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Who: Jung Kiseok x Reader x Chase Malone What: You just bought a yacht and named it the Smut. You sail the Smutty seas cruising the The Smut yacht seeing Smut fish, they're like jellyfish but their tentacles don't hurt you if you get what I'm saying. You see Smutmaids: basically Mermaids but the smutty kind. The world said there were seven seas but they forgot the eighth the Smuttic Ocean. Story: N/a
You were in your living room finishing up the Christmas tree while Chase and Kiseok went and got the decorations for you. You didn't want to decorate it alone and you suspected they didn't want to decorate at all but you had begged them and even made a few fake tears to guilt them into it. You could live alone, eat alone, even spend the holidays alone but you hated putting up the Christmas tree alone and every year you had someone there with you to put it up; a boyfriend, Jay, one year Loco, a coworker you baited in with a meal, as long as you weren't alone decorating you were fine. "Y/n would you be careful on that ladder you'll hurt yourself." Kiseok said coming in with a box of decorations. You laughed, "Aw Kiseok you always take such good care of me." You said while reaching up to fix a branch. "Yeah that's because he has a little crush on you." Chase said coming in with another box. "Shut up." Kiseok said laughing at him. You turned around to look at them while laughing. Your small heel grazed against the ridge on the ladder and you tripped off of it screaming. Kiseok quickly caught you, "See, what did I tell you." He said. "Okay, next time flat shoes." You said. "No next time, you're not going back up there." "You two are cute you know, he's holding you like a bride and you haven't told him to let you go yet." Chase said teasing. You looked down and realized he was right, Kiseok was still holding you. You looked up at Kiseok, "Alright let me down." "Ok." He said. He stared at you for a little and you laughed. He slowly set you on your feet and then turned to the decorations. You walked over to where Chase was, "My oppas are taking care of me I'm so happy. How about I give you two a little gift?" You said. "Gift? What kind of gift?" Chase said suspicious. Kiseok turned back around to look at you. You smiled and said, "You two keep decorating I'll be back." You got up and headed to the kitchen bringing out your favorite champagne. You went and started playing music from your iPod and came in with three glasses. "Wow, Champagne just for helping you decorate. You got anything else you need help with?" Chase said. You and Kiseok laughed and you popped the bottle pouring each one a glass. You went and helped Kiseok pick out decorations with one hand while you sipped on your champagne. The music played and you sang along between giving instructions on what lights you wanted the boys to use and what decorations you wanted them to be careful with. An hour passed and six glasses of champagne later you were twisted. The guys were still fine, their tolerance was much higher than yours and you should've stopped a while ago. You were having fun dancing around like an idiot though and flirting hard with Cha Cha behind Kiseok's back and then flirting with Kiseok behind Chase's back. Kiseok had been watching you for a while though and you were starting to wonder if what Chase said about him having a little crush on you was true. You were drunk enough that you decided to test that theory. You bent over letting your cleavage show from your skin tight black dress. The thin straps giving as much support as possible. You cooed his name, "Kiseok Oppa." you said. He looked over at you and noticed the sly way you were looking at him. His eyes shifted down to your breast and he took in a deep breath probably willing himself to look up at your face. You giggled and stood up straight placing your hands on your hips. You walked around your box of decorations and walked over to Chase. Kiseok's eyes still watching you. You wrapped your arms around Chase's neck and he looked down at you wondering what was up. You raised up on your toes and softly grazed your lips against his silently asking for a kiss. He smiled a little and granted your wish, wrapping his arms around your body and kissing your lips deeply. You heard a slightly huff and you peeked at Kiseok looking at the tree annoyed. You pulled away from Cha cha's lips and grabbed Kiseok's hand. "Come have fun with us." You said. You wrapped your arms around his neck the same way and kissed him, at first he kept his lips pressed still a bit annoyed at your kiss with Chase but after feeling your tongue graze his lips he needed you. He kissed you deeper and more passionately than Chase, like he had something to prove. You let your evil little drunken brain go to work. You pulled away from Kiseok to go back to Chase. You turned so your butt was against his groin and you began to tease Chase. Chase brought his lips to your neck after he pushed your hair out of the way and kissed from your neck to your shoulder. His hand raised your dress up above your butt and played with the trim of your panties. His mouth now working more on your neck to create marks. While he was touching you, you grabbed onto Kiseok's hand and pulled him close to you. You had him kiss you while Chase's hands roamed your ass and his lips kept sucking marks onto you. You kissed Kiseok hard, running your fingers through his hair. Kiseok's hand came to play with your breast and you moaned into his mouth. You pulled his hair to bring his head back and said, so turned on, "Fuck you're lips are amazing." "Y/n." He whispered on your lips. Desire lacing his voice. "Kiseok play with me. Come on I'll let you do whatever you want." You said pulling him closer. "What about me Y/n?" Chase popped up bringing his hand to your neck. You moaned when he squeezed lightly and made you straighten up. "I want you both to play with me." You said looking back at Chase. You felt him grind against your ass and his hand came down to your waist to hold you against him. "Ah- Cha Cha." You moaned. Kiseok grabbed your face and kissed you hard, you predicted he hated that you were moaning Cha Cha's name. Kiseok wanted you to himself but you were forcing him to share. His tongue took control of your mouth and you felt Chase's hand pull down your panties and meet your clit and move in circles. You moaned into Kiseok's mouth and pushed him off of you so you could breathe. "Fuck. Take off your damn clothes." You demanded him. He started unbuttoning his black button up while you turned to Chase and you quickly dropped to your knees. You undid his belt and pants and pushed off his bottoms along with his boxers. He kicked them away and your hand went to his erection. You started his hand job while he took off his shirt revealing his chocolate abs. You took in an excited breath and looked back at Kiseok who had disrobed completely now and his erection was standing tall. You waved him over to you and you said, "Watch me." Your mouth went over Chase's dick sucking on him with so much skill and lust. Your mouth took him deep, your tongue working around his shaft and head. You pulled him out of your mouth and stuck out your tongue licking him up like he was an ice pop melting and you were licking the side that was threatening to drip all over your fingers. You sucked harder humming as you did. Chase's moans filled your ears and his hand came to the back of your head aiding you on his hard member. He moved his hips to push deeper into your mouth and you reached back for Kiseok. Your hand finding his erection and jerking him off while your tongue worked magic on Chase. "Ah fuck Y/n you're a little freak. Keep sucking me baby." Chase said moaning. He wasn't wrong but you were only this freaky when you were twisted as fuck. The most honest part about this night was that you wanted Kiseok too, Chase was just a delicious extra. Chase knew Kiseok's feeling for you though so he probably wouldn't be offended that by the end of this you'd cuddle up into Kiseok's arms rather than his. You popped off of Chase and your mouth went straight onto Kiseok with no hesitation. The immediate contact made him moan loudly and excitedly not expecting your mouth to cover his. You were so hot for these two and ready to have them both inside you. "Fuck Y/n you're so good." Kiseok moaned. "Shit. Isn't she amazing?" both men praised. Chase stopped your hand and helped you up but kept you bent over so you could continue you your work on Kiseok. In a sort of Effiel Tower position, Chase pushed inside of you in no time fucking you from behind while your head bobbed up and down on Kiseok. You stopped to come up for breath, though you knew how to breathe through your nose, you'd forgotten to breathe properly in the heat of it all. "Shit Y/n you're so tight baby." Chase said smacking the side of your ass. "Y/n." Kiseok moaned lightly. You felt him slightly twitch in your mouth. You looked up at him realizing now that his hand was in your hair and not Chase's. When you slowed down, he pushed further into your mouth just as Chase pushed into you forcing him deeper than he meant to go. The moment you gagged he looked down at you with dark eyes. He pulled out of your mouth but he had no intention of stopping there. You could see it in his eyes he was so turned on. "Kiseok-ah." You moaned. Chase sped up his thrusting making you say, "Oh fuck Chase! Right there!" Chase's hand came to your shoulder and he kept pounding into you. "Ah fuck, keep going! Oh my God! Kiseok let taste you again." You whined. He came up to you and Chase slowed down his thrusting so that you could take Kiseok into your mouth. Once you had, he sped up again. You took extra care not to graze Kiseok with your teeth and you made noises while you took him deep. He thrusted into your mouth at the right times making you gag on him. It was so fucking hot the way they both took control of you. Chase pulled out of you and you turned around. Kiseok found your entrance quickly and he started to pound into you. Chase let his fingers play with your clit making you scream. "Fuck, you're both amazing! Keep going Kiseok!" you moaned loudly. "You feel so good." Kiseok said. No doubt your neighbors heard your loud ass and you hoped they did. Chase gripped your hair and kissed you hard, pulling on your hair like you were as naughty as your actions. His lips crashed onto yours while Kiseok kept you bouncing on his dick. His hands manipulated and playing with your breast, your nipples were hard and standing at attention waiting to be touched. Chase's mouth met one nipple when Kiseok moved a hand to your waist. He sucked on your breast moving with your body, he bit down on you making you cry out. Chase came back from your breast. "I have an idea." Chase suddenly said. He pulled you off of Kiseok and made you stand up straight. He pulled off your dress and threw it to the side. You kissed Kiseok while Chase pulled you back, you held onto Kiseok kissing him deeply until Chase pulled you away. "You're hogging her." Chase said. "I want her." Kiseok said catching his breath from the kiss. You turned to see Chase nod and he sat down and pulled you back and onto him. He whispered in your ear and you took a second to think before responding. "Okay." You whispered to him. Chase kissed you before he moved his throbbing rod down to your ass. You slowly lowered onto him moaning his name as he filled you up. You weren't a fan of anal but it wasn't the first time you'd done it. You kind of went by the motto 'I'll try anything once'. "Taste her." Chase told Kiseok. Chase held your legs wide open as you slid up and down on him. Kiseok got on his knees between Chase's legs to get to your soaking heating. You saw Kiseok lick his lips when he got up close to you. The moment his tongue touched you, your movement hesitated and your breath hitched. "Keep going babe." Chase encouraged. You nodded and continued moving all the while whining at the sensation of Kiseok's tongue licking you up while your rode Chase. One hand went back and wrapped around Chase bringing him close to your body while your other hand went to Kiseok and you brought him closer to your core. His tongue lapped you up, the wet sound filled your ears and you turned your face to kiss Chase. "Oh my god right Kiseok, don't stop." You broke the kiss speaking Kiseok while looking at Chase. Kiseok's fingers entered you and you nearly screamed pleasure into the room. His fingers curled up while he sucked on your swollen clit. Chase's lips came to your neck and one of his hands played around with your breast. His fingers pinched at your nipple and you jerked back onto him, "Chase." You moaned. "You taste so good Y/n." Kiseok spoke up. "Please don't stop." You whined looking down at Kiseok. He hummed into you as if saying he wouldn't any time soon. Your body was screaming as it was closing into an amazing climax. "Oh fuck I'm gonna cum." You whined in high tones. "Hang on Y/n. Kiseok wants you too." Chase said. Chase had whispered the question earlier if they could both fuck you at the same time so you had to wait for Kiseok. Chase licked your neck making you arch your back off of him. You held his head and then looked down at Kiseok panting heavily. "Please, I want you inside me too." You said. Kiseok looked up at you in slight shock but he stood up and aligned himself with your proper entrance and slowly pushed inside of you. You moaned loudly feeling both men taking you from the front and from behind. You wrapped your arms around Kiseok's neck. Kiseok found Chase's and your rhythm and matched it. They were wrecking your body and you loved it. "Oh my- Fuck! Make me cum!" You screamed. Kiseok's hand came to your clit and made fast circles on it, making you scream his name. "Oh my fucking goodness Kiseok!" You screamed. "Y/n I want you baby." He moaned into your ear. His turned on voice was so delicious to listen to. I'm all yours baby, move faster jagi." You said. He picked up speed, ruining the rhythm of them both fucking you. You loved it though. "Ah Y/n you're so fucking amazing." Chase moaned. "I'm gonna cum- I'm so close!" You screamed the more Kiseok's hips took over you. "Let me cum inside you Y/n." Chase said. "Do it." You told him. Just that confirmation alone made him groan. You were quick to give the okay and that was so hot for him. Kiseok looked into your eyes silently asking the same. You nodded, "It's all yours baby, do what you want." You said against his lips. You took his bottom lip between your teeth and then slipped your tongue into his mouth for a deep passionate kiss. Chase pushed up inside of you, you could hear his moans come into your ears. Kiseok was rocking your body harshly and you screamed into his mouth feeling your climax come so hard. You tightened around Kiseok so much he'd come second after you and so did Chase. You moaned loudly at both men filling you up with their seed, your body going through harsh spasms at how powerful the release was. Kiseok pulled you up from Chase and wrapped you in his arms to kiss you. A few times you broke the kiss just to say fuck. Your body still shook from the intense orgasm. You felt Chase's hands at your ass again and he kissed your cheek when you looked back at him. "So, you have anything else you need done?" Chase said with a sly grin. You chuckled, "If I do, you two will be the first ones I call." You said. Kiseok kept kissing your neck not seeming to want to let you go and trying to over take the marks Chase had made on you. "Hear that Kiseok? You have to share." Chase said. "No not always, if he wants me for himself he can have me but when I ask to share you have to let me deal?" You said looking at Kiseok. He looked at you with hazy eyes, "Does that mean you're mine?" He asked. "All yours baby." you smiled. "Then it's a deal, just don't make it an everyday thing please." He said pecking your lips. You laughed. "Ah man that means you two are hooking up." Chase said. You turned around and wrapped Kiseok's arms around your naked body while you nodded with a smile. "Come on we can all take a shower and do it one more time." You said. Kiseok pouted next to your ear letting his chin rest on your shoulder, "Y/n." He said. "One more time tonight I promise then it'll be just you and me." You said turning to look at him. He sighed, "Fine." Chase laughed and came up to you and kissed you. Kiseok's hands tightened around you and he kissed your neck. "Come on." You said. You took Kiseok's hand had beckoned Chase to follow you two to your shower where you three could get dirty and clean. All your ooh's and ahh's by the Christmas tree wouldn't compare to the echos in the bathroom. Once again two sets of hands roamed your body.....
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np your stories are awesome
Well Damn.
haha seems like the theme for this one πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Whoa!!! That was... WOW!! Damn! ::fans self::