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Monsta X Lovers Game {Day 1 Results And Day 2}
The results are in lol
Let's see who your lovers will be for this Christmas!!!

Door #1


"Isn't it funny? Please tell me you think its funny?"

Door #2


"Its great isn't it. Don't worry you don't have to say anything."

Door #3


"Doesn't all the lights remind you of something" *points at him*

Door #4


"Ehh not too much, not too little......just like me"

Door #5


"Its sweet with the just right amount of swag."

Door #6


"Well do you like it, I had to work in the freezing snow to do finish this. I deserve something.......

Door #7


"Do you like it? I tried not to make it too simple."

Well are you happy with who you got?! Tell Me Your Reactions!!!! Day 2 is ready for you below!!
So while your lover was working on the house you were out buying presents for him!! Find out what you got your lover for this Christmas
Present #1
Present #2
Present #3
Present #4
Choose Wisely!!! Until next time!! Don't be like that I.M xD
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Ahhhh I knew door 1 would be I.M!! Crap!!!! cx But it's okay. I love Kihyun too and he deserves some appreciation as well ^-^ Annnnnnd present 3!! Hmm I wonder what it is o.o
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Yesss, I got my top MX bias! :D I had almost picked 2, and Kihyun is my second MX bias. :P I appreciate that you tagged us under the perfect! :D I pick present #2. :o
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I'm glad you got who you want. Thanks!
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woohoo wonho! lol and now present time! #2 looks good!
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