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Hello my LCF Coin Business Global members! I am your upline sponsor living in Seoul, South Korea. And my Korean name is AHN SEONGYEOL. I was born in 1960, but still work for a company actively. I like to travel, make friends and do online businesses for some additional residual income sources for my family and neighbors. Ok the next step for all of you? During free entry period ended yesterday December 20, all registration had been made by sponsors by manual and transfered to Chinese head office in excel format, which was very odd but believers just followed the primitive process! Damn I have spent huge amount of time, but so so happy, because I've got lots of people from all over the world, from so many countries. My direct downline people particularly from Korea, Indonesia, Brazil, Malaysia and Nigeria expanded their own downlines so quickly in such a short period of time, which was amazing! Thank you again my new and old friends! I wish all of you get rich enough to take your time and freedom back in 3 years with this LCF Coin digital currency network business to be launched by Rothschild's company supported by Chinese Government. The company is now sending an authorization code to each free member's cell phone. With that personal code, free member fisrt gets access to the guided site and reset their personal info again with email verification. I was told they were sending the code to Chinese people first. Korea maybe the next! So be happy because you took the global top lines anyway, and just wait for the time being until you receive the personal message to you by the Company!! Please tell your friends this update for them not to lose their position. Any update will be given here immediately as soon as I hear! Please read and listen to my posts: https://www.vingle.net/collections/5088586?asrc=copylink Please remember, if you want to make real money, Our power comes from our knowledge, which comes from reading and listening, don't be a lazy boy or girl, please! Have a great and wonderful day, my friends! May God bless you! Hahaha, please don't be like this man! But so many time we do, frankly speaking, hahaha himyfellows@gmail.com whatsapp +821022534121
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Q. What does LCF stand for? A. The writing and pronunciation of Rothschild in Chinese are 罗斯柴尔德 and Luósī chái ěr dé. So, "L" stands for The House of Rothschild. "C" stands for China. "F" stands for the Future digital currency or eCurrency. Q. What is LCF Project? A. Fisrt of all, Chinese government has been trying to make over 700 million Chinese people in severe poverty to be upgraded to middle class. Finally they have found a solution by meeting with The House of Rothschild's financial group who want to take the real leadership in the future eCurrency or digital currency markets. So, the two big giants have agreed, maybe in secret, to launch this LCF Project firstly in China the largest consumer market already in the world. Can you imagine why? Q. What is LCF Coin Business? A. There are over 700 digital currencies already in the global markets, and the total trading volume is just about 12 billion US$, which is so small anyway to cover the whole world with such small users. Therefore, there is no real absolute superpower in the eCurrency market. Every major country knows that in the future the current paper money will disappear, so many countries have prepared for this future movement. Chinese government and Rothschild want a real superpower in the future digital currency market by joint efforts. Who knows their real intentions? As other eCurrency or cryto-currency businesses, LCF Coin business has started by adopting online and offline network business model, providing a new and unique compensation plan, so that the poor Chinese and global people can have benefits particularly when joined as early as possible or work hard for building their own group of user members. Fisrt comer might turn out to be first winner, but the harder worker might be the ultimate winner. Q. Where are LCF Coin busineess Headquaters located? Company name? A. Asia headquater is located in HongKong. Chinese headquarter is in ShenZhen 深圳, the richest special city in China. Please refer to the picture for the Company name and registration record. Q. When LCF Coin business officially starts? A. In January 2017, an official grand opening ceremony will be held in China. By then, the full scale of official website will be opened. Q. What are they doing now? A. To secure huge number of LCF Coin users globally, the Company has been giving out 1,000 LCF Coins as free of charge for a limited time until December 20, 2016. 1,000 LCF Coins are equivalent to 3,000 Chinese Yuan and US$500. Nobody knows how much will the price of LCF coin be increased in the future 3 years! Q. How to join LCF Coin business? How to get 1,000 free LCF Coins? A. The Company now only accepts free entry registration to be manually done by upline sponsors, and only accepts two types of information, i.e. Passport Number or National ID Card Number. If you want me to sponsor you and register for you to become free entry member and get free 1,000 LCF coins, please contact me by: email: sandyahn001@gmail.com whatsapp and imo: +821022534121 (Text me first, mentioning free LCF coins!) KakaoTalk and Line: sandyahn777