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New story time!!! So I have a new fan fiction that includes several different groups. this first chapter is introducing the main character Bailey and her band mates. Its about a girl who is in a co-ed group and has her still attending school with several other maknaes. Her group is called Galaxy which is where the title came from :) it'll be sure to be funny and a good read as the story goes on! *******************
"I want to sing" I whined as I stared at the two boys sitting in front of me. They were both my band mates. One was dressed in all black and a hat was covering his face as he rested. The other was sitting there dressed in a blue suit and looking at his phone. "To bad, not now" Zero said. "You can sing in a couple hours" Eon told me even as he didn't bother looking up from his phone. "But I'm bored and hyper" I said jumping up and down in my seat. "Then why aren't you just doing it?" Jackie asked even as she stared at her phone. She was decked out in a plaid skirt and fluffy blouse and a clunky necklace around her neck. Jackie, Mora, and I were actually all dressed the same way. "Because that one will slap me over the head if I start again" I pointed to the remaining girl at the table who was busy typing on her phone too. She looked up and glared at me. "I'm tired of you talking" Mora hissed. "Your so mean to me" I whined. "Bailey, you kept me awake talking the entire ride here" Mora announced. "But now I want to sing! Its different!" I exclaimed. "No." Mora said. "Go in the other room. Mora she does have to practice and might as well do it while she has energy" zero said sitting up to look at me. "We have a concert in 4 hours. She can practice later" Mora said. "I can use another room?" I perked up. "Bailey go ask one of the staff members if you can" Mora said making me pout. "I don't want to" I said. Zero lifted his hat off his face to look at me. "Bailey your a big girl go ask" he said. "I'm the baby of the group I'm not a big girl" I pouted. "Just because your the maknae doesn't mean your that young Bailey, and your anything but shy" Eon said next to him taking the words Zero was probably going to say. "Come on Bailey I'll go with you to practice" Jackie said looking over at a me. "Thank you Jackie " I said latching onto her arm. "This is why she still acts this way. You give in when none  of us do" zero said. "Oh says the person who let her call him fuzzy bunny and held onto him for an hour the other day" Jackie shot at him. "He was warm and had a fur coat. He my fuzzy bunny" I stated. "Bailey is the baby of the group, just let her be" Eon said. "Come on I want to go sing" I said tugging at Jackie's arm. The two of us went off to a room to practice a little. Several hours we were going up on stage. Eon and Zero stood in the front with me, Jackie and Mora in back. On stage I was focused and set, ready to be serious. Zero and Eon started out in front then during the chorus Jackie and Mora stepped forward and when the rap section came on I stepped forward. When the concert was over I was feeling exhausted. I had worn all my energy out. In the room I instinctively went to the chair and sat down putting my head on the table. "I think Bailey is done for the night" Zero said patting me on the head. "Tired" I mumbled. " You were good out there little one" Eon said sitting next to me. I turned my head to smile at him. "Thanks" I said. "You messed up missing a couple words on the second rap verse for the intro Bailey. Practice more next time on your rap then your chorus lines" Mora said. "Sorry, I got ahead of myself. Ugh and I knew I messed up. I had a couple moments. But my choreo was on step" I sat up to tell her.  No one realized that outside of the group, in words it was Eon who was the oldest, but Mora was the Momma of the group who scolded us when we did something wrong then gave ways on how to fix it. She was the one to keep us on track. Eon was like the glue, keeping peace between us all and making sure we were on schedule. Eon was our leader for a reason. Zero was just a year older then me, 18 years old and a senior in school, me being his Junior at 17 and attending school with him. Zero had the personality of being the mystery type even as he helped each of us when it came to learning foreign languages and Choreography. He was the lead Dancer. Jackie was the second rapper in the group and second singer. She had a bubbly personality like I did and got along with everyone. Jackie was the one I was closest to in the group, my big sister who kept an eye on me and made sure I didn't get in trouble, or hurt myself. I may be good at dancing and rapping, but I was also a mess. I can say I just have my moments, but I have my three modes: hyper, focused, Stressed. For a 17 year old people would think that I was young and had nothing to stress over but with being an Idol there was much more then just singing and dancing. I was still in school attending a private school plus I took extra classes for vocal, language, choreography, and song writing. Then the schedule for the group which consisted of our private choreo session to match our songs and learning our songs. Not to mention events like concerts, fan meetings, signings, press and such to do. There was a lot to do and it always seemed like there was not enough hours in the day to put it all. So yes after a concert depending on where it was located we would be tired afterwards. "You have school tomorrow don't you?" Eon asked me. "What's tomorrow?" I asked. "Monday" Eon answered. "Hmm yes I do. So does zero" I said setting my head back on the table. "We should be getting back into Seoul around 3 in the morning, you'll have to set your alarm for 6 and sleep on the drive home you two" Eon told us. I had no issues with that.
I hope you all liked the first chapter!!! My gosh the schedules of an idol is a lot! Bailey's got a lot on her plate, but that's okay she can handle it! The others in the group all seem to baby her, I can't believe I made her a rapper but for some reason it just clicked when I had wrote it! Next chapter will have a couple Idols mentioned! stay tuned to see who Bailey meets at school first!
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I like what I'm reading and can't wait for the next chapter!
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