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WRC Edition of the Veyron?

They must be joking right? WRC? Only eight units will be built.
@Benard Yeah I doubt they would crash the real car. Would be sweet though if the real thing shows up!
@johnlee I doubt the car will be 'in' the movie so to speak. Probably as a cameo....or a CGI model. If it ends up being trashed up by the stunt crew, that means there will be one less model for the market....don't you think?
@Benard haha seriously ridiculous... I don't even want to guess at the price. Someone just posted a trailer for a movie "Need for Speed" and I think this car comes out in the movie?
@windycitytale, @johnlee The best I could do is CGI one on photoshop to my garage. At that price, I don't think that mortgaging your left kidney on eBay is going to get you any closer to owning one :-)
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