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I know nothing's really happened so far, but this isn't a very smutty/fluffy fan fiction? I cater more to plot and story line rather than sexual fanfiction. That's not to say that there won't be any of that. *winkeu*
Also, none of this story takes place during any era for them. It has no set time.
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Warning: Strong language.
Info: Yoongi x Arlene x Jimin
Yoongi's P.O.V:
-About Two Months Later-
We all kept our distance from Arlene for two months. It was easy for Hoby, Jin Hyung, Taehyungie, and Jungkookie, but for Jiminie and I, it wasn't. We both could even tell it was kicking at Namjoon Hyung. He was genuinely interested in her brain and wanted to pick at it. He constantly looked for someone he could hold serious conversations with that would challenge even his own thoughts, and apparently from her writing, he thought she was perfect. It bothered me a bit, thinking he wanted to get close to her for other reasons, but as soon as he said 'little sister,' i knew i had nothing to worry about.
Jiminie was pretty annoyed by her not being around. He constantly complained about hating to text people instead of being able to just hang out with them, but since our schedules were always changing, new things were being added, and practice on top of that, it was beyond possible.
Luckily, it didn't fuck up his ability to practice just fine. He was able to shove aside he wants and needs for his job. All of us were.
We did our shows, won awards we never expected we'd win, recorded things for YouTube, finished shooting for our second MV release and much more. Arlene texted us sometimes, but didn't want to bother us seeing as we had so much to do.
She was busy tying together all the photography gigs she had already sighed contracts for.
"Take my shit again, and i'll shove a coat hanger up your dick! Not even your ass-"
"Woa woa woa what the hell is going on," i snapped at Taehyungie. He was glaring daggers at Jiminie who was walking closer to him as if he was gonna hit him. Instantly, I jumped up between them before any of them could swing.
Not a millisecond later, Namjoon and Jin were running out of the kitchen to grab Jiminie. Unfortunately, our little 'Chim chim' worked out too much, and it took more than one of us to hold him back. I pushed my hands against Taehyungie's chest and he fell to the floor, still glaring daggers at Jiminie. Unfortunately, these two faught quite often over the stupidest things.
"Give it a goddamn rest you two," Namjoon begged from behind Jiminie.
"He keeps taking my shit-"
"I haven't taken anything you asshole-"
"Is your specialty lying?!"
"You little-"
"Enough!" I yelled, cutting both their obnoxious bickering off. "What are you even missing Taehyungie? It can't be that important that you'd start a fight with him."
Taehyungie sighed, standing up on his feet. Just as he was about to talk, Jungkookie came running down the stairs to see what the fuck was going on. The look on both Jiminie's face and Taehyungie's face changed.
"Oh," Taehyungie sighed, looking at the shirt Jungkookie was wearing.
Jiminie shrugged off both Namjoon and Jins hands. He pushed passed everyone and jogged up the stairs, obviously not having anymore of this bullshit. I didn't blame him.
"Jiminie wait! I'm sorry!" Taehyungie yelled after him. He went to follow him, but i grabbed the back of his shirt and stopped him, simply shaking my head. He sighed, nodding back at me before walking to the couch and gluing himself to his phone.
"It was the shirt... wasn't it?" Jungkookie sighed from besides me. I raised a brow in confusion before looking at the shirt carefully. It definitely wasn't something he would wear.
"Yep." Taehyungie sighed. "I thought Jiminie took it, but it was you. I completely forgot i let you wear my clothes when i saw him come out of my room. I just assumed."
"He was using your shower since i was in ours," I chuckled. He glared at me, dropping his phone on his lap.
"I didn't think of that seeing as you guys always shower together," He groaned, covering his face with his hands, dramatically wiping them down his face.
"Well that was definitely not what i thought i'd see my first day on the job," A voice spoke from the door, making us all jump in supprize.
"My god you scared the shit out of me," Jungkookie held onto his heart dramatically. "How'd you even get in here?"
"Are you blind? Am i not standing right here?" Hoby laughed from behind Arlene. "I opened the door for her you duck."
Arlene. She looked as cute as she did the last time i saw her, except this time... her hair was different. It was a bright ash shade, almost like the color of burnt incense, and tied up in a pony tail. She had on a plain black T-shirt, white sweat pants, black Puma's, and carried a backpack.
"Nice to see you all too," she laughed at our lack of a reaction.
"Taehyungie, go appoligize to Jiminie and tell him Arlene-yah's here." I told him, not taking my eyes off of her. She smiled a bit, opening her arms for a hug.
"Noonaaa," Jungkookie said highpitched, running into her arms. She laughed histarically, making a blush crawl onto my cheeks hearing the sweet sound. Hoby hugged her as well and then Namjoon and Jin. I stood and watch them crowd around the poor thing, because i knew exactly what was gonna happen when Jiminie heard she was here, and i didn't wanna be in his way when he came darting do-
"Arlene-yah!" I heard a shout from the stairs. It was Jiminie shouting, with Taehyungie trailing behind him. Jiminie pushed them all away from her and squeezed her tightly. I couldn't help the chuckle that escaped my lips as i watched the others stare at him in annoyance.
"I could've told you that was gonna happen," I scoffed at them.
"Okay... J... Jiminie... Air," She pleaded. He instantly let her go and pouted, apologizing. She brushed it off and nodded, understanding just how much he missed her.
"I see you Taehyungie," she giggled, sending my stomach into a fit of butterflies. She made the most adorable grabby hands at him, and he did the same, hugging her sweetly.
"Only one more hug missing, i wonder who it i-"
"Oh shut up," I groaned, grabbing her arm and pulling her against me, hugging her close. She smelled like cologne. I shouldn't have liked the smell as much as i actually did. It was odd, but enjoyable.
"I missed you," she sighed. I smiled and nodded. I honestly missed her too.
"I missed all of you," She said as well, pulling away and looking at everyone. "But, i'm only here to see one of you." She pouted, then pointed at Hoby.
"What? Why? Why Me?" He asked confused.
"Choreography. I told Namjoon-yah that i was hired to help with the choreography, and before i came up here, my email said i'd have to talk to you about that." She explained. He nodded in understanding.
"I was also told if we wanted you to help with writing, we could just have you come over and help us. He left that option up to us, since we do our own writing. It only seemed fitting that the choice was up to both Yoongi Hyung and I." Namjoon explained to her. She smiled and nodded, seemingly pleased.
Hopy checked the time, and nodded to himself. "It's only 7am, and we start practice at 8am. You can hang around till then, we don't mind." He smiled.
She nodded. "So you guys... practice from 8am... to 9pm? Don't you think that's a little.. extreme?"
"Well, we eat big breakfasts before we leave unless we're in a hurry, and we get a 20 minute break every 2 hours. At 1 we get an hour to eat lunch and relax, and at 6 or 7, we take an hour to eat dinner, and spend the rest of our time reviewing things we think we need to review, and goofing off if we have everything down for that day." Namjoon explained. "Don't worry, you have a lot to learn. I'm sure Yoongi-yah can explain it all to you," He poked at me. I knew exactly what he was trying to do.
"Give it up Joonie," I raised a brow, leaning against the wall. I crossed my arms and looked at Arlene, smirking at bit. "It's not secret that i wanna fuck her, so don't act childish,"
She blushed and the rest of the groaned at my bluntness. I laughed and shook my head. "Hey, at least i didn't say Jiminie wanted the same thing-"
"Hyung! What the hell!" Jiminie shouted, and i held my hands up in protest.
"Oh just go get a fucking room." Namjoon joked.
"Later. We all have work to do. Go go, get ready." Arlene joked back, sitting on the couch.