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I've already talked about my dorm at Yonsei, but I wanted to answer some questions I've been getting about the actual program I went through.

I went through CIEE for their Seoul program in the 2012-2013 academic year :)

A few of you guys asked me for this, so I hope I answered your questions^^

CIEE Website (Will answer pretty much all of your questions^^)
CIEE Japan Trip (No longer offered, now you will go on a cool trip within Korea!)

You can also find me here:

SnapChat: cari.cakez

I know a few of you have studied in Korea too so please feel free to share your experience too! Everyone has a different story to tell :)

I'm definitely gonna go when I'm in college
Thank you so much for this !! I applied to go to korea for the summer with CIEE. I will hear from them on Thursday !
good luck!!
hey you can be a lovely tourfind/guide too
My daughter's program is USAC....and will be spending a year in South Korea starting in August. We're going to need help on what she should bring....and what to do as far as paperwork.
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@JaxomB then she's already a pro ;) so exciting!!!!!!
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