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Yesterday I didn't upload the card because my WiFi went down. Luckily however yesterday and today go together so Day 19 character your most like and Day 20 character you would be friends with. For me personally they're the same person and that is

Shunsui Kyoraku

He's the character most like me and also the character I'd be friends with. Kyoraku is like me because he's laid back to a lazy extent he drinks and is "friendly" with women. Me and him would most likely to be friends because he knows how to have a good time and party and even though he has all these qualities he takes his Rank, his life and the lives of others very seriously. Kyoraku is my pick and I'd love to meet him or a person like him in real life.
So who's your pick? Comment and let me know :) Thanks for reading Tagging: @AdamDean @Zeenyte
I'd have go with either Chad or Ichigo. They both are plenty strong in human terms (even before the show starts) and are genuinely kind people who want to protect others, even with their rough exterior, Chad's size and Ichigo's hair. The scene where they vowed to fight for the other was really cool and I wish we got to see more of their friendship.
my personality woukd be that of stark/lily. im super laid back as hell. but really gifted in alot of things. but i can rage andnget over excited about things. the character i wanna hang out with its gotta be my girl senna she know hows to party and explore and enjoy life. same with rangiku