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This is my entrance for the Christmas One Shot event. Enjoy! 🤗.
Today was the AOMG Christmas party. You were dreading the party. It was three months ago since you had confessed your crush to Jay. He didn't know what to do at first. He was flustered and flattered. If you remembered correctly. He had told you he didn't feel that way towards you. He had broken your heart but you were thankful that he was honest with you. You knew you had to confess in order for you to be able to move on. During that time the great friendship you two had had strained. You had done everything to avoid being alone with him, as to not make things awkward. But things were awkward and lately Jay had looked even more awkward when you were around. You had hoped that after all this time things were starting to settle. But Jay still turned your insides into a knot every time you saw him. But you had got used to the feeling that eventually you didn't even notice it anymore. You thought that maybe you had finally got over it. Lately, you were spending more time with Gray. You had started to notice how nice he was to you every time he saw you. At first he was an escape for you to avoid Jay but lately you found yourself enjoying his company more and more. The thing that worried you was that nowadays, every time Jay saw you having a good laugh with Gray he would come into the room and you wouldn't know what to say. Things would immediately feel awkward between you. It was really hard to get over him when you practically saw him every day. You walked into the room and noticed almost every one was already there. "Y/N!" Gray said smiling coming to receive you. "You look beautiful!" He said ogling you up and down making you blush. "Thank you, oppa. I see you're already enjoying yourself" you said pointing at the drink on his hand. "Hey, it's a party! Let me go get you something," said Gray as he walked away towards the bar. The decorations were beautiful. It was definitely Christmas but you couldn't help but smile at the Mistletoe that was almost everywhere. Someone had gone a little overboard. You had to be really careful no to get caught underneath it. You walked around saying hi here and there to everyone at the party. It seemed Jay hadn't arrived yet. You smiled and forgot about it until everyone stared at your direction and they started to cheer. You turned to your left and noticed Jay had finally came in. "Hi, everyone!" Jay said next to you, "are you guys having a good time?" Jay asked the AOMG staff and crew. "Yes!" Everyone cheered in unison. "Hi, Y/N." Jay finally said turning to you. You bowed and say hello to him and immediately turned from him not knowing what else to say. "There you are!" Gray said coming towards you. "Hey, bro, you're finally here!" He said hugging it out with Jay. "Oh, no!" said Simon behind Gray with a big smile on his face. "Everyone!?" He said calling everyone's attention. "Looks like we have two more victims!" Everyone turned to look at your direction making Jay, Gray, and you to look up. "Damn it!" You exhaled softly, when you noticed the mistletoe hanging from your's and Jay's head. Jay turned to look at the mistletoe and then to you. The crowd started to cheer in unison, "kiss, kiss, kiss!" Gray was just staring at you two not joining in the cheer. "Come on, guys!" Jay said trying to get off. "Come on! It's tradition! Everyone is doing it! Right?" Said Simon turning to the crowd for support. "Yeah!" Everyone cheered. "Kiss, kiss, kiss!" Everyone started again. You felt your heart beat really fast and your cheeks blushed bright pink. You didn't know what to do. You stared at Gray but he was as stoic as you. You almost jumped in place when you felt Jay's lips on your cheek. He had given you a quick peck on the cheek and now was turning the other way blushing himself. "Boo!" said Simon "What the hell was that?" He asked in disbelief. "Boo!" The rest of AOMG joined in. "Shut up, you perverts!" Screamed Jay. "I'm your boss, there are rules!" He said making everyone else laugh. "Fine!" Said Simon finally giving up. Gray finally gave you the drink he had been holding all this time while looking at Jay. "If you didn't want people kissing, why did you hanged up so much mistletoe?" "What?" You said turning to look at Jay. "It was so everyone else has fun" Jay said avoiding the both of you. "I'm gonna go get a drink" he said quickly disappearing. "He's the one who hanged up all the mistletoe?" You asked Gray. "Yeah, I told him that it was a little to much but he said that it was perfect." Gray said taking a sip of his beer. You didn't know what to think. Except that everything was feeling calculated. But Jay had said that he didn't like you. Had he changed his mind? The night went by quickly and you were feeling tipsy so you decided to go to the little terrace to have some fresh air. You looked up and saw the Christmas lights above your head. You smiled when you noticed the whole terrace was also covered with mistletoe. The only way not to get caught under it was was by staying on the edges of the little patio. It seemed Jay had some sense of humor. No wonder people were staying clear from the patio. Who was he trying to trap under all that mistletoe? "Y/N?" Jay said bringing your attention to him. "Everything okay?" "Yeah," you said smiling. "I'm just admiring your work over here" you said pointing at the mistletoe. "Yeah, it seems I bought too much mistletoe. I didn't know where else to put it" Jay said smiling. "Well, this is an excellent way to keep people from littering out here. It'll save a lot of time for the cleaning crew." You said laughing. "Yeah" Jay said laughing with you. "It looks nice" you said not knowing what else to say. "I miss you" Jay said out of nowhere. "What?" You asked surprised. "I miss you. I missed us." He said staring at you. "Jay, I..." You said. "Things are different now. I don't think we can go to the way we were." "I know that and I'm sorry. But all this time has put things into perspective for me. I thought that I liked you only as a friend but I found myself missing you terribly. Missing what we had. You're the only thing I can think about. And lately every time I see you hanging around Gray and smiling to him like you used to smiled to me I find myself wanting to kick his ass." Jay said clenching his fists. "What?" You said in disbelief. "If you don't feel the same way about me, I'll understand. I fucked things up and I lost you in the process. If you stopped loving me, I'll have only myself to blame." You stared at Jay and his pleading eyes. God he was so beautiful. "Jay, I still feel the same way." You finally said. Hearing those words brought the biggest smile to Jay's lips. He got closer to you, took one of your hands and made you walk under one of the many branches of mistletoe. "Now let me show what a kiss under the mistletoe should look like."
awwwwwww!!! that was beautiful!!!!
ahhhhhhhhh this was so dealing cute I loved it. I thought she'd end up with Gray but I love the ending!