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Hello vinglers! I'm back with a oneshots after a really long time. I just got done with finals last week and I just got my wisdom teeth extracted last Friday morning, and now my mouth is still a little sore but it's supposed to heal very soon. Here is my submission for the EXO fanfic contest hosted by @SugaKookieV info can be found here: enjoy!!!!!
Warning! Smut Fluff For mature readers only Freaky kinky Nasty scenes Graphic fan fiction Scroll down at your own risk
Baek me some cookies It was a cold day and your bf was waiting outside in the snow storm, shaking, jittery, and grinding his teeth as he rang your doorbell several times. You throw yourself out of bed and you open up the door for Baekhyun as he shit the door behind him and hugged you. You patted his back and calmed him down as you take off his jacket and all his other layers. "I'm so sorry you had to stand out there in the cold snow, my poor baby!" You told him as you hugged him again this time, wearing a tshirt and jeans. "Let's get you something warm huh?" You told him. He nodded in response. You led him into the kitchen as you warm up a drink. "Coco or tea?" You asked him. "Coco please." He told you. You continue to heat up the water as you pull out the coco mix. You then pull out marshmallows from the pantry. "Marshmallows or no?" You asked him. "Marshmallows please." He told you. You then begin mixing in the coco mix and marshmallows into the warm water as it boils. You taste it to make sure it's warm enough for him and then you serve him a mug of coco. "Here, you deserve it!" You told him. "Thanks (r/n)!" He replied. "Anytime oppa!" You tell him. "I've got a recipe for the both of us! Excited yet?" You ask him. "Very!" Baek replied. "I can't wait!" He added. "Sugar cookies!" You told him as you showed him the recipe. He looked at it and smiled. "Delicious!" He said looking at the recipe. You set it in front of you and you wet your hands and slipped gloves on ready to bake. Baek follows suit. The ingredients were as followed: Sugar cookies 11 cups all purpose flour 4 tsp baking soda 2 tsp baking powder 4 cups butter 6 cups white sugar 4 eggs 4 tsp vanilla extract Preheat oven to 375 F Mix flour, baking soda and baking powder Cream together butter and sugar until smooth Mix egg and vanilla together with the butter and sugar Mix dry ingredients with the others until all is blended together. Shape into round balls and place onto cookie sheet (use aluminum foil) Bake for 9 minutes. Let it rest for 2 minutes before removing them from the oven. Baekhyun preheated the oven to 190 C as he waited for you. You went to the freezer in the garage to find the flour as you find many paper bags of it and you bring in enough to bake. You begin measuring out the flour as you pour it in the mixing bowl. Once you had enough flour, you put up the flour as you grab the paper bags and you go back to the garage with Baekhyun being a sweetheart and opening the door for you as you put them away. You then go to the pantry to look for the baking soda and baking powder as you find the baking powder, but not the baking soda. You look in the fridge and find it hidden next to the margarine. You grab it and measure out the ingredients for both and put it away. You then grab four sticks of butter and you find the sugar and measure out enough and put it back as you place those two ingredients in another mixing bowl and beat them with a beating machine until it was soft. You then carefully poured in the dry ingredients from one mixing bowl to the other until there was no more left. You then turn on the kitchen aid as you wait patiently until the ingredients were blended together perfectly. Once they were one bowl of dough, you and baekie rolled them out onto several cookie sheets. You both molded them one after another onto many cooking pans that you had to bake the cookies on several pans at one time. You put in a few cooking pans at a time as you set the oven for nine minutes. "Alright Baekie, I'll bake more after that. Sound great?" You tell him. "Yep. Speaking of, great... " he replied. You looked unsure of his actions as he took you to the bedroom next to the kitchen as he closed and locked the door and he began to kiss your neck and trace your body figure. "Um, Baekhyun what are you doing? We need to keep an eye on the oven." You told him. "We will, the oven will beep when the cookies are done." He said in your ear as he continued to kiss your neck and he began to unhook your bra as you pull off your shirt. He throws them aside as he picks you up and lays you down on the bed and he pulls off his shirt as he continues to kiss your neck and he groped your boobs and squeezes them. You begin to slow down your breathing patterns as you start to leak as he continues to kiss your neck and then he moves down your chest as he licks your nipples and sucks on them and then continues to move down your chest as he licks and sucks your belly button and continues to kiss your chest until he reached the top of your jeans. He undoes them and throws them behind him as he continues to kiss your chest and he yanks off your panties and eats you out. You sigh out of pleasure as you split your legs and lift your butt off the bed above your shoulders as he climbs onto the bed and you rub his back and he undoes himself. He licked your V all over until it was dry as you hook your legs on his legs and rub his lumbar until he pulls off his boxers and you grope his butt and you melt into his kiss as he moves his crotch on top of you until he slid his front tail up your hole. You flipped him over and you banged on his pelvic bone as you rub your chest on his abdomen and pecs as you continue to be kissed on the lips by him. He groped your boobs and let them hang over his chest as you kiss his neck and rub his sides. You both were in that position until the oven went off as you shot up, found a towel, wrapped it around your boobs and snoozed the oven as you wait 2 minutes and take them out to cool off. You then bake the next batch of cookies and you go back to the bedroom and lay on top of baek. You pull off the towel and separate your tits as you kiss his neck and rub your pelvis on his crotch until he places his hands on your back and throws you over to where he was now hovering over you and he kissed you and rubbed his front tail in between your buns as you rub his back and lightly scratch it as he lowers his chest down on top of yours. Your hearts beat at the same time as your bodies were one. This pattern kept repeating itself until all the cookies were baked and you wrapped the towel around you again as you take out the last batch of cookies after snoozing the oven and waiting 2 minutes. You then tell Baekie to move to the couch as you turn on the TV and wait until the last batch has cooled down. You then organize all the cookies and put them in the jar. You then prepare some on a plate for you and Baekie as you watch TV. You closed the blinds on the windows and you grab a large blanket big enough for the both of you as you bundle yourself and baek in the blanket. You then search the guide for something good to watch as you bring the plate of cookies near you and Baekie. "Merry Christmas Baekhyun!" You say. "Merry Christmas (r/n)." He says back. You two were enjoying the cookies and the TV all day.
I hope you all liked it! If you want more, please comment an idol!