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It's a very beautiful piece of art work but it did get me thinking a couple of things when I was abserving it. To me it tells me that guys have different tastes in girls.. like what they want in a girl... and another thing that I feel it tells me that there's different types of girls out there in world.... All of them unique in there own way.

not only do I see a different taste in women, but I see different tastes in genre and interests all together for example style and era. Plus I think it goes without saying that regardless of their differences, this people (or maybe even friends) can sit down and bring something unique to the table (literally). Awesome work of art though
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@Imagide true that my friend true that :)
I honestly didn't see/notice the guys at the table fully til after reading what you said. My mind went more so havig people who you should be and what you should look like or act like aka "common society" when all you want to do is sit around in your underwear eating ice cream while watching anime.
Another amazing and mind blowing thought :) I love it!
I see this as even though their talking about the same girl they all have different views and opinions about her so no matter what image you craft for yourself the world will perceive you based on each individuals own perspective
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@politot why thank you my friend I'm happy you like them ^_^ motivates me to keep posting more awesome stuff for you guys :)
this is so cool