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Welcome to May
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G.Soul -Far far away

G.Soul -Where Do We Go From Here


Crush -woo ah


Baek A Yeon -So-So


Hoody -Like You


We Are The Night -Dial

This song is seriously really nice.

Kisum -2 Beer


Beenzino -Life In Color

Beenzino seriously never ceases to amaze me with the songs he comes out with.

Chancellor -Rodeo


Giriboy -Trouble


CLC -No Oh Oh

This whole mv feels like a throwback to the early 2000's with the outfits and dance style. Quite refreshing to see.

Park Myungo Ho -Bed Room


Han Yo Han -Fire

# -Disrespectful Breakup


MC Gree -Nineteen


Kei G -Right Here


NuD -Horizon


Ian Kim -By My Side

As far as I know this is his first digital single you guys so show him lots of love. He also has covers of other Kpop songs on his YouTube channel.

Live High -Happy Song

To be honest they sound like a Japanese pop group with this cute and quirky song (I listen to a lot of Japanese pop). This group debuted in 2013 but really main stream please get to know them and their cute songs.
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