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I was very fortunate to travel a lot this year, so I'm extremely happy with the photos I've taken in the past 12 months.

Below are my 12 favorite shots from 2016.

If you post your favorite pictures you've taken be sure to "@" me in your card so I can check it out!

Tokyo from the Mori Art Museum, February.

First plum blossoms of the year, Shinjuku Park, Tokyo, February.

Shibuya, Tokyo, February.

Namsan Tower from a building in Myeongdong, Seoul, May.

New Jersey Shore, July.

Koyasan, Japan, October

Okunoin Cemetery, Koyasan, Japan, October

Fried maple leaves, Minō, Japan, October

Fushimi Inari, Kyoto, October

K Coffee, Osaka, October

Chinatown, San Francisco, December

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, December

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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these are very beautiful. I love to travel and go sight seeing. these are perfect places to visit and I love Japan. I would love to go.
a year ago·Reply
These all look awesome!
a year ago·Reply
You took some amazing photos. You are so lucky to have the chance to see all those nice views.
a year ago·Reply
Thank you every one, can't wait to see yours :3
a year ago·Reply
I love all of them !
a year ago·Reply