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(if you are not old enough to read this... or get away with reading it.... don't read it... I did warn ya. ) - Reader & Jay HoHoHo Park - he's making a list, and checking it twiceb he's going to find out if your naughty or not, Jay Park gonna make you ....

Merry XXX-Mas

I was given one job and one job alone... get your secret santa a gift....


I came to spend christmas here with my friends in Korea, instead of being alone and by myself in Japan. I was over seas due to work, and my home boy Jay flew me out to spend the holiday's with his family and the AOMG crew. Which was super sweet of him to think of me. Even though we've known each other as long as he known ChaCha. Didn't think he would do such a wonderful thing, for just little oh me. The AOMG crew wanted to do a secret santa thing, so everyone got something for christmas. I stupidly agree to be part of it, but couldn't pick, cause I was in Japan at the timeb when they picked. When I landed, Chacha gave me the only persin that was left from the drawing. The moment I open it, I swore out loud, getting Jay and Chacha full attention. They tease me, thing I got the one person I didn't know much about. If only they knew... I GOT FXXKIN' JAY PARK! Mr. "I Got This" What the fxxk do you get the man that already has everything. time had pass by so quickly, that it was officially Christmas Eve.... The day we choose to exchange gifts. I shuffled my wait into Jay's apartment, to join everyone, who were already in PJs. It was the theme for tonights gathering. I sat down beside DJ Pumkin, on the floor, and rest my head on his shoulders. He gave me a soft smile and patted my head. "Okay... I will go first since its my house." Everyone either smiled or laughed, or threw a small pillow at Jay. The mix was surprisingly still unknown til it was someone turn. +Jay had Duckie +Duckie had ChaCha +ChaCha had Hoody +Hoody had Wegun +Wegun had Simon +Simon had Pumkin +Pumkin had Loco +Loco had Elo +Elo had Gray +Gray had Me Gray had gotten me something he had actually made himself. It was a jaw that had its own solar light inside, and was painted to look like it was a Japanese lantern. I loved my gift so much, I ended up hugging Gray. He just chuckled, and gave me a gentle hug back. "Glad you like it that much, Y/N -ah." I sat down, as I noticed they were all watching me. I sighed and threw a pillow at Jay. Which knock him off thr couch, creating laugther. "Was that your gift to him, Y/N... wait..." Chacha was teasing me as he remember I had cussed when I read who I had. "You said Fxxk cause you had Jay?!" The others didn't know the reason why the ChaCha and Jay had been teasing me the past few days, but they did now. "Yes... What on earth do you get the fxxkboy that has everything?" The room went silent, and a pillow flew at me. I felt back, after catching it. "Yah! how many times have I told you not to call me that." He was pouting as I just sat on the pillow. "Then don't turn into a little pussy when you got a crush on someone... own it and confess like the boss you're suppose to be." Jay had confided in me about soem girl it was crushing on around my birthday, after telling me a happy birthday. Since then, he been chickening out about confession to this woman. Made my heart hurt a bit, to see someone I actually had a 8 year crush on, like someone else. But I never told anyone about it, allowing me to hide my 'fxxkboy'ness in a closet. The whole crew just watch Jay and me, as we enter a staring contest. Jay blinked but smirked. "Okay how about this... Lets wait til the others leave... then we can talk. Its cool you didn't get me shit. You're right, I do have everything... except my crush." I just glared at him, and duckie broke the tension by saying booze. We all started drinking and being merry togethet. Soon enough, everyone took their room, in Jay's country side manor. Yeah we we're spending the night on thr country side. Since Jay rented it gor all of us. I was about to head to my room, when a firm hand grasp my arm. I turn to see the owner if the hand was Jay. "Time for you to stop calling me a fxxkboy." He looked at me seriously, confusing me. He slam his hand a bit quietly against the wall, trapping me between him and the wall. Without letting go of my arm either. "For christmas, how about you give me my crush.... the one that has made me andstinent, causing me to be sexually fustrated." It clicked in my head finally, as all our conversation from before about his crushing finally made sense now. How the hell did I not notice he was crushing on me, by the way he drop hints. "Nope.... you're still a fxxkboy... for thr way you went about confessing." I smirked as I teased him. Jay sigh heavily, and hung his head, to hide his smile. "But if that the gift you want... I don't mine making you my fxxkboy." Jay looke up at me, his smile faded. "Since the feeling is extremely mutural." He looked stunned by my confession. "been mutural for 8 years." Jay was speechless, so he just let his actions speak for him. He pulled me into his room, and push me to sit on the bed. He pulled his shirt off, and threw it across the room, startling me a bit. "After tonight, we're so gonna be on Santa's Naughty list." Jay grinnedb before pushing me back, and towering over me. He lean down to kiss me with such unbelieve passion. His tongue gliding along my lower lip, begging for access. I brought my hands up to his face, before parting my lips. Once I granted permission, he deepen the kiss. With our tongues at war, he used my mental distract to his advantage. Jay bad moved my shirt and bra above my breast. His touch was so warm, it cause chills down my spin, when it left my body. He broke the kissing, granting my tongue victory, only to assult my nipples with his mouth. "J-j-j-j-ay" I spoke his name whilst trying to hold back a broken gasp. Jay hands were at my hips, pulling my pants and booty shorts off slyly. The moment my pants were removed, he pulled away. "On your me." He smirked, as I cross my arms,nas I rebel against his orders. He cock an eyebrow, as the corner of his mouth twisted up into a smirk. "Disobedient... I saw that coming my sexy rebel." I giggles, before he pulled me up, to have me turn around and stumble over to the dresser. I places on the top surface, as his hand slap my booty as had as he could. I yelp in pain, but as the heat rush to the spot he slap, a bit of pleasure course through me. "Should of obey." I glared at him, from over my shoulder. "Still rebeling... I got a way to make you stop." I brace myself for another slap on the behind, but instead, His stone hard toy soldier enter inside of my caven. A moan escape my mouth, while his hands rub my rear. I rest my head against my hands on the dresser. He started snaping his hips into mine, having me cry out sweet moans of pleasure. luckily, the only person next to Jay's room was my room. No witnesses. Jay was more kinder now as he slap my behind, making it bounce more. I cry out in a pain whimper, when he pull my hair. He made me stand up straight a bit, whilst his arm wrap around my waist. Without stopping the movement of his hips. He let go of my hair to make sure my back was arch perfect to aline his movements best. His lips trailing along my shoulder. "You have no idea how happy I am to have you here in my arms." Jay whisper into my ear. He pulled out, to turn me around, and pick me up by my waist, to have me sit on thd dresser. I looked into Jay's eyes and saw the one thing I have ben dying to for eight long ass years for, his pure love ans affection. "There no going back now...cause I've waited 5 years for you too." I grin happily, as I wrap my arms around his neck. "Best christmas gift ever, Y/n... Your love is all I ever wanted." He brush his lips on mine, and wrap his arm around my waist, before re-entering me again. He was sweet about how he made me cum. Even though he didn't get off with me. But he he did once he cause my climax to hit a second time. We ended up laying in bed, in each others arms. I was playing with his hair a bit, as he just watched me. "Stay with me....the sing was actually for you." I looked up at him, grinning. "Will you?" I nodded my head, and he kissed me softly. "finally your my girlfriend." I giggled before snughling closer to him, so we can sleep.
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Yep, Jay is defently on the naughty list
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