Immediately after the teacher diverted her attention to the board, the whole class started to quietly mingle with one another, their voices drowned out by the pouring rain plopping down on the roof. Jimin turned to you, covering one side of his lips with his right hand before whispering some irrelevant joke to you. As unrelated and lame as the joke was, you couldn’t help but smile at his every word. In fact, no matter what he did, he would always be able to bring a grin to your face. At the sight of your smile, Jimin reciprocated it, his eyes nearly disappearing as they formed skinny lines and his white, perfectly aligned teeth made its appearance. You gazed at the boy in front of you, taking your breath away, as if the air in your lungs were sucked out of you. Your eyes followed the shape of his light red lips, perfectly outlining his beautiful smile. Everything about him seemed to brighten his surroundings, the glow of his skin illuminating the dark, gloomy classroom. Realizing how long you had been staring at him for, you snapped back into reality and shook your head. You shifted your eyes directly to the desk in front of you, feeling the blood rushing to your cheeks. A split second ago, the temperature of the room resembled that of a freezer, but within milliseconds, it had returned to the usual oven, baking your cheeks to an unbearable temperature. You were definitely blushing, you could just imagine your face looking as a red as a tomato. Your heart was racing and you could barely breathe, keeping your eyes down on the wooden table. But Jimin didn’t know how you were head over heels in love with him, he didn’t know how you would be willing to give up everything and anything just to be with him for one day. He laughed at your sudden change of expression, slowly leaning towards you with his forefinger pointed at you, threatening to poke your stomach if you didn’t look at him in the eye. You dared not to look up, fearing that you’d give everything away. As much as you wanted him to know how you felt, you also couldn’t imagine Jimin’s reaction, afraid that he would reject your inevitable feelings for him. Jimin suddenly poked your ticklish spot, causing you to nearly burst out in laughter, as you mischievously poked him right back for revenge, starting a tickle war between you two. You took a peek at him in the midst of all your laughs, remembering the reason why you had once forbid yourself to fall in love with Jimin. His smile, his kindness, his humble personality, his everything made you fall dangerously even deeper for him. You loved the way he listened to your rants through the phone late at night, or the way he averted eye contact whenever you complimented him. If only you could fall asleep with him by your side, taking in the mint scent of his clothes and hair. If only you were the only one that Jimin would brush strands of hair off your shoulder, exposing your bare neck as your hair tingled the surface of your collarbones. You would give anything for him to naturally place his hands on your waist, walking with you side by side everyday. You imagined the silent classroom being filled with the synchronized breath belonging to you and Jimin, resembling how perfect you two would be together. If only your name was the only name Jimin would call across the halls, echoing through your mind, refusing to let that moment go. If only for just one day, only you belonged to Jimin. You hopelessly imagined this every night and day, because it was a meaningless dream anyway. Out of the blue, the bell rang, signalling the end of class as a girl walked up to Jimin and threw her arms around him. She glanced at you, giving you a death glare, rolling her eyes before sweetly smiling at Jimin and pecking his lips. Jimin bashfully grinned, keeping his eyes on the ground as she did so, swinging his backpack over his shoulders and waving you goodbye. He smiled at you one last time, before quickly turning around and taking the girl’s hands in his, intertwining each one of their fingers together. You sat there alone, watching the boy of your dreams walking off with another girl, hand in hand. The way he looked at her was the way you looked at him, hopelessly and blindedly in love. You wished that for just one day, you were the girl Jimin was in love with, and not her.
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