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Peniel Bae Tuesdays

안녕하세요 친구!!

Welcome lovely Melodies to another Tuesday with Peniel Bae BTOB Mod Supporter 이솔다. Sorry for my absent, doing a lot better though so basically wanted to show a little love to my Chi Town Peniel Bae when he had hair and now of course.


I still love him bald though. ♡♡ Enjoy the little spammer...see you Thursday.

Which one was your favourite?

-Mines this one and another I didn't post bc I'm greedy and want to keep it hidden lol.
He is literally so precious ♡
10 months ago·Reply
i feel like he didn't have as many hair styles to play around with.Still love him bald
10 months ago·Reply
I know!! I would have loved to seen him grey or red red haired
10 months ago
that last pic. that's my favorite. he looks comfortable in his own skin. that's more gorgeous than any foliage.
10 months ago·Reply