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Why do I feel so attacked today my them~

Everything has been chill with them for a few days and all of a sudden I feel so attacked. Why do they always do this to us Monbebe~ Lol

Monbebe prepare your spirit for what is coming your way!

×You've been warned..×
Look at Kihyun wink... just look at those smiles :D
No, Hyungwon please don't do this to me and all your Hyungwon fans! Them lips ❤
Kill me already!!! That's it!! I'm back with having 2 biases... I thought I was good with Shownu, but nah he be creepin' to come back.

The struggle of biases in this group -_-

I don't know about you but I'm totally digging these curly fries on Jooheon!!! Here we go again with these winks...

Does anyone else feel attacked or is it just me?

Who allowed them to turn up the heat today?! 😭😍👌🏻😫
yeah, I'm feeling it too 😱