" A stagehand yelled from across the stage, making us instantly pull apart out of embarrassment. "I am closing the doors so go home you two lovebirds!" Embarrassed I started to deny it when YiJeong boldly grabbed my hand.
"Ne!" He yelled, pulling me along with him as he ran off the stage. We ran to the back and quickly grabbed our things and left the building. He still held onto my hand, clearly not shy about this. He then stopped when we got to my car and grabbed both of my hands.
"Okay well, sleep well, and I will see you tomorrow okay?" I nodded, staring down at his hands. He suddenly moved closer to me and gently kissed my cheek, making my heart skip a beat. "Goodnight, girlfriend~" He singed as he left and ran in the direction of his car. I brought my hand up to where he kissed and smiled brightly. I then got into my car and started the engine. I started to drive home and knew that this was just the beginning. Of my career, of my relationship with of YiJeong.
Of everything.

Ahhh! Too cute. I love me some YiJeong XD

Thanks for reading everyone and I will see you in an update of one of my stories here soon! Love you fam~

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Story time: I sent the link to my sister last night and when I was reading it earlier this evening, my sister was like 'It was cute' and I was like, 'It doesn't have Kyungil in it' and she was like 'I know' so then I went on a Google search for YiJeong and I was like, 'I'm not into History but maybe I should look into them because YiJeong might just be my bias' then I looked up Kyungil and my sister was like 'He's mine, you can't have him' and I was like 'I don't want him' then we got in a small argument then she should me pics of Jaejoong because I had found a pic of Kyungil that looked kinda like him but anyway I loved the story, it was so cute and YiJeong is...YES, he shall be my bias and...YES. As I was looking at his pics I saw that he reminded me of a mix of idols that are all my biases 😊 Dongwoo, Niel, Youjin, a little hint of N and Sungjong,
Lol that is so funny! I am glad your sister liked it too! And yes YiJeong is baeeeeeeee. I love History so much, you will love their songs!! 😄😍😉
You did a great job on your one shots ☺
Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed them! 😄