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This is part two of my holiday themed oneshot fanfic~
I will be uploading this onto Asian Fanfics as well so I'll link that once I upload it there, so feel free to read it there as well if you prefer the formatting there (I personally do :p)
All the rest of the information is in part one of this!
A/N: *Time-‘time’ is capitalized to denote that I am personifying time and giving it some characteristics instead of treating it as a way of denoting length of moments passing by. If time is not capitalized, then its used as normal.
**later- the word later is italicized as a way to denote that it too is being personified to an extent.
At the bright and early time of 10:30 am, Hyungwon strode into the library, finished book in hand and a determined look on his face. It had been four days since he’d last seen Hoseok and was also simultaneously Christmas Eve. He felt the holiday spirit wrap him in its cold but cheery embrace, surrounded by paper snowflakes and Christmas lights hung up everywhere. He popped in and out of the library quickly, picking up a new book he’d been itching to read at the cafe.
Hyungwon hadn’t gone four full days without going to the cafe in a while and felt it tug at his heartstrings, urging him to return. He had a fresh new book to read and knew snuggling into the corner of the cafe with a good cup of coco would exponentially boost his reading experience.
He practically waltzed into the cafe, his mood happy and bouncy as he neared the counter. His countenance only slightly faltered as he saw that it was Hoseok behind the counter, and him alone. Minhyuk and Jooheon were nowhere to be seen. Hyungwon swallowed hard as he stepped up, his eyes flicking between Hoseok’s face to the counter, his words suddenly feeling stuck in his throat.
He cleared his throat and raised his head, trying to pull up some confidence again. “One medium—”
“Hot coco. Your total will be $5.13.”
Hyungwon was taken aback by Hoseok’s quiet and anxious tone of voice as he spoke, his countenance a complete 180 from how he had acted a couple days ago. Hyungwon felt a lump of guilt get stuck in his throat as he slid his card through the reader, wondering what had happened that made Hoseok look so despondent.
He barely smiled at Hyungwon as he slid him his drink. Hyungwon took it and sat at his booth once again, his eyes immediately locking onto Hoseok’s wilted form. He looked like he hadn’t gotten enough sleep and was sluggish in his movements. He was’t acting this way because of Hyungwon, was he?
There’s no way I’m the reason he’s acting like that.
Hyungwon sipped his drink slowly, yelping as the molten hot liquid burned the tip of his tongue. He fanned his mouth and panted heavily, whining as his tongue stung in pain. He totally forgot to take the lid off his drink and blow on it before he took a sip. He cursed under his breath because he hated burning his tongue. It ruined anything he ate or drank for the next few days because he couldn’t taste anything!
Thankfully he only burned the very tip of his tongue and would suffer the minimal amount of annoyance. But that didn’t stop him from whining because his hot coco had betrayed him.
“Are you okay? I heard you yell and came over as quick as I could.”
Hyungwon looked up from fanning his tongue to see Hoseok standing right next to him, worry written all over his face. He stopped fanning, tongue still out as he just stared up at the other man, blinking in confusion. His sluggish movements apparently allowed him to rush to Hyungwon’s aid, much to the letter’s confusion.
“I’m… I’m fine. Just burned my tongue, but… Are you okay?” Hyungwon queried, unable to hide the worry that laced his words, “You look really tired.”
Hoseok sighed out a laugh as he put his hand into one of his pockets, his tired demeanor immediately coming back as he placed a hand on top of the booth’s seat above Hyungwon and stared down at him.
“I’ve only gotten a few hours of sleep the last few nights, so I’m a bit tired,” he admitted, biting back a yawn mid-sentence that perfectly proved his point. Hyungwon felt a wave of relief wash over him. So it wasn’t because of him…
“Why the lack of sleep? Working late shifts?”
“Something like that,” Hoseok replied, glancing over his shoulder and winced as he noticed a group of people enter the cafe. He looked back at Hyungwon, a weird pleading look in his eyes as he spoke, “Do you think you can stay here till I get off work?”
Hyungwon blinked twice before nodding. He didn’t even question Hoseok’s request as the other flashed him a tired but still beautiful smile before he went back to work. Hyungwon leaned his chin onto his hand as he watched Hoseok put on a brave smile as he handled the new batch of customers with a new sense of energy. He didn’t know where Hoseok found the energy, but he was glad to see him look a bit more awake.
He actually managed to read a few chapters of his new book as he sat there, waiting for Hoseok’s shift to end. He flipped through the pages slowly, fingering one page between his index and middle finger idly as he found himself staring at Hoseok again, the barista dealing with an old, indecisive couple. Part of him wanted to walk over and help him, but another part of him smiled as he watched in amusement as the elderly lady kept hitting her aged husband whenever he changed his mind on his choice, Hoseok merely standing behind the counter with a frozen, perplexed smile stuck on his face, unsure of what to do.
Eventually the lady threw her hands up and announced in a soft, kind voice that her husband would have the hot coco since caffeine wasn’t good for him. Hoseok’s face suddenly beamed with a smile as he complemented the lady on her choice, saying something quietly to her that Hyungwon couldn’t quite hear. But whatever Hoseok had said made the other lady smile as well, encouraging Hyungwon’s curiosity to heighten.
The couple eventually got their drinks and left the cafe, both bidding Hoseok a sweet goodbye as they nearly bumped into the glass doors, narrowly avoiding the collision by Hoseok’s aid via him rushing out to open the door for them. Hyungwon chuckled quietly as the couple complemented him on his respectfulness as they hobbled out into the cold, Hoseok smiling awkwardly as he held the door for them.
Once he walked back over behind the counter, Hyungwon finally caught his gaze and gave him a humorous, inquisitive look but was quickly dismissed by Hoseok waving a hand at him, signaling that he’d explain later.
In Hyungwon’s opinion, **later came much quicker than he was used to. Maybe Time decided to give him an extra special break this time and encouraged later to show up even quicker than normal. Due to Time’s generosity, later arrived and with it came the end of Hoseok’s shift. Hyungwon had expected to wait until the cafe closed since Hoseok’s last few shifts had seemed to end at or around that time, but he was happily surprised to see Hoseok take off his name tag a couple hours before closing time and head into the back room.
Hyungwon shifted in his seat uncomfortably, trying to pass off his anxiousness as excited anticipation as he waited for Hoseok to reappear. Why had he asked Hyungwon to wait for him? Was he going to take him somewhere and hang out? Hyungwon couldn’t think of another place he’d rather be aside from his home or the library, both places not yet suitable for Hoseok to enter. The library wasn’t ideal if you wanted to talk to someone and his home? Well… Hyungwon decided to not think about that option in too much detail yet.
The sound of doors opening and closing made him look up to see Hoseok adjusting his shirt as he walked towards Hyungwon, his face breaking out into a warm smile as he met Hyungwon’s gaze with his own. He motioned for Hyungwon to stand up as he rounded the counter’s corner, gesturing for him to walk in front as they exited the cafe together. Hyungwon tried to tell the butterflies in his stomach to chill out, but they ignored him and swirled in an even angrier tornado in the confines of his stomach.
He opened his mouth to ask Hoseok what happened with the old couple and where they were going but was silenced by the simultaneous gust of wind that blasted him in the face and the warm hand slipping into his, fingers interlacing together seamlessly. He immediately closed his mouth and whipped his head over at Hoseok in flustered confusion, all words refusing to form questions to express his feelings. Hoseok filled the silence that hung between them with a steady stream of chatter as they headed down the street in the opposite direction of Hyungwon’s home, much to his relief (although he didn’t quite know why).
“Okay so, the hand holding thing: It’s cold as heck and I don’t wanna lose you in this vast crowd of people,” he said with a sarcastic dramatic tone of voice as he gestured to the grand total of two other people on the sidewalk near them, “ —and did I mention it’s damn cold? Also, I thought it’d be fun to go on a little date to a bowling alley since it’s Christmas Eve and all. And don’t give me that look,” he teased with a giggle, “ yes I said date. This is my round-about way of asking you on a date, but since I’m way too cool to just ask you like plain normal guys do, I thought I’d kind of just tell you what I intended on us doing as we walk towards our soon-to-be-date place.”
He took in a deep breath and stopped to give Hyungwon a nervous but expectant look.
“Are you okay with all that?”
Hyungwon snorted out a laugh, still shocked by Hoseok’s blunt (yet not?) request and was frankly still shy from “the hand holding thing”, as Hoseok so delicately put it. He tried to restrain his smile but failed miserably as he looked Hoseok dead in the eye and muttered “Well duh. Who could say no to that?”
Hoseok burst out laughing at his chic comment as he started walking again, squeezing his hand as he giggled back “Well that’s one way of saying ‘yes’, but I won’t complain~ We’re almost there actually.”
“To be fair, you asked me out in a weird way, so you can’t blame me for going with the vibe” Hyungwon shot back sassily, the butterflies in his melting into an avalanche of happy feelings that made him want to jump up and down with joy.
Yes, he’d barely known this hot piece of human for a week, but he was beyond ecstatic to go on a date with him and wanted to squeal at the endless possibilities that were beginning to open up in his mind. Before he could properly think it over, his excitement bubbled over and he blurted out “Do you wanna spend Christmas together?” He blushed furiously and bit his lip, regret immediately washing over him as he said the last word of his daring query.
Hoseok opened the door to the bowling alley for Hyungwon with a smile, letting the other enter the warm alley first and followed closely behind, immediately reconnecting their hands together. “I’d love to~ But I don’t really have a present for you” he half shouted over the considerably loud bowling alley noise into Hyungwon’s ear with a smile. Hyungwon shook his head dismissively. “Nah, don’t worry about that. You being there with me will be enough of a present for me” he yelled back, grinning as Hoseok pretended to barf at his cheesy declaration.
And with that, the two played at the alley until it closed, laughing and teasing each other the entire time as they flirted their way to exhaustion. Somehow, over all the noise and excitement, Hoseok learned that Hyungwon loved books because he thought he looked good in glasses and even better with a hot chocolate and a book in front of him, so he read all the time. He didn’t deny Hyungwon looked stunning in glasses but laughed at his slight narcissistic behavior. He also learned that Hyungwon modeled part time, which would explain his attitude towards books and generally doing what he could to look good.
Hyungwon learned that as soon as Hoseok began working at the cafe he frequented, Minhyuk and Jooheon told him everything they knew about Hyungwon, even down to what he ordered every time he came in. And once Hyungwon came into the cafe, Hoseok had been so star-struck that he put off a cold front because he didn’t want to show how shy he felt around Hyungwon and his beauty. Hyungwon had laughed and punched him in the arm and commented that he’d noticed his cold aura quickly faded once they’d begun talking.
The two happy love-birds left the bowling alley hand in hand with gurgling stomaches as they hadn’t eaten any of the crappy and overpriced bowling alley food. Hyungwon mentioned a sudden craving for kimbap and pushed Hoseok towards a nearby store that sold them, even at the late time of night that it was. They ate outside the connivence store, shivering and smiling as they sat next to each other to keep warm as they fed each other kimbap.
Hoseok pretended to miss a piece Hyungwon was aiming to put into his mouth and kissed his cheek, grinning cheekily as Hyungwon nearly dropped his bite as he blushed and buried his face into Hoseok’s coat, whining in embarrassment. He eventually raised his head to peck Hoseok on the cheek as well, chuckling as he quickly stood up and ran away as Hoseok laughed and chased after him, fist raised in mock anger. He quickly caught the taller one and wrapped his arms around him from behind and dragged him back to their food, smiling into the back of his jacket as Hyungwon protested and tried to wriggle his way out of Hoseok’s iron grip.
They finished their food and promised they would meet in front of the cafe on the morrow, Christmas Day, and would spend the entire day together. Hoseok insisted that they just meet at Hyungwon’s house, but Hyungwon quickly shut that idea down and insisted they just meet at the cafe, secretly because he realized he needed to do a bunch of cleaning before any company came over. Hoseok eventually gave in and walked Hyungwon back to the cafe before saying goodbye, making Hyungwon promise he’d be on time. Hyungwon rolled his eyes and promised before sprinting back to his place to clean up.
He cursed at his messy habits as he picked up the random items of clothing he’d strewn across his apartment and flung it all into a basket and shoved it into his closet, intending to do laundry in a few days once the laundromat opened up again. He picked up the few pieces of trash he found and straightened out the place, sweeping what he could into the trash and wiped down his counters. Once he was satisfied with he results, he flopped into bed and set an alarm or four to wake him up in the morning, titling each alarm with messages like “OMGOMGOMG” or “TIME TO HANG WITH THE HOTTIE” or “GET THE HELL UP AND MEET HOSEOK”. He nodded approvingly at his morning motivation and fell back onto his bed, struggling to get himself to fall asleep from the excitement rushing through his body.
He woke the next day five minutes before his first alarm went off and jumped out of bed, rushing around to shower and get dressed and head out the door as quickly as he could manage. He silenced the other three alarms he’d set as he briskly speed-walked out the door and into the freezing cold again. He could hardly contain the excitement that was bubbling up in him as he walked towards the cafe.
He’d secretly wrapped the present he was going to give Minhyuk and put Hoseok’s name on it and set it on his countertop.
Minhyuk’s actual present could wait. It was a simple gift, but not too terribly personalized since Hyungwon hadn’t intended it to be. For some reason, Hyungwon was way more excited to give Hoseok this present that he’d been when he intended it for Minhyuk. Probably cause Minhyuk isn’t interested in you like that and probably ‘cause Hoseok is fine as hell.
He sucked in a deep breath of cold air as he saw Hoseok in the distance, already waiting in front of the cafe with something in his hands. Hyungwon tutted at him disapprovingly as he walked up to him, unable to keep a smile off his face as he reprimanded Hoseok.
“What did I tell you about getting me something?”
Hoseok mock-pouted and looked at his feet, mumbling “But-but I wanted to get you something…” He raised his head up and flashed a cocky smile at Hyungwon as he grabbed his hand and began walking in the direction Hyungwon had come from as he spoke. “But honestly, I bought this for you a few days ago, so whether you wanted a present or not doesn’t matter— you were gonna get one either way,” he ended with a chuckle. Hyungwon sighed and shook his head in mock-frustration.
“What am I going to do with you Hoseok?” he cried in dramatic exasperation.
“Whatever you want” Hoseok shot back. Hyungwon didn’t even have to see his face to know he was smirking as he whacked his arm, blushing furiously and spluttered embarrassed retorts quietly. Once they arrived in Hyungwon’s apartment, Hoseok cracked a smile once more as he saw the gift on the counter and shot Hyungwon a smug look. “And who was it, exactly, that said I shouldn’t get them a present again?”
Hyungwon smiled shyly as he kicked off his shoes as picked the gift up and held it behind his back. “You never said you didn’t want a gift” he shot back defiantly, swaying back and forth with a cheeky smile on his face. Hoseok sighed out a laugh as he approached Hyungwon and wrapped his arms around his front, his face centimeters away from Hyungwon’s as he looked up at the other’s face with a smirk. Hyungwon froze momentarily before he realized what Hoseok was doing and yanked away from Hoseok’s grasp and ran away, giggling over his shoulder “I know what you’re trying to do Hoseok and you aren’t gonna get this yet~”
Hoseok cursed under his breath and chased after Hyungwon, eventually tackling him onto the couch, nearly squishing his present beneath Hyungwon’s back. “Careful careful! You’ll mess it up!” Hyungwon chided him as he shoved Hoseok off him and gingerly placed the gift in front of his lap, side eyeing Hoseok as he got up to get Hoseok’s gift for him. He ran back to the couch and sat down with Hoseok’s gift just as the other cheeky boy reached for his gift.
“Waaait!” Hyungwon chided, as if he were talking to an impatient puppy, “We open our presents at the same time, ‘k?”
Hoseok nodded and grabbed his gift, fingers poised to open it. Hyungwon shook his head slowly, chuckling at Hoseok’s sudden childish behavior. “Three… Two… One— hang on! Wait a sec” he cut in with a giggle as Hoseok shot him a hot glare of impatience.
“Just get on with it already Hyungwonnnn” he whined, frowning at the other like a five-year-old.
“Fine, one— go!”
Hoseok opened his gift with surprising grace, tearing the wrapping off with calculated ease as Hyungwon took out the fluffy paper in the bag that obscured his gift from view. He gasped as he pulled a pretty, chocolate brown, soft as a cloud scarf. He rubbed his face on it and squealed happily, glancing up at Hoseok through the soft material, “Aw babe this is so great~~ Thank you! How’d you know I needed a scarf?!”
Hoseok looked up abruptly from opening his gift to smirk devilishly at Hyungwon as he repeated Hyungwon’s words. “ ‘Babe’? That’s way too cute Hyungwon— stop it, I can’t handle that right now.” He giggled to himself as Hyungwon turned bright pink and buried his face into his scarf, curling up into an embarrassed ball on the couch as he whined “Oh my god, that just slipped out I didn’t mean— stop laughing!— I didn’t mean to say that ahhhh craaap…”
Hoseok chuckled quietly to himself as he opened his gift, his smile only widening as he held up the mug to get a better look at it. It was navy blue with a small bow on the side and a white rim on top and a matching blue coaster beneath it. Inside was a small packet of a few huge marshmallows with little cat ears on the top. All in all, it oozed adorableness and kind of made Hoseok want to barf from the cuteness of it all, but he refused to since Hyungwon gave it to him and he honestly did like it.
He patted Hyungwon’s head for a while and eventually got his attention after he whimpered embarrassed stuff into his scarf. The tomato faced kiddo looked up and smiled hopefully, mumbling through his scarf “Do you like it?”
Hoseok leaned down and rested his chin on the scarf inches away from Hyungwon’s face and grinned as he nodded, his eyes flicking back and forth between his eyes. “It’s just pure adorable and screams you so much that it almost hurts— I love it.”
Hyungwon giggled and sat up as he took in a deep breath and released it slowly, trying to soothe his racing heartbeat at the close proximity between him and Hoseok. He played off his flustered feelings by tossing his new scarf around his neck and snuggled into it, leaning his shoulder back against the couch as he felt the soft cloud-like material surrounding his neck.
“Man, this is the best. I’ve been needing something like this too— you’re so thoughtful Hoseok” he commented in mock casualness, his voice slowly fading to a whisper as Hoseok slid closer to him as he spoke, flashing Hyungwon another one of his beautiful smiles. He brought up both hands to Hyungwon’s face, tracing his delicate features with his thumbs as he hummed contentedly. Hyungwon couldn’t help but blush at the close proximity, his gut telling him to pull back as his heart told him to lean closer. Hoseok seemed to sense his uncertainty and leaned forward till their noses were touching, his eyes flicking back and forth between Hyungwon’s chocolate brown eyes filled with uncertain curiosity.
Hyungwon opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by Hoseok’s warm lips pressing against his own. He blinked rapidly as he struggled to grasp the situation at hand as Hoseok slid one of his hands behind his neck and deepened the kiss, his eyes fluttering shut. Hyungwon allowed himself to melt into Hoseok’s addicting touch and wrapped his arms around his shoulders, whining in disappointment as the other eventually slowly pulled back far enough to bump their foreheads together, giggling quietly. Hyungwon licked his lips subconsciously, tasting his new drug of choice on his lips. Hoseok’s mouth was an addicting taste that he knew he’d never get enough of, especially the smiles that emanated from there constantly, especially right now.
Hoseok tilted his head and peppered the rest of his face with light kisses, eventually returning back to his lips to peck them once more. “I couldn’t just leave the rest of your face alone~ My ultimate Christmas present has to be fully appreciated” he whispered in Hyungwon’s ear as he buried his face in the other’s neck, wrapping his arms around Hyungwon as he swayed lightly back and forth.
Hyungwon smiled and rubbed small patterns into Hoseok’s glorious back, kissing his shoulder gently before muttering into his neck “Merry Christmas Hoseok”. The giggle that vibrated Hoseok’s entire body followed by him wiggling around like an excited puppy made Hyungwon laugh out loud. Hoseok sat back, giggling and hugging his sides and neck protectively, and upon Hyungwon giving him a weird look, he quietly mumbled “I’m really ticklish.” A sudden mischievous spark in Hyungwon’s gaze made Hoseok suddenly regret confessing his secret as the other launched towards him, fingers running up his sides and back and neck, causing rolling laughter to spill out of Hoseok’s mouth as he wriggled and tried to get away.
Eventually he wiggled his way out of Hyungwon’s grip and ran towards Hyungwon’s room, yelling “Merry Christmas you jerk~” as he went. Hyungwon snorted at his cheeky wish and sped after him, a smile refusing to leave his face.
This was it. This was the best, most simple Christmas Hyungwon had ever had, and he couldn’t be happier.
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