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Follow the Rabbit Trail
As I continue my journey on exploring the vast community of Anime and Vingle, I find myself following the recommended posts at the bottom of other posts. Sure enough, one leads to another and then to another. The real struggle is when you see one that you like but not until you have already hit the back button. Of course then the damage is done and when you return to where it was, you find that it has been randomly replaced by a new. This then leads to repeating the process that lost you the post in the first place until you finally find it again.
Long story short, with there being so many people here with so many great tastes, it's easy to get tangled up in all the posts via jumping from recommendation to recommendation. As a personal thanks to all of you I just wanted to share my top 10 image finds this week that have been posted here and caught my attention.
The only downside to all this is the lack of knowledge and remembrance of those who respectively posted these images. Regardless you have my thanks, and if you see one you posted, or liked, feel free to say something below. Would love to get to know you otakus out there~
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