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A story I wrote in college after taking a class on Scandinavian short stories. Inspiration from the movie, "The Other Guys." A lion and his cub were at their den when one day the cub asked, “Father, are you the king of all animals?” His dad replied, “Of course son, and soon you shall be too.” The cub then asked, "Even over all the fish in the sea?" to which the father replied, "Of course son." The cub then told his father of an encounter with a tuna fish by the river who said that “the king of the sea is the tuna king.” His father angrily left the den and went to the beach where he yelled for the tuna king to show himself. The tuna king slowly emerged from the waters and warned the lion, "Know your place lion, you may be the king of all the animals on land, but in the sea I am king." The lion roared in anger and swam out to the ocean to kill the tuna. He swam till his paws could no longer touch the ground. The tuna king waited until the lion was distant from shore. He then proceeded to swim around the lion and continuously struck him in the head. The lion soon grew dizzy and felt his body failing him so he turned back to get to shore. It was too late however and he drowned to his death. Pride killed the lion.
Omg this is awesome!!
thanks for sharing, glad to see more original work
Thank you for sharing your work. :) This is an awesome story!